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Assault on America, Day 321: Why are doctors joining ‘morons’ to vote against Republicans?

Doctor Democrats
Regardless of whether President Donald Trump is successfully reelected next year, there will be a great deal of subsequent analysis regarding the Republican Party’s future. While it seems possible -- even probable -- that Trump will once again prevail in the Electoral College, it appears equally likely that he’ll fall short in the national popular vote tally as he did in 2016.

It doesn’t take a genius to surmise that there are hordes of big government goody loving Democrat voters located in the densely populated urban areas in coastal blue states and they’ll be casting their ballots for Democrat nominee X no matter who it ends up being. These Trump-hating extremists would pull the lever for Mickey Mouse if it meant expelling the current president from his White House perch and henceforth secure a regular check or subsidy to bolster their standard of living.

Simply put, there are more Democrats than Republicans in many areas. It’s demographics, a lack of civics understanding, prevailing cultural trends, dependence on government benefits and a plethora of other things that’s led to the Republican Party’s slide over the past three decades. It doesn’t help that the GOP’s establishment has pushed forward a number of boring content-free candidates either.

But not having a well-qualified, principled candidate isn’t always the case. Sometimes Republicans lose because voter bloc preferences change over time. The medical profession serves as an excellent example of the trend. Whereas doctors used to be an overwhelmingly reliable GOP constituency, now they’re turning Democrat in big numbers. The drift accelerated in 2016. Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg wrote at The Wall Street Journal, “Voters with four-year college and advanced degrees moved toward the Democratic Party, while those without a college degree flocked to the GOP and helped put Mr. Trump in the White House.

“Many physicians say they were uneasy about Republicans’ health policy proposals and turned off by Mr. Trump’s stance on scientific issues, such as his skepticism about climate change. Despite having mixed feelings about Obamacare, most physicians say they don’t support Republican lawmakers’ calls to repeal it without a clear replacement since they have already invested in adapting to its mandates, and because repeal could leave millions uninsured...

“Research led by Adam Bonica, associate political science professor at Stanford University, shows that younger male and female physicians are significantly more liberal than older ones, a divide that is generational and not simply a function of partisanship changing as doctors age. Physicians say medical schools have played a role in this by broadening who they admit and what they teach in a way that favors Democratic ideals.”

Yay socialism! Wait a second, doesn’t the famous Hippocratic oath instruct physicians to first, do no harm? I don’t pretend to speak for every doctor young or old, but it’s hard to envision not doing harm if you’re voting for politicians who seek to take decision-making for treatments away from the people who pay for the services and hand it over to bureaucrats who are basically trained and tasked with assessing rules (probably made by lawyers masquerading as representatives and senators) and process the cases accordingly.

The WSJ reporters’ article indicated more new physicians are opting to join urban healthcare conglomerates rather than establishing their own practices, which is accelerating the exodus away from the Republican Party towards the nanny-state fostering Democrats. It showcases a basic inability for these people to grasp the big picture, which is a societal problem certainly not confined to the medical profession. It's hard to fathom how anyone who’s ever had experience with government red-tape as desiring to create more so as to make their lives “easier” and to offer better services.

It defies common sense to think anything good could possibly come from Medicare for All. Imagine “giving” everyone in the country -- legal or otherwise -- the impression that doctoral guardianship is “free.” There simply aren’t enough students, med schools, techs, nurses, physicians or hospital administrators to handle the glut of future care seekers. Already packed emergency rooms will need to double in size as consumers head to the examining table for every sneeze or creaky knee joint.

Maybe China can invent Jetsons-like automated robotic doctors and nurses to take on the increased workload. Picture a medical facility set up like a modern-day fast food joint. Patients enter the place, stroll to a kiosk and “order” from the menu. “Flu shot.” Check! “Blood pressure check.” Check! “Standard sore throat protocol.” Check! “Probe for potential broken bones.” Check! “For more serious emergencies -- separated appendages, cardiac arrest, stroke symptoms -- press the red button and proceed to the designated area of the waiting room!”

Any side orders? How about milk for the youngins and coffee for the adults? Cream and sugar? Something else on the side until you receive consultation?

