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Assault on America, Day 293: AOC endorsement reveals deep crack in Democrats’ unity wall

AOC endorses Bernie
In every election cycle, endorsements are as inevitable as the coming and going of the seasons. Just as the earth’s tilted (23.5 degree) rotation on its axis and cosmically predetermined orbit around the sun produces predictability of the weather (at least somewhat), Americans expect noteworthy politicians and other public figures to burst out of the shadows to praise candidates they favor, supposing their say-so could/should make a difference in the person’s fortunes.

Newly minted thirty-something (she turned 30 on October 13 -- but still fresh!) Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez played the endorsement game herself this past weekend. Unsurprisingly, the Democrat lightweight from the Bronx chose the man every intellectually-challenged Millennial seems to get amped up about these days, namely the nearly octogenarian socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

Julia Manchester reported at The Hill, “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) threw her support behind Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Saturday as the Democratic presidential hopeful made his return to the campaign trail following a heart attack earlier this month.

“Ocasio-Cortez, a rising progressive star with a huge social media following, cited Sanders as an inspiration for her own decision to get into politics and tied her progressive goals to the 78-year-old Vermont senator.

“’It wasn’t until I heard of a man by the name of Bernie Sanders that I began to question and assert and recognize my inherent value as a human being that deserves health care, housing, education and a living wage,’ Ocasio-Cortez said during a rally with Sanders in the New York City borough of Queens.”

What? Bernie Sanders helped AOC recognize her value as a human being? Wow, what a statement. Whereas most of us would cite our religious upbringing, parents, spouse, siblings, coworkers, friends, neighbors or perhaps the nice lady at the Chick-fil-A counter as influencers in our daily lives, Ocasio-Cortez apparently found meaning in the broken down, heavily accented self-described Democrat socialist “The Bern” as her main source of reinforcement.

Bernie Sanders isn’t exactly the American model for a welcoming, mentoring soul. To borrow a line from Dr. Seuss, The Bern’s as “cuddly as a cactus and as charming as an eel (like the Grinch)”. He’s a “bad banana with a greasy black peel!”

Nevertheless, Bernie is admired by millions of youngins like AOC. Not bad for a guy who was born three months before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and recently suffered a heart attack which threw into serious doubt whether he’d even make it to Election Day, 2020. Sanders has enjoyed a similar mesmerizing effect on AOC’s rising age bracket of adults, the most entitled generation of all-time. These pampered waifs, a good many born after the leveling of the Berlin Wall (with it the practical end to the global threat of communism -- we’re not talking about China here), have grown up in a society meant to reassure them at every turn with free this and free that.

No wonder she and her kind find the crusty old Green Mountain State pol to their liking. Bernie’s like Santa dressed as Uncle Sam with his big bag of presents ready for passing out at the annual holiday party.

They love Bernie because he’s as angry and discontented as they are -- about what, rational people aren’t quite sure. AOC and her generational cohorts didn’t need to grapple with overt racism, for example, Martin Luther King having delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech over a quarter century before she even took her first breath. In AOC’s world, cities were integrated, schools bent over backwards to combat any inkling of prejudice and brown children of all worldly origins and religions sat next to white kids born in the borough down the block without fear of institutional favoritism or systematic disapproval.

Their championing of Sanders now almost smacks in the face the sacrifices of all those who endured and overcame the real (as opposed to imaginary) barriers in life. What do they know of paying taxes and having to make the hard choices their forbears were confronted with? In her endorsement speech, AOC touched on how no young person should be forced to graduate from college in debt. But who’s to say a university education is good for everyone? It certainly didn’t seem to do “The Squad” leader any good.

The prosperity brought about by America’s high-minded ideals allows people like AOC to go around talking about abstract unprovable concepts like “climate change” and the need to rework the world economy to save the planet because of it. The greatest minds of our country’s industry and businesses created the wealth with which Sanders’ supporters hope to erect their utopia. Quite frankly speaking, Bernie didn’t build any of it. Virtually everything he stands for -- Medicare for All, free higher education, large scale redistribution of wealth, federally paid-for abortion on demand and a complete politically correct reworking of our country’s cultural underpinning -- stems from the labor and brainpower of someone else.

Democrats savage Trump as an out-of-touch affluent guy who’s only in politics to further enrich himself and benefit his family and friends, but who are the ones seeking to transform the nation? Trump’s 2016 slogan, “Make America Great Again,” engendered warm feelings from those who recall what this country once was -- and hoped to have again. It’s why the president’s supporters are so fervent about his administration and reelection candidacy.

