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Assault on America, Day 320: Cherry pickers and white knights; 2020 Democrats in a nutshell

Hillary feeling pressure
It happens every year. Just before training camp, athlete X announces he's “holding out” for more money (or some other ridiculous notion like a guaranteed contract) in negotiations with team management and won't report to the squad until the dispute is resolved. Said player then continues to “stay in shape,” so to speak, while enjoying extra downtime with the wife and kids, only to end the grandstanding stunt a few days before the season starts (Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliot this year, anyone?).

Is it really all about the money or did the guy just not want to sweat alongside the rookies and free agents in hundred degree heat and get his head beat in during two-a-day practices? It’s a legitimate question, one where only a token few athletes are skilled and valuable enough to stay away and still have a job waiting for them when they decide to return.

Politicians sometimes try similar tactics with analogous motivations. Last week we examined the case of Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who’s throwing massive hints that he plans to jump into the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race next year around Super Tuesday. In Bloomberg’s example, he’s posing as a “white knight” candidate, one who supposedly recognizes a boring bunch of certain losers (a.k.a., the current crop of Democrat top-tier candidates) when he sees one and bills himself as a “savior” who will save the party and the country from another four years of the dastardly dreaded (to Democrats) President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg’s not fooling anyone, however. But there’s another, more established and recognized Democrat who’s also dropping obvious clues that she’ll join the fray herself in time to make everyone in Democrat-land giddy with ecstasy. Hillary Clinton’s been in the news too much lately to ignore, making fantastic claims (of being begged to run) and generally making a donkey of herself (again) before the entire world.

Jody Kurtz reported at The Hill, “Hillary Clinton says she's under ‘enormous pressure’ to consider a 2020 White House bid but it’s ‘absolutely not’ part of her plans right now.

“’As I say, never, never, never say never,’ Clinton told BBC Radio 5 Live host Emma Barnett when asked Tuesday if she was ruling out another political run. ‘I will certainly tell you, I'm under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it,’ the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee continued.

“’But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans,’ Clinton, 72, said.”

Far be it from me to give ‘ol Crooked Hill the benefit of the doubt, but she’s possibly telling the truth -- or at least a version of it -- here. Notice how she’s careful to qualify her words, narrowing the scenario to a moment by moment commitment. At the very second Clinton was sitting with Barnett, therefore, instead of running for president she probably was planning a rush to the potty after the microphone was cut, then to meet her limo driver and direct him to search out the nearest ruling class watering hole so as to gulp down a glass of Chardonnay or six -- and then she’d be ready to have the same “Are you or aren’t you?” question asked for the millionth time!

And she’d give a definite yes on the next attempt!

In fairness, Hillary gets the same query everywhere she goes. The obnoxious and bored media is desperately hoping to inject any semblance of excitement into the already stale and moribund Democrat presidential race, so it’s only natural to dredge up the “Uh, are you still considering running again?” subject. Each time Clinton receives it she appears to open the door a little wider, leaving a sizable crack in the potentials and nudging the party establishment to run screaming for the Alka-Seltzer and headache quick-fixes. Everyone on earth knows a Hillary-as-nominee part deux (or is it part trois?) would be an unmitigated disaster.

But then again, so would a “Pocahontas” Warren-as-nominee part une, a “The Bern”-as-nominee part un or a dumb-as-wood Grampa Joe part un run for president as Democrat nominee. The staggering lack of talent at the highest reaches of the liberal party is more glaring every day. When you’ve got liberals going around talking about a “savior” candidate in Michael Bloomberg, these people aren’t in full control of their faculties. Granted they’re not the sharpest sticks in the proverbial stack to begin with, but who in their right mind would encourage these old, white, Democrat dinosaurs to run for the world’s toughest job?

Hillary said she’s getting pressure from “many, many, many people” to think about it. Shouldn’t her media interviewers demand she name names if she persists with these evasive teasing responses? Wouldn’t it make the topic more stimulating to hear if someone beyond hubby Big Bubba Bill, daughter Chelsea and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is imploring her to do it again?

I doubt Tulsi Gabbard is among those “many, many, many” people.

