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Assault on America, Day 292: ‘Tis the season for a Democrat impeachment witch hunt?

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Ask an American what he or she thinks about when Christmas is mentioned and you’ll likely receive a warm and fuzzy response, something akin to “love and good cheer, peace on earth and goodwill towards men, It’s a Wonderful Life, mistletoe and holly, Hallmark movies, Santa’s visit, eggnog, sleigh rides, and… of course, the birth of the savior.”

How about political backbiting, bickering and impeachment?

Those ugly 2019 realities would no doubt be further down everyone’s list, except in DC, of course. In the eternally contentious world that is Washington politics, it looks like Americans’ duly elected congressmen and senators are gearing up for a little holiday season showmanship of their own, and chances are there won’t be any mangers, reindeer or wreaths in sight. Enthusiasm’s reached a fever-pitch in the nation’s capital -- and it isn’t just because the Nationals are headed to the World Series.

It’s still October and folks in-the-know are talking about a Christmas-time impeachment build-up. Can our supposed betters really be that dumb? Have confidence -- yes, they can! Erick Erickson wrote at The Resurgent, “Based on all my conversations, my best guess is that the Democrats are going to drag out their fact-finding mission until Thanksgiving, then spend the period of Thanksgiving to Christmas building articles of impeachment. They would then refer the matter to the Senate at the end of the year and the Senate would take it up after the first of the year.

“Senate Republicans are increasingly likely to require a trial. They lack the votes to dismiss the matter outright. Likewise, there are some Republicans who would help the Democrats. Based on several conversations I have had with Republican senators, I believe the Democrats would head into an impeachment trial with a half dozen Republicans willing to honestly consider impeachment. They need more than that, but an impeachment trial presided over not by McConnell, but by Chief Justice John Roberts, could get them more votes. Even if the Democrats did not get the requisite two-thirds vote, a bipartisan vote for impeachment would still hurt the President...”

Granted I don’t have the same connections Erickson does -- to speak one-on-one with RINO Republican senators -- but it defies common sense to believe there are as many as a half dozen GOPers who would buy-in to this leftist Democrat farce. In the old days actual evidence -- and a pretty sinister crime -- were required to take off after a president, but in the twenty-first century, apparently all Trump-hating liberals need is a non-traditional outsider White House occupant and a smattering of establishment-loving weenies willing to rock the entire world by impeaching the chief executive on appearances alone.

Down in places like Colonial Williamsburg they talk a lot about the Constitution and the Founders’ notions on the types of high crimes and misdemeanors needed to remove a president. Think treason or bribery… or something serious along those lines. Granted impeachment is a political process, but it appears the original intent was to make removal of a federal officer incredibly arduous, much more so than merely asking a senator whether they like Trump or not. Trump steps on a lot of toes -- intentionally and by accident -- and Washington isn’t a place that looks kindly on toe-steppers or boat rockers.

Therein lies the problem. People like Erickson write about personal knowledge of Republicans who would gravely contemplate impeaching Trump, but they don’t name names. By process of elimination it isn’t hard to deduce several RINOs who would make great candidates for Erickson’s wimp-list -- Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski come immediately to mind. Then there are those lurking in anonymity. Perusing a roster of Republicans, maybe Colorado’s Cory Gardner, Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander (who’s retiring), North Carolina’s Thom Tillis and Florida’s Marco Rubio are the ones who might be pondering an intra-party insurrection.

And needless to say, if John McCain was still vertical, he’d be at the center of the get-Trump scrum. These are the who’s who of political wannabes who swear allegiance to “bipartisanship” even if there isn’t a single Democrat who shares their dedication to comity and cooperation. The media knows which way to turn when they need a quote or anti-Trump dig. These nattering nincompoops are laying the groundwork for lucrative post-Congress careers at MSNBC and CNN should they rightfully be turned out of office for their heresies.

It’s highly doubtful any of the chamber’s principled conservatives are on the impeachment fence. Trump didn’t do anything wrong, so it’s a question of politics here. Which Republicans might think it personally advantageous for them to side with “Chucky” Schumer and his merry band of ambitious swampy political creatures? Can’t you just see Mitt Romney chumming with Liz “Pocahontas” Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker? They’ll powwow with the 2012 loser until he votes against them on some liberal priority, then they’ll cast him into the pit so fast he won’t know what hit him.  