Will Ocasio-Cortez’s (along with Minnesota-based embarrassment Rep. Ilhan Omar’s) endorsement make a difference in the Democrat presidential showdown? The New York congresswoman does boast a large social media following and carries weight with people of like ideological bent and similar hunger for government goodies, but logic suggests Sanders has a pretty tight stranglehold on this voter bloc already. AOC’s public backing of Bernie could conceivably help win back some of the voters he’s lost to the Democrat race’s flavor of the moment, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren -- but how many?

Sanders’ wife spoke at the same event AOC did and went out of her way to reassure everyone that her husband’s healthy and vigorous (despite his proven heart issues) and raved about his plans to mount a dynamic campaign to defeat Donald Trump. But the man just got out of the hospital, for Pete’s sake -- and it’s not like he appears as boyishly youthful as “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg or as athletically robust and capable as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Standing next to the younger members of the party on debate stages, Bernie looks positively ancient, as does frontrunner Joe Biden.

The Democrat establishment surely won’t put much stock in AOC’s endorsement. If anything, it’ll drive them further into Biden’s camp, as the Obama veep’s increasingly appearing to be the only viable option for those desperate to nominate a nationally electable candidate. The chasm between the young radicals like Ocasio-Cortez and Omar and the stodgy old guard (think Hillary Clinton) is widening with each passing week.

Last week when Hillary characterized Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian stooge it exposed the type of rage any Democrat who expresses hesitation on impeachment, limiting late term abortion, paying for universal healthcare or any other far-out Cause célèbre of the left is likely to receive from party’s ruling elites. If there was any smidgen of common sense left in the Democrat Party, Gabbard’s the one who’d be gaining on the others. Instead, the new breed of aggressive leftists like AOC jumps all-in for ancient irritable communist relics like Bernie Sanders.

Will AOC’s endorsement prove to be a boon to The Bern? Not likely. It’ll only make the Democrat primaries that much more outlandish and contentious. For a conservative, it’s fun to witness.

Not surprisingly, other Democrats aren’t exactly rushing to condemn Hillary Clinton for her heartily-unfounded accusations concerning Gabbard and the Russians. Don’t count on “Mayor Pete” standing up for what’s right either. Ellie Bufkin reported at The Washington Examiner, “Jake Tapper asked Buttigieg how he felt about Clinton's comments on the Campaign HQ podcast that the Hawaii Democrat was a ‘favorite of the Russians’ and was an asset being groomed as a third party candidate to undermine the Democratic candidate in the 2020 election.

“Buttigieg declined to say whether he thought Gabbard was involved with the Russians and shifted instead to campaign talking points. ‘I'd prefer to have the conversation be about policy, about what we're going to do, and about how American lives are going to be different,’ he said. ‘When it comes to any of my Democratic competitors, that's my focus.’

“Pushing Buttigieg back to the original question, Tapper asked, ‘Right, but do you think Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset?’ ‘I don't know what the basis is for that,’ Buttigieg said. ‘I consider her to be a competitor ... Our focus right now needs to be on the things that are actually undermining America.’ He then proceeded to decry President Trump as corrupt and condemned his remarks that Democrats need to ‘get over it.’”

One can’t really blame Buttigieg for evading the Gabbard/Russian tool question -- there really isn’t a good way to answer it. There are an awful lot of Democrats who still worship at the feet of the Clintons and getting on their bad side isn’t an attractive proposition. Gabbard’s done it -- and look what’s happened to her. Bernie Sanders did it too in 2016 -- but then he kissed all the right rears in calling for his rabid base to support Hillary against Trump no matter how awful his primary opponent had been.

For what it’s worth, brainless “Beto” O’Rourke sided with Gabbard in the Hillary bash controversy. It might be the first principled thing the former Texas congressman’s ever done (and in fairness, probably his last).

Eventually “Mayor Pete” and “Beto” and Bernie (most likely) will dive into the endorsement pool themselves. If current trends continue, “Pocahontas” Warren and Biden will be the last two Democrats standing, and their former rivals will need to choose sides. Who knows, maybe Gabbard won’t endorse anyone, or realize her views don’t fit in the Democrat Party any longer -- and she’ll back Trump. You never know… it could happen.

For now, the desperate Democrat Party is looking for a champion. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s relatively early endorsement of Bernie Sanders perhaps indicates the party’s carefully fostered appearance of unity is beginning to dissolve. As the battle between the radicals and the establishment continues, it promises to get interesting.

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