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Assault on America, Day 274: Dem presidential wannabes jump on impeachment bandwagon

Try to Impeach
In case it wasn’t clear before it’s more than obvious now that the only true issue the Democrat 2020 presidential candidates care about in their respective quests for the White House is President Donald Trump. Not Trump’s policies, mind you -- and not even his rather interesting non-traditional approach to governing -- it’s the man himself.

Trump shook the American political system to its core in 2016 when he defied the pundits (I was going to say the odds) and beat the establishment favorite, Hillary Clinton, in an earth-shaking election that changed the balance of power forever… or at least for a few years. Trump was the ultimate outsider, a man with a high public profile but no political experience. The New York real estate developer and reality TV celebrity had taken part in and played the system for years, but once he declared his candidacy for the nation’s highest office, all bets were off.

From the start a good many establishment Republicans didn’t take to Trump. And needless to say, Democrats couldn’t stand him either. They were far too conditioned to swampy GOPers like John McCain and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, old-style go-along-to-get-along politicians who foolishly clung to a historically-disproved notion that politics is a civil business that should be conducted only by ethically pure ruling class mavens who’d swallow a rotten tomato before saying anything mean about their opponents.

Unless he or she’s a conservative. But that’s another story.

Trump rejected the niceties from the start. His abrasive, uncompromising persona immediately clashed with the stodgy elites (and still does). And now Democrat presidential hopefuls don’t quite know what to make of the House’s impeachment hub bub. Amie Parnes reported at The Hill, “The impeachment inquiry into President Trump has shaken up the Democratic race for the White House.

“Democratic consultants and strategists say the impeachment inquiry could help some candidates such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who got on the impeachment train early and has been climbing in the polls.

“The impeachment proceedings could also boost former Vice President Joe Biden — who found himself at the epicenter of the controversy that launched the inquiry — underscoring his claims that he’s the candidate Trump is most wary of facing in a general election.”

Boost Biden? That’s a wishful-thinking interpretation of present reality and not matched by the facts. While it’s true Biden will receive more mentions in the media, it will be due to his close association with the center of the controversy, namely Ukraine, not because he’s still seen as the most electable Democrat in the race. From this point on hardly anyone will be talking about healthcare plans, gun confiscation and climate change. And no more dribbling over “green jobs” and amnesty for illegal aliens either.

No, the media will pound the impeachment subject to a fine powder and Biden will be forced (at least by someone) to address it, all the while garbling explanations and excuses for why his oddball son seems to be at the heart of the hullabaloo. Oh yeah, Grampa Joe will also need to explain what he meant when he pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was looking into his son’s dirty dealings.

Another potential loser from the impeachment scrum is Bernie Sanders. Not that “The Bern’s” exhibited any hesitation whatsoever in terms of expressing how much he despises Trump and his pro-American economic policies, but because “Pocahontas” Warren’s already stolen his thunder on the matter. As the clear leader of the crazed Democrat opposition in the Senate and on the campaign trail, the faux Native American appears vindicated by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to join with the disgruntled squawkers in her caucus to beat the impeachment war drum.

Don’t be shocked if “Pocahontas” soon receives the backing of the four members of “The Squad.” Bernie might have been their socialist of choice in the last election but all previous loyalties are out the window where present circumstances and newer, more urgent leftist crises are concerned. Sanders’ age and prickly relationship with the party establishment is another strike against him. It might’ve been fun for some to see him battling Hillary Clinton four years ago but “The Bern’s” ship has sailed… or run aground and sunk.

The far-leftist lane is completely clogged with Warren’s bugged out eyes, screechy voice and slightly off-kilter (which Democrats like) mental state. She’s 2020’s Hillary Clinton without the slime-ball husband, addiction to crooked pay-offs and fondness for media adoration.

As for the also-ran Democrat candidates, any chance they might’ve had to insert themselves into the national top-tier conversation is now gone. With Pelosi’s announcement a week ago, the media instantly switched focus to Washington rather than the small crowds and canvassing by the no-names in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina.

Imagine you’re Cory Booker and speaking to a dozen Democrats in the South Carolina countryside about racism and social injustice and slavery reparations and global warming and other topics of great concern to the citizenry (in his own twisted mind). Instead of receiving the usual quizzical looks and folded arms (in boredom) someone’s bound to say, “Can’t we just talk about impeaching Trump? What’s he really like? Did he really say all those things in the phone call? What’s a whistleblower? I don’t know anyone who’s unemployed anymore.”

