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Assault on America, Day 327: To Biden, it’s cut Hunter loose or concede the Dem nomination

Grampa Joe Biden
“Mayor Pete” Buttigieg might’ve endured the most intense of the rear-end kickings (from his opponents) in last week’s Democrat presidential debate, but there’s no doubting Joe Biden came out the evening’s biggest loser.

The Democrat presidential race frontrunner wasn’t himself last Wednesday night. Or maybe it’s better to suggest Joe was himself in Atlanta -- a stumbling, bumbling, memory challenged, jumbled sentence spouting habitual liar who seemingly couldn’t keep basic facts straight and came across as even older than his 77 years (ironically, November 20 was Biden’s 77th birthday -- happy birthday, Joe! Why the heck didn’t the moderators point it out during the program, and lead the audience in a rousing rendition of the birthday song? Anyone? Anyone?). A national polling lead placed him at the center of the stage but Joe looked positively ancient, even compared with the more senior Bernie Sanders.

Normally friendly commentators weren’t about to let Biden’s very bad birthday night slip away, either. Whereas journalists and talkers have shown a willingness to overlook some of Joe’s more glaring gaffes of late, the mainstream press was harsh to ‘ol Grampa (again!) Joe in the aftermath of the forum. Being at the top is challenging, especially when you’re clearly not up to the climb. Is the Democrat heavyweight on the ropes?

Matt Margolis reported at PJ Media, “If there was one takeaway from Wednesday night's debate, aside from the fact that the candidates are crazy, it's just how bad a night Joe Biden had. He's losing Iowa, and looks like he's slipping in New Hampshire as well. He seemed tired and disengaged, and it didn't go unnoticed…

Newsweek eviscerated Biden, ‘Biden couldn't even get out his first sentence without stammering,’ wrote Tara Francis Chan, who noted the previously mentioned [in Margolis’s story] gaffes. ‘These sorts of gaffes don't seem to have mattered in the past to Biden voters. Still, when he started the campaign the nomination was his to lose--and he seems up to the task of losing it.’

“Joe Biden has run a campaign based on his perceived electability, but if you're siding with Biden on that perception, it seems likely that you're wondering how he will hold up going toe to toe with Donald Trump. Those debates won't happen for another year. That's a long time of rigorous campaigning that is bound to take a huge toll on a candidate who already seems too exhausted to put coherent sentences together.”

That’s the point. We haven’t even reached Thanksgiving yet, Nancy Pelosi’s and Adam Schiff’s inane and unfounded impeachment farce is about to shift into high-gear (with an upcoming vote on formal articles?) and it’s sucking all of the air out of the Democrat presidential race balloon. Voters are in decided limbo over the future political direction of the country. Even the biased fake news media can’t seem to make up its mind on where the epicenter of public interest lies and here’s President Donald Trump’s opposition party being led by a bloodshot eyed 77-year-old corrupt-o-crat who’s so delusional he thinks he’s African-American.

Democrats continue comforting themselves with the notion their candidates maintain measurable national polling leads over Trump, but there’s more than enough evidence to indicate the race is skidding away from them in crucial swing states like Wisconsin, where the president is already showing signs of breaking out a year before citizens even hit the voting booth. Impeachment is going nowhere (at least in the ultimate conviction sense because there aren’t enough Democrats and Mitt Romneys waiting in the senate to remove Trump). The tide is turning against the poor Democrat whiners and the country hasn’t even truly gotten into singing Christmas carols for the season.

Several factors appear to be converging at once. First and foremost, Democrats have a candidate quality dilemma. For much of the past year (or ever since Hillary Clinton lost the almost sure-thing 2016 race) it was presumed Biden was up to the task of grasping the party mantle to battle Trump. Joe was deemed the proverbial warrior who would combat and slay the dragon-like Trump in an epic electronic political war waged with the willing assistance of the chattering class and waves of “woke” Americans who recognized, as they did, that Trump was a fake who’d worked with the Russians to steal the presidency away from Queen Hillary.

But Biden hasn’t panned out. All of the personal bugaboos that plagued him during his first two runs for the highest office (non-stop gaffes, factually challenged utterances, an inability to concisely frame themes and arguments) have resurfaced and gotten worse. Add in the age factor and Joe’s not looking nearly so manly and capable as he did on paper all this time. Instead of being a one-man Trump wrecking crew, he’s a feeble doofus a decade past retirement age who doesn’t look like he could win a scrap with a six-year-old much less tackle the virile Trump.

Then there’s the rest of the Democrat field, which hasn’t exactly conformed to the experts’ predictions of trouble for Republicans. There are simply too many candidates, which slants the playing field even further towards Biden because he’s best known and enjoys party establishment support. Whereas someone like former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (though he’s under an ethics investigation himself) conceivably could’ve credibly challenged Biden for the “moderate” lane at this point, the overabundance of competitors precluded anyone “sane” from establishing a foothold. Biden was the safe choice all along. How do they like him now?

