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Assault on America, Day 278: Joe Biden, Hunter, and the photo that wrecked a campaign

Biden Burisma Photo
“Can’t we just talk about groping, whispering in women’s ears and excessive hair sniffing?”

Joe Biden wondered aloud, articulating the question to no one in particular as he sat at one end of a huge conference room full of campaign advisors. Biden’s political brains nervously tapped their pens on the recycled wood table as they pondered what could possibly be coming next from the man who just a few months ago looked to be a shoe-in for the Democrat nomination -- and beyond that, the presidency. Perhaps it would materialize as another of the former Obama veep’s legendary angry outbursts, or just a weeping, expletive-laden fit or maybe even a new wave of staff denunciations, demotions and internal humiliations.

When Joe starts talking to the air, they collectively thought, you never know what’s in store. Even when Biden was younger and semi-coherent his moods swung like wheat grass on a windy Kansas prairie. Now that Joe’s pushed into his late 70s and perilously dangles on the precipice of senility, his attitude changes are usually akin to the fallout from a nuclear bomb blast.

The lead items on the meeting’s agenda included discussion of impeachment and Ukraine and his son Hunter’s over-involvement in the current scandal that was originally intended (by the infamous “whistleblower” and the rest of the deep state swamp creatures) to nab President Donald Trump and send him packing after a scurrilous senate trial which would leave the former reality TV star politically disrobed and feeble before the world by design.

Then Fox News’s Tucker Carlson featured that darned photo showing Joe and Hunter and a couple guys from the mysterious Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, each man dressed in golf garb, brandishing their drivers and smiling as though they’d just shot 59 in a four-man scramble. All bets were off now.

“A picture ain’t worth a thousand words,” Biden muttered again to no one but the room’s ceiling, “It’s worth a presidential campaign and a billion bucks.”

--True, this scenario is entirely fictional and made-up, but if Adam Schiff can do it, why can’t someone else? Besides, I’m not in charge of any investigations -- or “inquiries” -- so having a little hypothetical fun doesn’t hurt anyone, does it?

There’s much speculation going on these days as to who will benefit or suffer from the furor over a “whistleblower” complaint (that contains no first-hand knowledge, of course) and the contents of a presidential phone call which occurred over two months ago. The facts and all the inferences certainly add up to another massive public relations hit for Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts, but not everyone sees it this way.

The increasingly unreliable Jonah Goldberg wrote at National Review the other day, “In the last week, all of the Democratic candidates have rallied to Biden’s defense. Senator Kamala Harris of California, who briefly surged in the polls because of her attacks on Biden, now says, ‘Leave Joe Biden alone.’ It would be nice to think they’re all motivated by a sense of honor and decency in response to what they believe to be unfair attacks. But logic dictates it’s more about negative partisanship. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the proverb goes.

“Of course, things could get to the point where Democrats decide to toss Biden under the train the way they did Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, but if Biden doesn’t crack under the pressure (a real possibility), it’s hard to see how that happens as long as impeachment remains the defining issue of our politics. In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont caved to the pressures of negative partisanship and refused to make an issue of Hillary Clinton’s ‘emails.’ Warren may well feel similar pressure.

“Hence the possibility that an attempt to destroy Biden could one day be remembered as his lifeline.”

Goldberg’s piece was likely written prior to the release of the damning Biden/Hunter/Burisma photo, but it still makes some interesting points. The National Review writer poses the question of whether Trump’s targeting of Biden might actually revive the latter’s campaign just at a moment when it appeared as though the Democrat frontrunner was slipping. Basically Goldberg argued that Grampa Joe will be seen as the victim of Trump’s crude and bullying personal assaults and Democrat voters will naturally rally ‘round him like civil war reenactors at a recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg.

This is a pretty simplistic view of the situation considering the great weight of the evidence indicates there’s something deeply wrong with the Democrats’ whole impeachment thesis. In the Obama administration, VP Joe served as the lead representative to two countries, Ukraine and China. Guess which two nations sleazebag son Hunter had the preponderance of his business dealings with? Ding! Ding! Ding! Goldberg would do well to read his colleague Jim Geraghty’s excellent reporting on Hunter Biden’s post law school employment history, which provides some context on the Biden family’s queasy connection to ethics… and morals.

The American public has shown tolerance for moralistic failings from politicians in both parties, but there’s no such pass granted for serious ethical breaches and favoritism. Joe the blowhard’s renowned for bragging about numerous things over the years and some of those instances have stuck in people’s minds. While it’s true Biden’s gaffes have become so frequent and pervasive that hardly anyone pays attention to them (individually) anymore, the cumulative effect will theoretically equal a diminution of support for Joe vis-à-vis the other candidates.