There’s no “white knight” in Hillary’s floating the presidential run subject. No, if Clinton does run again, she’s more akin to a training camp holdout because she could join the race now if she really intended to “play,” but instead she prefers saving her strength for the “real” season and to stay coy and oblique until the very last moment. If anything, Hillary’s a political “cherry picker,” not a white knight.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a cherry picker is “[in basketball] a person who favors short shots, but especially a person who sits in the back court by the basket waiting for an outlet pass on a change of possession, enabling them to score easily before any defenders can reach them.” Bingo! Hillary doesn’t want to slug through the arduous work of fundraising, canvassing, handshakes and campaigning, so she’s waiting by the proverbial party basket waiting for her blessed Democrats to toss her the ball for an easy lay-up! It all makes sense now!

In the same interview referenced above, Clinton expanded on her thoughts. Kurtz additionally added, “The former secretary of State and New York senator says she thinks ‘all the time’ about ‘what kind of president’ she would've been had she not lost in 2016 to President Trump, and ‘what I would've done differently, and what it would've meant to our country and to the world.’

“’I feel a sense of responsibility partly because, you know, my name was on the ballot, I got more votes, but ended up losing to the current incumbent in the White House who I think is really undermining our democracy in very fundamental ways,’ Clinton said. ‘And I want to retire him.’”

Wait a second. In the same sentence Hillary admitted losing to Trump but then started waffling about the outcome again. In the succeeding weeks after Election Day, 2016, remember, Clinton and her campaign heads ignited the raging fire (which the media gleefully poured gasoline on) by claiming the Republicans colluded with the Russians to steal the election, and now after all this time Hillary’s conceding she fell short of her own volition?

Regardless, by confessing that she still thinks about being president it confirms what many (not the ones urging her to run, necessarily) have argued all along, namely that Hillary believes it’s her preordained destiny to win the Oval Office and she’ll still be claiming the mantle when she’s a hundred years-old in the year 2047. Delusions of grandeur is the one thing the woman excels at -- and no amount of evidence to the contrary will dissuade her!  

“Cherry pickers” off all stripes assume it’s their privilege to score points without having to sprint up and down the court doing the little things to help the team win. Sooner or later, though, Hillary’s exhausted and undermanned teammates will stop passing her the ball. What then?

And now, Clinton feels she’s entitled to her party’s nomination without fairly competing with all the other Democrats. The next party debate is this week (on Wednesday night) and she’ll no doubt be watching in her comfy surroundings mumbling under her breath, “Those saps, look at ‘em argue. I could parachute into Iowa two days before the caucuses and beat the whole lot of those pretenders.”

Cherry pickers always have outsized egos.

Speaking of outsized egos, there’s another Massachusetts Democrat who’s let it be known he's “cherry picking” on the 2020 Democrat field as well. Yes, it really is getting that stupid, folks. David Sherfinski reported at The Washington Times, “Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick jumped into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, adding another entrant to an already-crowded and still unsettled field.

“’This won’t be easy, and it shouldn’t be, but I’m placing my faith in the people who feel left out and left back, who just want a fair shot at a better future — not built by somebody better than you, not built for you, but built with you,’ Mr. Patrick said in an announcement video.

“Mr. Patrick, the first black governor of Massachusetts, has been an ally of President Barack Obama and highlighted his own roots in the south side of Chicago in his announcement.”

Hmmm. Let’s see. Would Patrick be considered a “white knight” (not a racial reference, so the PC police can remain safely in their caves) or a “cherry picker”? If Deval seriously thinks he’ll compete in New Hampshire simply because he was governor of a neighboring territory, he’s got a rude awakening coming up. Isn’t Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar running on a similar rationale -- that she’s from next door to Iowa -- and therefore supposes it would give her a leg up with the midwestern bumpkin locals?

Judging by the Iowa polls the Hawkeye State folks could care less where Amy’s from.

And being a black man hasn’t helped Senator Cory Booker’s campaign catch on in African-American dominant South Carolina. So, what makes Patrick think he’ll arrive late to the party and still have a shot? Could it be that the current Democrat field is so pathetic and lacking in star quality that people like Hillary and Deval Patrick still will be talking about possibly joining the race up until the party convention next summer?

It's reaching the ridiculous point in Democrat-land, isn’t it? Not only are there “white knight” dreamers like Michael Bloomberg, there are “cherry picker” sloths such as the 2016 loser and no-name Deval Patrick who’ve just sat on the bench enjoying a Gatorade while watching the others do the dirty work and get nothing for it.

Whether it’s a “white knight” or “cherry picker” waiting in the wings, 2020 Democrats are showing signs of tangible unease as we move towards the primary season. Time is running out for the party to settle on a candidate to take on a very strong President Trump next year -- will they find one?

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