Then there’re the leftist kooks in the scrum who’ve completely elbowed anyone else to the side and moved the party inexorably left. Bernie Sanders is up to his old socialist tricks again and now he’s got a crazy sidekick -- Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren -- to form a one-two combination laying waste to common sense and any semblance of fiscal reality. Meanwhile, race-is-everything slavery reparations-pusher Kamala Harris shores up the leftwing and LGBTQ “community” member Pete Buttigieg appears to appeal to both ultra-liberals and “moderates” alike. But as last Wednesday’s shaky debate show proved, the boy wonder’s not ready for the primetime spotlight.

There just isn’t someone in Democrat-land who people shout “Bingo! That’s the guy (or gal)!” Democrats thought Biden would fill Obama’s shoes. He hasn’t. And now they’re stuck.

Second, Trump has proven to be a more than capable chief executive. Democrat pre-2016 election warnings of doom haven’t come to fruition. Not only has America enhanced its strong leadership of the world economy, it’s improved its position strategically as well under Trump. By moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem (in Israel), removing the nation from the Paris Climate accord and cancelling the disastrous and ill-conceived Iran deal, Trump has demonstrated an uncanny ability to make unilateral moves that benefit the country’s domestic situation while sending a clear message to other global leaders: don’t count on Trump to perpetuate the elite status quo.

Trump’s lifelong experience with negotiations taught him to constantly keep the opposition off-balance, wondering what move is coming next. Trump buys low and sells high. He often sets his initial bargaining position so lofty that there’s plenty of room to make concessions and still come out ahead. It’s a deal-maker’s approach to leadership and governing, a completely fresh attitude that politicians don’t comprehend. And dang if it doesn’t work! If you don’t believe it, look how nuts he makes Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer!

Democrats have no one who’s even close to as capable as Trump. It’s showing up in the polls and the contest will continue to slip away from them as time goes on.

Third, Trump isn’t who they thought he was. From the outset, Democrats (and a few Republicans) dismissed Trump as a substance-less blowhard reality TV tabloid playboy rich guy who didn’t believe in anything and therefore would prove malleable and weak when faced with real authority. But Trump isn’t like that at all. He’s impervious to attacks. He’s an ironclad warship in a sea of wooden frigates.

The late NFL head coach Dennis Green is famous for giving a post-game press conference where he basically screeched “They are who we thought they were!” (about the Bears) over and over again, confusing everyone and bringing into question his sanity as well as his leadership abilities.

Democrats are the Dennis Greens of the new political world. And it shows.

Lastly, there’s the Hunter Biden factor. In addition to the notorious “whistleblower” (who everyone agrees is Eric Ciaramella), the Biden vice presidential son is at the center of the Ukraine controversy. While impeachment won’t slow the Trump campaign train, it could very well derail Biden’s. Doesn’t anyone want to talk about Hunter (who a paternity test confirmed is a daddy again! Shouldn’t Joe be proud?)?

Daniel J. Flynn wrote at The American Spectator, “During the impeachment hearings, witnesses (and journalists) carefully insisted Hunter Biden’s strange emergence as a Ukrainian corporate overlord for a corrupt energy company merely risked appearing as a conflict of interest given his father’s power over the country.

“Witnesses (and journalists) who rushed to decipher Donald Trump’s use of ‘Burisma’ as code for ‘the Bidens’ saw nothing impure in the actions of Hunter Biden, a man best known for a Naval discharge for popping positive for cocaine and for cheating on his brother’s widow by impregnating a twenty-something Arkansas woman. Like Billy Carter, Roger Clinton, and other compromised souls with famous last names on which to trade, Hunter Biden retained his most valuable asset after losing so much else. But do believe that he’s not the type of guy to profit from his father’s office. Believe it just because.

“Willie Sutton said he robbed banks because that’s where the money was kept. Foreign aid makes for an easier, and more lucrative, mark. And when your next of kin serves as your bagman, lawmen and wanted posters do not enter into the cost-benefit analysis.”

Where Trump is concerned, the non-existent flap over Ukraine will eventually die, but questions involving Hunter Biden will only intensify. Like a cancerous mole that won’t go away without health-saving surgery, the Hunter-thing can’t be reconciled with Joe’s candidacy short of a drastic procedure.

Americans recognize favoritism and a father’s protectionism when they see it. There’s no way to make the two ends meet.

Joe, cut the boy loose. It’s either save Hunter’s reputation or give up your dreams of being the Democrat nominee. Either way, you’ll never be president. Not only are you a sleazy career politician who personally profited from your ability to win elections, you’re a terrible candidate. The only winner if Joe loses? America.

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