The rest of the 2020 Democrats are laying low to see how the Biden kerfuffle unfolds. As Goldberg pointed out, Bernie Sanders made a tactical decision not to “talk about the damn emails” and it probably cost him the 2016 nomination. Here’s thinking “The Bern” privately agreed with Trump that “Crooked” doesn’t even begin to describe Hillary Clinton. Yet as a good party loyalist (though he’s technically not even a Democrat) and dedicated Trump-hater, Sanders sat on his sword, beat back the challenges from his own supporters and threw his curmudgeonly  septuagenarian weight behind the Democrat nominee for the general election.

It’s hard to envision this scenario repeating this year, however, though again, it’s still early in the “investigation” and there’s a lot more to learn about Biden’s foibles.

The one thing that is certain, with impeachment, people will be talking about something concerning an obscure country (Ally? Enemy? Where does Ukraine fall on the spectrum?) halfway around the globe -- and they’re not pausing to concentrate on issues such as healthcare or “climate change” or ICE or deportations… or the border wall and how much they despise it. If all Biden has to offer as a distinction from the competition is his personal assurances that he’s clean as a newborn baby after his or her first bath, then he’s losing precious opportunities to explain how he’d be a better president than Trump.

You know, policy matters to some folks. Presidents do things other than speak on TV, don’t they?

Eventually, when the choice comes down to Trump vs. the yet unnamed Democrat, what they actually stand for is going to sway (some) voters. Trump is -- and was -- extremely controversial, but his populist/conservative issue platform won him the election. Americans trusted he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would apply the law rather than make it up as they go along. And they felt Trump would take a business approach to the economy instead of hiking taxes on everyone and raining goodies and more federal programs down on the (perceived) less fortunate.

Needless to say people felt Trump would also keep the country out of unnecessary wars and check unvetted Muslim immigration, which he has, even if it isn’t always clear what his policy is towards Iran, North Korea, China and others in the Islamic world (Saudi Arabia? Yemen?).

If Biden is the Democrat nominee, he’ll need to get it all straight and be able to explain his connections to Ukraine and China as well as his son’s. Voters aren’t stupid (or at least half of them aren’t), but they do have incredibly short attention spans. Sooner rather than later something had better happen to keep focus off of the Trump-fostered positive things in the country (if you’re a Democrat, that is).

Liberals will keep up the ruse, nonetheless. Juan Williams wrote at The Hill, “As the political winds shift in the perfect storm of the 2020 election and impeachment, think about this:

“GOP strategist Mike Murphy last week said on MSNBC that a Republican senator had told him that as many as 30 GOP senators would vote to impeach President Trump if it were a secret ballot. Let’s give those 30 Republicans the benefit of the doubt. Each of them has a conscience. Maybe they can’t live with giving Trump a free pass on using military aid money to press another country to find dirt on his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

“At the risk of sounding cynical, it does occur to me that Senate Republicans for the first time see Trump’s scandal possibly costing them their majority.”

No, Juan, we don’t think you’re cynical, but it does seem like you’re auditioning for a gig as a stand-up political comic if you think this “Trump is losing the GOP” gibberish will fly. Williams neglected to mention that “GOP Strategist” Mike Murphy was Jeb Bush’s campaign manager and might as well have “GOP Establishment” tattooed on his forehead. But that wouldn’t be necessary since everyone already knows Murphy is #NeverTrump to the core and hates President Trump.

If Murphy says it, it’s a contorted loser’s bitter resentment showing. Or is Jeb Bush president?

So no, Juan, 30 Republican senators aren’t lining up to vote with Democrats to impeach Trump. While it’s true some polls show growing public support for impeachment there’s also plenty of evidence that the pro-Trump side is mobilizing as well, including a nationwide effort by Tea Party Patriots to take the fight directly to congressional district offices and phone operations.

Here’s a link to the group’s website which provides all the details for the National Day of Action on Thursday, October 10.

Williams also cited Senators Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse as examples of wavering Republicans. Enough said.

With facts yet to come out in the Ukraine/Hunter Biden scandal, it’s difficult to tell exactly how damaged Joe Biden will be at the end of it all. Some claim Democrats are moving the controversy forward to get rid of Joe; but it seems like Biden’s doing a pretty good job of eliminating himself on his own.

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