Apart from all of this, how will the government pay for the new benefits? Democrats will spend a big chunk of their debate time this week re-introducing their various healthcare plans and how they’ll pay for them, relying heavily on increased taxes and burdens on the wealthy to hypothetically fund their new systems. The only issue here is, as Margaret Thatcher so ably put it decades ago, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” There aren’t enough uber-rich Michael Bloombergs in the land to finance the Democrats’ utopian pipedreams. Numbers don’t lie. Higher taxes don’t work.

For as soon as incentives are removed from accumulating and maintaining wealth smart people run for the exits and sit out from participating in the economic engine. Why work hard to earn an extra marginal dollar when Bernie Sanders and his Democrat crew will confiscate 90 percent of it? Will anyone absorb risks to build businesses purely to pay off the government tax collector? Human nature -- and history -- heavily suggest the answer is no.

More troubling than the new wave of doctors being naïve enough to believe in socialized medicine is the trend among the so-called college educated to go all-in for Democrats in general. The once solid Republican suburbs are purportedly switching parties due to Americans’ becoming complacent, dependent and lazy, the product of years spent at institutions of higher learning that brainwash the waves of the future into swallowing a bigger government role.

Study after study revealed how university faculty is liberal and Democrat in orientation. Obviously, the trend has reached medical schools as well, just as it’s spread to theological seminaries in the big (and ever-shrinking) protestant denominations. Doctors and ministers now bow at the “climate change” altar just as the leftist politicians would require them to do. Anecdotal evidence indicates climate sensitivity and social justice nonsense has crept into the curriculums of just about every major professional training institution.

Why are the learned in society finding a new home with Democrats? The WSJ reporters again offered examples of some who explained they didn’t care for the president’s “rhetoric,” as though a barbed tweet or utterance during a political rally would make a difference in their daily lives. Having a nicer guy or gal in the White House with Trump’s same policies wouldn’t produce divergent results. Since when did language (or the perceived use of it) disqualify an office holder? Do these new Democrats take similar exception with Nancy Pelosi’s and Hillary Clinton’s characterization of Trump and Republicans as criminals who belong behind bars?

It's a stupid excuse to disengage from difficult principle-based conversations, plain and simple. Did any of them jump on the Jeb Bush bandwagon in 2016 because he’s a sweet man? Did they love Mitt Romney because he’s a classy good dresser with impeccably coifed hair? Will suburban soccer moms and new-age “woke” doctors return to the Republican Party if and when Mike Pence succeeds Trump in 2024?

It used to be that the professional class valued government policies that rewarded individual innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and sound business practices. And it’s all being tossed in the proverbial round-file now because of “climate change” and Trump’s fondness for calling his enemies out by name? How stupid.

Have doctors combined forces with “morons”? R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. explained at The American Spectator, “[W]ho is it that the Democrats are going to focus on? In 2020, what voting group will form the most stable, reliable bloc for them? I think they will go with the core voters they have gone with year in and year out for the last 20 years. They won the election for them in 2008 and again in 2012. They will go for the voters whom I have been calling for years the Moron Vote: that is to say, the voters who believe things that are clearly unbelievable to normal citizens. In fact, I would say they believe in things that more and more Americans believe are clearly preposterous...

“But are there enough of them? Well, I have my doubts. Donald Trump has roused an astounding number of Republicans and Independents. He even has the support of some self-respecting Democrats. Moreover, my agents across America tell me that he continues to attract a growing number of Americans who rarely vote. They are tired of Democrats calling America a racist country or an anti-immigrant country or a militarist land or any of the other anti-American canards. In the coming presidential election as in the last, I believe the Democrats are going to lose. There just are not enough Morons out there.”

Would the esteemed Tyrrell agree there aren’t enough “morons” if he read the above referenced WSJ report? Doctors spend years and years studying their vocation yet still reach the same political conclusions as brainless “moron” losers who think the entire world is racist and they’re being held back because of “climate change” and Donald Trump’s Twitter finger?

Is it the GOP is simply not doing a good enough job of advocating for and educating the public on the inevitable advantages of their policies? Or does the party suffer from a widespread and false perception that they’re anti-science, racist, elitist, sexist and favor the rich without principle or regard for the little guy? Trump’s done more to combat the impression than anyone in recent memory, yet the stigma persists. How to fix?

One can’t help but think if the GOP doesn’t unite to fight back against the misinformation forces of the left that they’ll continue to lose once-loyal backers like doctors and medical professionals. Moving to the mushy center won’t help things. The “morons” are taking over and Republicans are clueless on how to stop it.

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