Or Kamala Harris, who’s all-but relocated her campaign headquarters to Iowa, figuring if she can’t do well there, she won’t be viable until Super Tuesday. Liberal Iowans don’t care all that much that Joe Biden was opposed to mandatory busing forty years ago and it’s not likely they’ll be too interested in Harris’s record as a prosecutor. But they’ll press Harris for answers on impeachment since she’d be one of the senators who would vote to convict Trump. After Kamala nods along (with an appropriate look of concern on her face) will anyone listen to what she says about glass ceilings and gender inequalities and making Trump pay for watching Fox News?

There’s just no substance there. Kamala ain’t no Obama.

It’s even worse for the Democrat race’s lone legitimate outsider, Andrew Yang. Yang’s clamoring for a universal basic income (by providing everyone with $1000 a month from the government) was a bad idea to begin with, but how would he ever get it passed in Congress? Assuming Yang can’t do it on his own (via executive order), how would the Californian get Democrats and Republicans to come together to rework the entire tax system? And is there really a demand for another major entitlement program when the country can’t balance its books now?

It’s almost like the Democrat campaign has devolved into a sordid game of Political Big Brother (or Survivor) where the group of quirky self-centered contestants tell lies, make alliances, compete in off-the-wall competitions for safety and luxuries all the while vying to vote each other out week-by-week. The only difference (from the TV show) being they’re wholly effected by influences outside the “house” with events and moves they can’t control. It’s safe to say Pelosi didn’t consult with the presidential candidates to determine their feelings on launching an impeachment inquiry. Pelosi’s inexorably changed the course of the race and there’s no going back.

The scheme could easily backfire, too, as impeachment will bring additional attention to Trump (like he needs more) and the issue agenda he’s championed from the beginning. Trump will be in position to do what he does best -- counterpunch -- and the unfairness of it all will make him look like a sympathetic character to many. People aren’t dumb; they’ll notice that their own personal situations -- and those of their friends and family -- have improved in the past few years under Trump’s policies.

Americans will see gasoline prices remaining steady and notice how it costs less to heat their homes than it did a few years ago. Not every federal program makes a difference in everyone’s lives but some do -- and it’s indisputable that inflation is under control, mortgage rates are at or near all-time lows, it’s easier to find good paying jobs and consumer confidence is sky-high.

With this very visible prosperity, how will Democrats get people to care about their candidacies or the fact this witch hunt began because some deep state Trump-hater filed a complaint alleging he’s been talking too much with the Ukrainians? Is there a great love among the populace for the CIA? Or the post-Comey FBI? Or federal bureaucrats?

Then there’s the next Democrat candidates debate coming up in a couple weeks. And the party better find a venue with a big stage. Emily Larsen reported at The Washington Examiner, “Twelve presidential candidates are expected to debate on one stage during the October Democratic presidential primary debate, the largest number of debating candidates so far in the primary season.

“The Democratic National Committee told campaigns in an email Friday morning that it intends to hold one debate night on Oct. 15, multiple outlets reported. The DNC had said that Oct. 16 could be a potential second night.

“’To address several inquiries we have received we are writing to let you know that, pending a final decision after the certification deadline, it is the intention of the DNC and our media partners to hold the October debate over one night on Tuesday October 15th,’ the email said.”

It's only one night because they’re worried people won’t tune-in two nights in a row. They’re right.

The line-up includes the ten from the previous debate and adds California greenie billionaire Tom Steyer and Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard is the one Democrat who could conceivably benefit the most from impeachment since she’s the only major candidate from the House and can directly vote on the whether to send articles over to the senate.

Therefore, at least one of the Democrats might actually know what she’s talking about! But the debate seems far away for now. Twelve Democrats on a single platform all screaming about impeachment seems to be a little much to take. Will anyone watch?

There’s little doubt Nancy Pelosi’s decision to move forward with impeachment will impact the 2020 Democrat presidential race, but we’re not sure how -- or to what extent. From the outset it seemed clear that Democrats didn’t care much about anything other than Trump. Now’s their chance to prove otherwise.

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