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NPR vs. Breitbart

LAPD Breitbart
You may ask how our government can have so many leftist crazies in key positions - leftists who call for bigger government, suppression of speech, and blocking of any investigation of leftwing corruption.

Part of the answer was revealed on October 1, 2019 when NPR accidentally exposed a hidden agenda of the left. That agenda is to fill all key positions in the government with hardcore leftists - from the police force, to city hall, to the State Department, to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

On the same day, without proof, NPR attacked Hungary for allegedly suppressing free speech. The hypocrisy of this was stunning, as NPR itself appears to be participating in a scheme to shut down an independent voice in the media: Breitbart News.

Bots tied to Breitbart’s website alert leftist activists of all ads that appear on that news platform. New ads from Los Angeles police to recruit new cadet candidates for LAPD were placed with the news website. The LAPD paid Google to run ads. Google's program recommends ads for the news site Breitbart, so the ads were placed.

This was a very smart move. The Breitbart reader demographic skews strongly toward people who love America and its readers would make great law enforcement officers. But the zealous leftists want any pro-American to be unemployed and definitely not in government. When they were alerted to the LAPD ads a small group of Anitfa-like activists called the LAPD to complain and pressured them to cut the ads from Breitbart.

As with other examples of leftist mob justice, a small group of trolls work together to attack free speech. Megastar Rush Limbaugh had similar leftwing trolls attack his advertisers. They called Rush a racist and other knee-jerk robotic leftist attack labels for normal freedom-loving Americans.  Rush fought back and took on the trolls. He investigated and found that a very small number of leftists control many social media accounts.

These authoritarian socialists created fake outrage and fooled Rush advertisers. Advertisers are by and large unaware of the fake, orchestrated so-called “concerns” of Americans. When the mob attacks, advertisers run and hide. However, when Rush showed the documentation and made the advertisers aware of the gaming of fake outrage, they stood by him.

Whether it is a conservative like Ann Coulter or a leading Jewish conservative, the leftists work to deny American citizens information. This control of information was well-described in George Orwell's 1984 exposé on communist methods. Leftists’ greatest fear is truth in information and the exposing of their agenda.

Like ants attacking an intruder to the mound, the socialists swarm anyone speaking out against their one worldview. Global homogeny in the name of the better good of society as a whole really only benefits a few at the top.

Repeatedly when socialist authoritarian rule takes control of a government what follows is corruption, mass incarcerations and murders. Whether it be Cambodia, Cuba, Russia, China, or Venezuela, the promised leftist paradise ends with loss of civil rights, property and freedoms. 

Conservatives need to act. NPR receives a half billion of your tax dollars each year. Not only does NPR get a half billion dollars a year from taxpayers, they have no diversity in their staff. While they have all races and genders there isn't a single person who's thinking is conservative. When asked if they have any editors or reporters that reflect the Trump supporter or conservative NPR could not find one. They only have one view.

And now they are helping close down a great news site like Breitbart. NPR needs to be held accountable.

First, we need real diversity of opinion at NPR. Second, readers need to let LAPD know that they should support a free press and stop kowtowing to a few wacky leftists with an agenda.

Congressman Steve Stockman served twice in the U.S. House of Representatives.  He now is a victim of NPR-types in Obama's Department of Justice. For more information, go to to learn more.

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