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The Vindman Intelligence Operation Against Trump

Col. Vindman
As we proposed in our article The Assaults On Trump Explained, what has been going on in Washington since Election Day 2016 is not American politics as usual, but a sophisticated intelligence operation to destabilize and overthrow the legitimate government of the United States.

Each step along the path to impeachment is exactly what the CIA or the intelligence agency of a foreign power would do to use non-military means to destabilize and eventually replace the leader of an unfriendly government.

So, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s actions at the NSC are best understood if one views him as an intelligence operative acting to destabilize the government of the United States. And the techniques used in the operation are all actions we’ve seen before in the ongoing operation to remove Donald Trump from power.

Consider the circular “proof” cycle arranged to demonstrate that the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was an impeachable offense.

Trump and Zelensky have a “perfect” phone call, but, for reasons both personal and political, Vindman doesn’t like Trump or his policies, so he complains about it to Eric Ciaramella at the CIA, who then uses the information (some of it patently false) to concoct a “whistleblower” complaint against President Trump.

Ciaramella shops the complaint to Democrat Adam Schiff and his staff at the House Intelligence Committee, who help him tweak it into shape.

#NeverTrumpers in the CIA hierarchy change the whistleblower rules to make Ciaramella’s complaint viable for consideration.

Ciaramella submits the complaint containing Vindman’s information to the Intelligence Community Inspector General and to Schiff.

The complaint goes public causing a firestorm and Schiff declares the information to reveal impeachable conduct by the President and begins to conduct secret hearings, from which damaging allegations are leaked.

Vindman is then called to Capitol Hill as a third-party fact witness to testify to the veracity of the information he planted, thereby closing the circle that he started when he leaked to Ciaramella.

Now what is truly astonishing about the Vindman – Ciaramella circular proof cycle is that this is exactly the same technique that was used to justify the FISA warrants that were requested to spy on the Trump campaign and kick-off the Russia-gate hoax.

The phony Steele dossier was paid for by Democrats and then shopped to anti-Trump interests in the media and on Capitol Hill, including the late Senator John McCain’s office.

Via McCain, the dossier finds its way to the FBI, which legitimizes it by briefing Trump on it, even though it can’t independently verify it and many details are obviously false.

The more salacious aspects of the dossier leak to the media, which publishes them uncritically, thereby causing a firestorm.

The media reports are used by the FBI to justify the FISA warrants, even though there is no independent verification of the allegations in the dossier or the media reports based on the leaks about it.

The fact that the FBI is investigating, and the media reports, are used by Congress to demand an independent counsel investigation and to justify multiple congressional investigations, all based on the same unverified, completely phony dossier, thereby closing the circle of “proof.”

Vindman is a classic example of a disgruntled government employee who is ripe for recruitment by an opposing government’s intelligence agency. He is a bit player who feels disrespected and arrogantly views himself as smarter and more morally correct than his superiors in the military and civilian hierarchy and is prepared to take action to vindicate himself.

Only in this case the opposing intelligence service’s operation is not being run by a foreign power, but by anti-constitutional forces within our own government bureaucracy. We can only hope that eventually this completely fake proof cycle, those who inspired it and directed it, and all those involved in it, will be exposed and suffer the punishment they so richly deserve for what they have done to destabilize our country.

George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's and is a veteran of over 300 political campaigns. A member of American MENSA, he served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle, as Director of Policy and Communication for former Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12) then Vice Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, and as spokesman for Rep. Mac Thornberry former Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

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Vindman, in my opinion, has betrayed our country by his attack on our President, his commander in chief. I believe an appropriate measure, perhaps with others, should be a demotion of Vindman's rank (and salary, pensions, etc.)