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Assault on America, Day 275: Hurry up and impeach, Nancy! We only have ten years to live!

Trump face of climate denial
Everyone knows Hillary Clinton is still bitter about losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump. For months (years?) America’s first female major party nominee was pushed forward by the media as the heir apparent to “The Chosen One” Obama with a near-certain destiny to shatter the proverbial presidential glass ceiling and assume a woman’s sized seat behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

Liberals were so sure Hillary would win that deep staters in the Obama administration and federal bureaucracy laid the groundwork to undermine any chance Trump would have in the election, and then when the improbable happened, sowed the seeds to remove the duly elected president from office. The joke was on them, however, as the Hillary campaign-inspired, Steele dossier-driven Robert Mueller “Russiagate” controversy went down in spectacular flames (roundly defeated by the truth) and it appears evident the current Ukraine-gate anonymous hearsay-propelled whistleblower impeachment nonsense is doomed to suffer a similar fate.

Clinton still regularly shows up in media reports sniping at the president and keeping her name in the conversation, perhaps lying in wait to pounce (or jump?) on her unsuspecting party-mates by entering the 2020 race as a “White Knight” candidate. Hillary’s Chardonnay-soaked ego won’t ever let bygones be bygones (and democratic election results be democratic election results), so she’s hanging around and leaving the door open.

Who knows…it could happen. Why isn’t Hillary more like Al Gore? After the big bubba Bill Clinton veep’s 2000 humiliation and subsequent long-overdue concession speech… didn’t he grow a beard, get divorced, gain a ton of weight, tuck his tail between his legs like a defeated dog and quietly exit the political scene?

Hardly. Like Hillary, ‘ol Al’s still lurking and putting forth his climate change hysteria like he did when he was still relevant. Virginia Kruta recently reported at The Daily Caller, “Former Vice President Al Gore claimed … that President Donald Trump is ‘the face of global climate denial.’

“Gore spoke to CNN reporter Bill Weir at the United Nations in a clip that ran on ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper,’ saying that Trump was actually inspiring and motivating more climate activists…

“’I think that — to focus on the good news side of it,’ Gore laughed. ‘Donald Trump being the face of global climate denial actually is motivating the kind of uprising and enthusiasm we saw last Friday with these millions of young people marching. I’m optimistic. We’re behind at the beginning of the second half, but we’ve got the tools we need to address this crisis.’”

This must mean Gore’s is the puffed-out bloated face of overheated macro gas histrionics. Just saying…

In the interview Gore was referring to the inane intersection-blocking protests and classroom walkouts perpetrated by brainless climate morons who apparently didn’t have anything better to do than disrupt good people’s daily routines and commutes to work. They can’t win with intellectual arguments and persuasion, so why not tick everyone off instead?

Besides, what did Al mean when he said “we’re behind at the beginning of the second half?” Really, Al? Some forget Gore, in early 2006, predicted the world only had ten years to correct the global warming problem, a deadline that every living, breathing human being reached and passed almost four years ago. By Al’s estimation we should already be done as the dominant species on Mother Earth. We’ve superheated the atmosphere to the point where there’s no return. We’re done for. Finished!

Nostradamus Al was wrong again.

But maybe Gore’s just moving the goal posts here, saying we’re simply at the beginning of the “second half” of the game. So, doing the math, there must be plenty of seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, years and decades left for all of us to come to our senses and put him and his climate change-obsessed Democrat pals in charge of this rotating rock in the middle of the universe. Heck, if humans have so much control and influence over the climate on this planet, why wouldn’t our reach extend to the solar system and galaxy? Is Uranus heating up too? Is the Milky Way thawing out? Sounds like a gigantic drippy intergalactic mess to me.

The former VP was at the UN to meet with other like-minded climate crunchers to try and steer policy and in the process, make himself important again. Lots of people talk about “climate change” but hardly anyone credits the self-appointed inventor of the internet for his prescient warnings 20-something-plus years ago that we earthlings were on the fast track to atmospheric suicide. No doubt he sat in the audience with a big grin as Swedish brat Greta Thunberg sneered and threatened her way to the opening segment of evening news programs and drew slobbery praise from Bernie Sanders and a host of opportunistic leftists who’re more than happy to cede the spotlight to the modern-day climate alarmist Pippi Longstocking.

