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Assault on America, Day 280: It’s RINO Mitt Romney and the establishment boys vs. Trump

Wrong and Appalling
With all the recent media hubbub over the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment “inquiry”, a.k.a. witch hunt, certain other pertinent topics have been pushed to the side in the public’s awareness. One such important subject -- at least in the minds of conservatives -- is the ever-shrinking but stubbornly intractable contingent of RINOs and #NeverTrumpers wandering the vaunted halls of the capitol building and speaking unhindered on liberal cable news channels.

While no one claims these wayward non-conservatives have much of an impact on President Donald Trump or his successful policies, they’re perhaps still relevant in terms of steering American opinion. Recent national polls showed the president’s approval rating holding steady -- or maybe even ticking up a bit -- since the onset of the Democrats’ impeachment fixation, but nonetheless there’s a case to be made and a cause to be waged against the left’s notion that Trump must go due to corruption or foreign influence... or whatever Adam Schiff says is the cause of the partisan probes.

As would be expected, Democrats and their media enablers (one and the same) find fertile ground chasing down certain Republicans for a quote. None other than 2012 GOP presidential loser Mitt Romney’s injected himself into the fray again; predictably, Mitt’s sided with the naysayers and nattering nabobs of negativism against the duly elected chief executive from his own faction. Trump didn’t take the Utah senator’s insults sitting down. He saw Romney’s jab and raised him one.

Ellie Bufkin reported at The Washington Examiner, “Trump … responded to Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke's tweet questioning if Romney is ‘the new’ Jeff Flake, the former Arizona senator of whom Trump has historically been critical.

‘Question of the afternoon... Has #MittRomney become the new #JeffFlake or is the latest back and forth much ado about nothing? #QOTD,’ Corke tweeted. ‘No Kevin, Jeff Flake is better!’ Trump said in an energetic response.

“Although a Republican, Flake was often at odds with Trump before his retirement from the Senate at the end of 2018. Most notably, he withheld a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee to send the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate floor after being cornered in an elevator by anti-Kavanaugh protesters. More recently, from life outside public service, Flake has suggested that nearly three dozen Senate Republicans would vote to convict the president if they could do so in private and said, ‘Fellow Republicans, there’s still time to save your souls,’ in a Washington Post op-ed.

Ah, the Jeff Flake elevator incident. For those needing a refresher, it took place on September 28th of last year, when a rabid leftist feminist practically pursued Flake into a senators only elevator at the height of debate over Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. A CNN camera crew just happened to be in place to capture the moment, perfect for the internet-driven 24-hour news cycle. During the minutes-long confrontation the woman droned on about being a victim of sexual assault and verbally lambasted the senator for his apparent willingness to pass Kavanaugh through the process against hers and her friends’ wishes.

Was there evidence to confirm Kavanaugh’s accuser’s story? Or corroborating witnesses? Heck no! But Flake wavered and, perhaps swayed by the woman’s passion, asked for another delay in the final vote to further investigate the unfounded Christine Blasey Ford allegations. Liberal activists specifically targeted the appropriately monikered Flake because they figured none of the other Republican Judiciary Committee members would heed their outraged drivel nonsense. Flake would, though, because he wasn’t even running for reelection (scared of a primary challenge) and hoped to exit the swamp as the media’s most favored RINO Republican!

So one begs to differ that Romney is worse than Flake -- but of course Trump’s opinion counts for something…

Romney’s traitorous RINO rap sheet is long. Having been thoroughly vetted through the course of two presidential primary and one general election campaign, finding dirt on Mitt isn’t exactly tricky. People forget how some uniquely expressive individual used to follow Romney around wearing a dolphin suit, an allusion to the former Massachusetts governor’s fondness for flip-flopping. Phony, nasty and sterile, the man was never renowned for his engaging personality or potential for delivering engaging fireside chats.

Romney practically self-deported himself from any chance to win the 2012 election when he callously wrote off “the 47 percent” (the government-dependent non tax-paying population), the ones he argued would never consider voting for an elitist venture capitalist such as himself. Instead of championing the working man and woman -- as Trump does -- Romney implied he didn’t even want their votes. No wonder Obama had no trouble winning in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

One would think Romney’s highly-avoidable loss to the “Chosen One” would end the story and he’d curl up into a little ball and slink back to his mansion in San Diego (La Jolla) or his lakefront New Hampshire estate and play out his days showing his grandkids how to fashion and maintain impeccable hair well into their retirement years. Or maybe he’d reenact his infamous dog-on-the-car-roof summer vacation extravaganza.

