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Today Is The National Day Of Action To Stop Impeachment

Dont Impeach Trump
Today is the Tea Party Patriots “national day of action” to stop the impeachment posse and their anti-constitutional attempts to overturn the free, fair and legitimate American presidential election of 2016.

The focus of today’s action is contacting members of Congress to demand they reject the Far-Left Democrats’ anti-constitutional effort to undo the 2016 election.

Here are four helpful links to make your participation in the National Day of Action more effective:

Make phone calls to your Representative’s office: Tell them to REJECT IMPEACHMENT! Use the sample script below or use your own. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) just call the number and ask for your Representative by name.

Sign the Petition: Join thousands sending the message to Congress that you support President Trump.

Make a concrete plan to visit your Representative’s local office today, at Noon local time if possible. Clear your calendar over your lunch hour, get a baby sitter or do whatever you have to do to make yourself available for the time it takes to get to your local congressional office, participate On the Tea Party Patriots Action hub page, you can find a list of documents that contain the office LOCATION for every representative in each state.

Make your congressional office visit more effective by downloading and using the Tea Party Patriots’ ANTI-IMPEACHMENT HOW-TO GUIDE. And go to for regular updates and information on the latest efforts to stop the impeachment of our duly elected President.

We believe whether you are active in the Tea Party movement or not conservatives should participate in and support this “National Day of Action.”

And Tea Party Patriots Action has made it so easy to tell Congress NO on impeachment that there is no excuse for not participating.

First, it takes only a minute to sign the petition.

Second, Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots Action have made it easy to make an effective phone call by providing a script for you to use when you call your representative and we’ve provided the toll-free number (1-866-220-0044), so calling will be simple and best of all FREE (or rather paid for by your tax dollars, but in this case you are actually getting something of value).

Here’s the suggested script, use this to call your Representative (whether Dem or GOP!):

Hi, my name is [Your Name] and I live in [City, State]. I’m calling to urge Representative [Name] to forcefully oppose the impeachment of President Trump! This witch hunt is an injustice to the President and the millions of Americans that voted him into office, and it is a travesty for our country, our system of government, our elections, and our Constitution. Just last week, Rep. Adam Schiff literally made up parts of the transcript and read them aloud to the committee, only claiming it was a parody when he was publicly caught in his lies. This so-called impeachment inquiry is a farce and will damage our nation for a long time if allowed to go through. Put a stop to this NOW. I will make sure to keep track of how my Representative behaves and votes on this issue. Thank you.

Finally, here is a guide to the office LOCATION for every representative in each state and a link to the ANTI-IMPEACHMENT HOW-TO GUIDE.

We plan to participate in today’s Tea Party Patriots Action Day of Action to stop the anti-constitutional attempts to overturn the free, fair and legitimate American presidential election of 2016. We urge each CHQ reader and friend to do the same. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), call now to stop the impeachment of President Trump.

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