Maybe after a long day of hearing the Democrat House prosecutors droning on about corruption, non-existent quid pro quos and election interference during the impeachment trial they’ll take to the town, sip a little toddy and toast to the destruction of the nation. But then again, Mormon Romney doesn’t drink… and neither does Booker.

Erickson concluded, “To get any Republican support, however, the Democrats have to be grown up. Having Adam Schiff as the face of their effort hurts them. Dragging out the process right now does make it look like a fishing expedition. Republicans in the Senate are worried about the process. Most of them would very much like to support President Trump. Some of them, though, are starting to tire of him and just need an excuse. That should worry the White House.”

The White House doesn’t need to spend a second worrying about the whims of a token few party senators. If you’re Trump, judging by the flimsy constitutions of several so-called Republicans you can’t base your happiness on what they’re thinking in their own narrow worldviews. It really doesn’t matter if an insignificant contingent of RINOs herds with the Democrats. The party’s conservative voter base understands that people like Romney, Murkowski and Collins will always hold up a finger in the political winds assessing their own souls before they do anything.

If polls continue to show a purported majority favors impeachment and removal, expect the knee-knocking to continue. Mitch McConnell finally got off his turtle perch last week and said what needed to be said about the House Democrats’ closed-door secret “inquiry.” The Majority Leader knows it would trigger a nationwide conservative meltdown to remove Trump as a result of the Democrats’ ongoing witch hunt. This isn’t a question of one man, one (or more) mysterious deep state whistleblower(s) and one conversation with the president of Ukraine.

The fate of America is at stake. Trump’s ardent backers (and if you don’t believe they exist just watch a Trump rally with thousands cheering -- and thousands more outside the venue just as happy) would never accept impeachment sitting down. Democrats are pursuing this because they believe -- again -- that it will weaken Trump ahead of next year’s election. They’re wrong. It’ll only make him stronger -- and nastier. And any Republican who fails to recognize the disastrous consequences ahead of time should consider who would be blamed for inflaming an already red-hot situation.

Hint: It wouldn’t be Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. There’d be the biggest RINO hunt ever. Maybe they’d even go extinct.

And there’d be repercussions for Democrats too. Think Alabama’s conservative citizenry would return Doug Jones to the senate if he votes to impeach Trump? Jones’ already microscopic shot at reelection would evaporate like a teardrop in the Sahara Desert if he goes along with Chucky and Nancy’s folly.

Or melt like a Christmas cookie in a young kid’s mouth. Impeachment would not only fan the flames of passion among Trump’s supporters, it would energize the man himself like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Even some of his longtime Democrat rivals acknowledge it. Nicholas Ballasy reported at PJ Media, “Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said his view of President Donald Trump has changed over time.

“Reid was critical of Trump when serving in the Senate, calling him a ‘con artist,’ but in a recent interview he said Trump is a ‘very smart man.’

“’I used to think that Donald Trump was not too smart. I certainly don't believe that anymore. I don't think he's, intellectually, a powerhouse, but he is basically a very, very smart man. No matter what the subject, any argument he involves himself in, it's on his terms. You're always arguing against him,’ Reid said during an Axe Files interview on CNN that aired Saturday. ‘He never, never, is willing to debate an issue on terms that aren't his.’”

Who knows, maybe retirement agrees with Harry Reid and he’s better able to assess the capabilities of a political master like Trump, but in essence, Reid’s right. Trump’s instinctive defense mechanism activates whenever he’s attacked, and this means it’s almost always firing these days.

Most Democrats -- except for perhaps Harry Reid -- haven’t quite grasped that Trump’s at his best when he perceives himself to be backed in a corner. It means he’s on offense and his opposition’s playing defense, like a baseball team that can’t get the third out, or triple overtime in college football when the teams must go for two-point conversions after touchdowns to settle the outcome.

Democrats would be wise to heed Reed’s warning and reconsider what they’re doing before the damage becomes irreparable. A Trump squeaker could turn into a landslide very easily.

A number of pundits have suggested Trump purposely manipulated Nancy Pelosi into impeachment knowing it would never work and therefore Democrats would be exposed for the frauds that they are. It’s the highest stakes form of “I dare you” of all-time, and we’re yet to find out whether liberals will actually go through with it. If they do, it’ll be one heck of a contentious Christmas season, for sure.

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