But no. Romney decided he’d maintain a high public profile despite few entertaining anything he said or cared about any longer. Many took Mitt’s loss personally, not only because it meant four more tortuous years of Obama in the White House, but because people put their faith and treasure in a man who swore he’d do whatever it took to win. Instead, Romney repeatedly failed to hit Obama where the man was most vulnerable, backing away from topics like the 9/11 Benghazi assault and the Democrat president’s disastrous social and culture busting agenda.

And let’s not forget Romney’s weak-kneed attitudes towards illegal immigration and cheap labor. His plastic mug screams “Chamber of Commerce” and big government Republicanism.

If there ever was a shining example of a politician running a content-free campaign, it was Romney’s seven years ago. Mitt was -- and still is -- the poster boy for a GOP establishment that frustrates and annoys the liberty-loving conservative grassroots. Citizens don’t want a leviathan bureaucracy that’s simply better managed; they crave a smaller, less-intrusive government that screams openness and accountability.

Trump never advanced any pretexts that he cared about the entrenched ruling class and their crooked defense of the status quo. From the outset, Trump told it like it was -- that unchecked immigration was ruining our country and he intended to change course. Trump’s famous battles with Democrats and his own party’s stodgy establishment over building a border wall and making foreign “partners” play fair in trade were symbolic of a different kind of president who didn’t give a hoot about rules and decorum when all it ever produced was fewer jobs, stagnant economic growth and overseas governments trampling on America and taking advantage of us.

Because Trump is a new breed of leader, the ruling elites -- Democrats, #NeverTrumpers and RINOs like Romney -- can’t live with the thought of four more years of Trumpism. Hence they complain about his actions as “wrong and appalling”. In doing so, Romney is merely exhibiting the same wimpish and ineffective behaviors that lost him the 2012 election. Trump’s right -- Mitt’s the embodiment of a loser.

Not that Flake is any better. Flake’s aforementioned op-ed demonstrated how the former senator hasn’t learned much in his non-political forced retirement. Stephen Kruiser reported at PJ Media, “Jeff Flake is back with his mainstream media friends and spinning tales that are designed to do nothing more than cement his useful idiot status for his leftist overlords. The former senator from my home state of Arizona wrote an opinion piece … for The Washington Post that was filled with tedious talking points that could have been fed to him by the DNC.

“What's even worse is that many of them are old DNC-esque talking points:

“[Flake wrote] But I already had seen too much. Traveling overseas I witnessed the damage being done to our standing in the world as a result of President Trump’s fondness for authoritarians and his scorn for allies. His hostility toward security alliances and trade agreements had placed our long-term security and our economy at risk. His adoption of the tyrant’s phrase ‘enemy of the people’ put journalists in even greater peril, all over the world. His resentment toward refugees and profane description of certain countries were destroying generations of goodwill.”

Again, maybe Trump is wrong about Romney and Flake. One isn’t necessarily better than the other because both of them are horrendous, lily-livered cowards who run from political fights (sometimes into elevators) and seek unattainable high ground to make themselves look bigger and wiser than everyone else. They gleefully partake in the establishment’s “Orange Man Bad!” chorus because the media provides them a platform to stay visible and talked-about when in reality they’re pathetic and unworthy of anyone’s time and scarce mental energy.

Instead of following the example of someone like Sen. Lindsey Graham they run with tails between their legs to the other side of the political aisle for comfort. Once upon a time Graham was one of Trump’s harshest critics but the two have since struck up a friendship that’s served both well. Graham still disagrees with Trump in a few areas (see, Syria) yet criticizes constructively. Rather than insulting the president personally, Graham talks about policy differences.

Maybe Flake and Romney are jealous because Lindsey Graham frequently gets invited to play golf with Trump at his DC area club (including with playing partners like Gary Player and Annika Sorenstam). Be nice to the man. Differ with him on issues, but don’t make a donkey of him -- or yourself -- in doing it.

Parties are team efforts and you can’t win on your own. Even if you don’t like the captain you still must execute the play-calls (sometimes known as party platforms).

As long as Trump remains in the White House RINOs like Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake will have a stump to stand on -- but no one listens. Trump’s GOP critics aren’t advancing the argument or the cause by sniping from Twitter or blubbering on liberal cable news shows. Some people never learn.

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