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Dems Keep Destroying Their Own Impeachment Narrative

Schiff and Vindman
Yesterday’s impeachment hearing produced some truly astonishing testimony from the Democrats’ star witness and even their own committee staff.

One of the most astonishing was an exchange between rogue NSC staffer Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Democrat committee staffer Daniel Goldman:

GOLDMAN: “Is there a process to determine official U.S. policy? … Did you observe whether President Trump was following the talking points based on the official U.S. policy?

VINDMAN: “…the President can choose to use the talking points or not. He's the President.”

In this line of questioning the Democrats’ lead impeachment counsel was in effect arguing that unelected government bureaucrats like Vindman are the ones who set “official policy,” while the duly elected President of the United States is simply expected to parrot the “talking points.”

That line of questioning was so insane that even Vindman had to disavow it.

But it got even worse for Vindman and his Democrat allies.

Vindman admitted he made up elements of President Donald Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an official summary. Prior to the call, Vindman included a discussion about corruption in the talking points (referenced above) he provided to the president – but Trump did not use them in the call.

The summery Vindman wrote after the call (courtesy of Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering) read:

President Trump underscored the unwavering support of the United States for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity – within its internationally recognized borders – and expressed his commitment to work together with President-elect Zelensky and the Ukrainian people to implement reforms that strengthen democracy, increase prosperity, and root out corruption.

But Vindman clarified during his testimony that the president did not bring up the topic rooting out corruption during the phone call, but he included it in his summary of the call anyway.

According to Mr. Spiering, when asked by the Democrat counsel about whether the summery he wrote was false, Vindman hesitated.

“That’s not entirely accurate, but I’m not sure I would describe it as false, it was consistent with U.S. policy,” Vindman said.

Vindman said he included the rhetoric about corruption as a “messaging platform” to describe U.S. policy toward Ukraine, even though it was not discussed on the call.

In normal American English as spoken outside the Beltway, Vindman falsified a government document.

Interestingly, the guards in the Jeffrey Epstein case (Epstein didn’t kill himself by the way) are being charged with falsifying a government record – a crime which it would seem to any normal American outside the Beltway that Vindman just admitted to committing.

Vindman also keeps testifying he doesn't know who the whistleblower is, but yesterday that claim also completely fell apart when Adam Schiff and Vindman's lawyer stepped in to shut down questions from Rep. Jim Jordan who had Vindman of the verge of admitting that he likely DID speak to the CIA "whistleblower."

Our friend Roger Stone is going to jail for this very crime: Will Vindman's perjury be investigated?

The chances are pretty good, in fact we’d say close to 100%, that Vindman will never be charged because, as a Trump-hating Deep State operator, he’s in the same protected class as Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Peter Strzok, Eric Ciaramella and the rest of the Russia-gate and Ukraine-gate liars, hoaxers and malefactors.

Sean Davis of the Federalist summed-up yesterday’s impeachment hearing in one short tweet, saying: These impeachment proceedings are occurring because Alex Vindman, an insubordinate mid-level military officer who had a snit fit about not being in charge of American foreign policy decided to collude with a CIA operative to overthrow the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

Goldman’s absurd line of questioning and Vindman’s admission of altering government records to comport with his views on “messaging” just exposed their whole impeachment investigation as a total farce.

The fact is, much as Democrats and their Deep State allies like Vindman and non-whistleblower Eric Ciaramella of the CIA hate Donald Trump, policy disagreements are not impeachable offenses. Schiff and the Democrats know they’ve got nothing else to back up their impeachment hoax other than bureaucrats voicing their opinions, but they continue to tear the country apart anyway.

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