If anything, Trump should be proud that he’s viewed by the nutso left as the face of “global climate denial” since it makes him even more famous than he already is. How many “faces” does Trump have? Well, just to name a few, he’s the face of immigration enforcement, the face of economic prosperity, the face of low unemployment, the face of no stupid wars abroad, the face of a respected military and the face of anti-establishment swamp drainers everywhere.

All in all, it’s not a bad position to be in, even if Democrats can’t handle watching his red meat-eating mug delivering speeches and meeting foreign leaders at the White House. Everyone still comes to see him, too, yet another prophecy Democrats got wrong (they said the world would never accept Trump as president).

But it could also be argued Gore and his climate-is-everything henchmen have a point. If we’re all engaging in a doomsday burn, then Democrats have a responsibility to do something about it. Now! And how do they do it? Get rid of Trump!

Bingo! The Democrats are impeaching Trump because of a climate change timetable! It all makes sense now! Think about it. If Dems don't call an audible and oust Trump before next November, then he'll likely win reelection next year. Greta Thunberg, AOC and the rest of the unhinged climate kooks think the world's bound to liquify in 10 or 12 years (or however long their delusions would last) and therefore, waiting until the 2020 election to get Trump, which it looks like they'll lose -- isn't an option. Impeach now! and hope to beat would-be incumbent and fellow “climate denier” Mike Pence in Trump’s stead.

Nancy Pelosi’s drivel about “no president is above the law” was just a smokescreen for the George Soros-funded worldwide climate activists to move up the calendar on removing Trump and making sure he is so disgraced he would no longer have a platform to speak (as all former presidents tend to do at some point after their days in the White House). Pelosi and gang surmise Trump would never stop tweeting about anything, so they not only must impeach him now, they need to completely destroy his credibility and authority. It’s a risky gamble, for sure.

The “face of climate denial” -- Trump -- must be disfigured for all to appreciate. But legally speaking, wouldn’t it be considered mayhem to do so?

And if Al Gore is correct and we’re only at the “start of the second half,” then Democrats must make sure Trump isn’t permitted to stall the game until after 2025. Why? Trump and most Republicans aren’t willing to turn over the controls of the world economy to the climate change crowd, the Green New Dealers who intend to ban all fossil fuels and mandate that people heat their homes and drive cars with electrical power only.

Further, that electricity can only be generated with renewable sources. Relatively inexpensive and comparatively clean nuclear power won’t do either. Prepare the way for enormous wind farms and the entire desert southwest of the United States turning into one huge solar panel. But Trump -- and his face -- must first be impeached!

Hillary Clinton’s doing her darndest to make it happen too. Nicholas Ballasy reported at PJ Media, “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised young climate activist Greta Thunberg, who recently addressed the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit.

“Calling Thunberg's remarks ‘powerful,’ Clinton specifically applauded the portion of the speech where Thunberg told world leaders they had ‘stolen’ her childhood. Clinton said the speech should be ‘required reading for every lawmaker.’

“’She spoke for so many in her own generation when she condemned world leaders' lack of urgency in responding to climate change by saying, 'you have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.' Now, I know she engendered a backlash from the climate-change deniers, from the anti-anything coalition that takes on those who stand up and speak out and actually live in an evidence-based world instead of a fact-free world,’ Clinton said at Georgetown University during the presentation of the Hillary Rodham Clinton Awards for Advancing Women in Peace and Security.”

One can only imagine what a “Hillary Rodham Clinton Award” looks like. Maybe it’s a statuette of the losing Democrat nominee throwing a glass-hurling drunken tantrum on Election Night 2016 the moment she realized she’d lost and would need to go down to her “victory party” and offer a concession speech.

Hillary didn’t do it, of course, instead waiting several hours until she sobered up to finally meet the pouty-faced media and an American public that had rejected her “evidence-based world.” Here Clinton proved, once again, how abusive and offensive she can be when talking about otherwise mundane and normal stuff.

Needless to say, Hillary also loves impeachment. It’s hers and Democrats’ ticket to save the world from the “face of climate denial” (a.k.a. Trump) and the tens of millions of Trump backers who appreciate Trump’s standing up for the forgotten Americans (the deplorables).

Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Al Gore -- or Greta Thunberg or AOC -- Democrats are perhaps using climate hysteria as the foundation for the need to impeach Trump now, before the 2020 election. Trump’s reelection would stifle all their plans to rid the earth of carbon forever. Hurry up, Nancy!

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