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Assault on America, Day 328: Impeachment bluff about to explode in Pelosi’s unfortunate hands

Pelosi impeachment
Is Speaker Nancy Pelosi bluffing?

As the weeks go by and Democrats persist with their inane impeachment pursuit, one wonders what’s going through the mind of the American liberal party’s de facto leader. As the highest profile Democrat in the land (and no, Joe Biden or Barack Obama wouldn’t qualify -- neither possesses any real power), Pelosi holds the fate of the 2020 election in her gnarled, liver spotted hands, a position she didn’t necessarily ask for yet finds herself saddled with.

The past two weeks’ public impeachment hearings didn’t go well. American voter opinion has decidedly turned against the prospect of removing the president over trumped-up charges of “bribery” and other impossible-to-prove assertions like a quid pro quo demand that never happened and withholding of military aid to Ukraine (which actually ended up being sent to the country with no conditions attached). The calendar shows a dwindling number of days in 2019, with the specter of next year’s presidential election on the horizon and growing larger like the sun emerging from a watery ocean backdrop in the east.

Poor Pelosi is stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place, knowing she can’t just cast the matter into the overstuffed congressional landfill but also realizing that going forward with this certain-to-lose farce could cost her and her party everything. For his part, President Trump speculates Pelosi won’t actually go through with it. Will San Fran Nan come to her senses, go before the cameras and candidly admit, “We screwed up”? Or will she choose the more prideful course and perhaps alter the direction of political history?

If it’s the latter, Pelosi will become the unfortunate butt of jokes and memes yet to be written. She’ll grow to be the clown princess of the universe. And she would add still more links to the ponderous chains of shame she’s already dragging around without hope of redemption.

Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill, “President Trump, while insisting he wanted an impeachment trial, predicted Friday that Pelosi would not go through with impeachment. ‘No, I don’t expect it,’ he said in an interview on ‘Fox & Friends.’ ‘I think it’s very hard for them to impeach you when they have absolutely nothing,’ he added.

“While Pelosi has not guaranteed there will be a vote, it’s hard to imagine she would risk a backlash from the Democratic base by cutting the process short after two weeks of public hearings. Many Democrats saw the hearings as providing damning testimony against Trump.”

Yes, and many of those same Democrats who thought the hearings provided damning testimony also believe the tooth fairy will place a buck under their pillow when their rotting teeth start falling out. If you’re Rachel Maddow and hold out hope long enough, more unnamed witnesses will emerge and say stuff that could conceivably be construed as damaging to the accused. But a better gauge of possible success is what the American public thinks, and they’re not buying the bull-poop pile Adam Schiff and the Democrats are peddling.

For nearly three years Democrats hedged bets that something sinister would stick to Trump and voters would switch off their common sense filters just long enough to swallow what the president’s enemies were feeding them. Leak after leak and biased report after biased report from the fake news media purported to provide the “smoking gun” that would spell doom for Trump’s “Make America Great Again” effort. In the process, Democrats and #NeverTrumpers placed their faith in deep state actors to persuade the micro-fraction of fence-sitter voters that the dark forces were on to something and Trump would eventually bow to the inevitable.

All the while they pointed fingers and nailed wanted posters to Washington’s doors to plant seeds in people’s minds. They hired stuffy old Robert Mueller to conduct an investigation with a team of Democrat honks guaranteed to discover a “bombshell” -- or concoct one if they didn’t. Democrats have stonewalled Trump’s judicial and administration appointees, conducted secret and open hearings, deployed frauds like Christine Blasey Ford (to assail Brett Kavanaugh’s character) and fibbed and distorted their way into a House majority, from which they hatched probes into nothing.

How does it all appear in the abstract? Would anyone in their right mind give Pelosi another two years holding the Speaker’s gavel?

Or, could it be, Pelosi’s bluffing and won’t really go through with it? Think about it. For months she was enduring enormous pressure from her own caucus, presidential candidates and donors to do something about Trump. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ legislation was going nowhere, inexorably stalled by the process and “turtle” Mitch McConnell’s calling the shots over in the senate. Then there was President Trump incessantly mocking Pelosi on TV, correctly pointing out her many hypocrisies on immigration, the federal budget and the economy.

The increasingly impatient Democrat #Resistance base wasn’t accepting the explanation of holding back on impeachment because of political realities. Pelosi made repeated attempts to assure the radicals that a formal charge wouldn’t work, but they didn’t listen. As a politician who’s survived decades of public battles, power switches, challenges to her leadership position and now several years under Trump, Nancy wasn’t about to let the opening slip past this time.

Like with the Mueller witch hunt, Pelosi and Democrats wagered a golden tidbit would turn up in this Ukraine matter that would serve as the linchpin to explode a grenade under Trump’s presidency -- or his 2020 reelection campaign. Too many people swore Trump was guilty as sin and his public support would erode gradually as his reputation was systematically dragged through the mud. She tasked her most determined (not necessarily capable) lieutenant, Adam Schiff, with prosecuting the crimes. Schiff is much younger and more camera-appealing than old Jerrold Nadler, better with the media and could sell ice to Eskimos if he felt compelled to do so.

At least Pelosi apparently thought so. She bet her speakership on Schiff’s ability.

Besides, even if impeachment didn’t work, others wouldn’t automatically place blame in her lap, right? Pelosi could always triangulate like ‘ol Bubba Bill Clinton and impugn the leftists in her faction while further assailing Trump’s character or simply return to her default mission of passing bills (that would never get anywhere, of course). While there were no great options left, there was still plenty of time to clear her name if/when anything went drastically wrong.

Pelosi isn’t dumb. She recognized if the circus ever reached the senate the genie wouldn’t be magically stuffed back into the bottle and the can of worms resealed before overflowing. It’d be ugly. The Hill’s Bolton also reported, “An impeachment trial could give Senate Republicans the chance to call witnesses to poke holes in the House Democratic case or play offense against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, whom Republicans say need to be investigated for links to Ukrainian corruption.”

Democrats never talk about uncomfortable subjects and their presidential race frontrunner’s complicity in Ukraine is one of those likely-embarrassing topics. The theme was delicately broached during last Wednesday’s party candidates debate and the room stood silent as onlookers waited with bated breath to see how Biden would confront his familial realities. As would be expected, Joe completely side-stepped the issue, preferring to return the focus to Trump and his purported wrongdoing in eastern Europe.

But if/when the impeachment show reaches the upper chamber, all bets are off. McConnell will control the proceedings and Republicans will be empowered to call whomever they want, including Hunter Biden -- and Joe -- if they so choose. The trial would take place after the first of the year when Democrat presidential candidates would much prefer being in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina rather than sitting in judgement of Trump on trial in Washington, with witness after witness testifying to the same lack of personal knowledge of any misconduct.

The impeachment stage production will quickly get away from Pelosi and her henchmen when they’re unable to pull the strings like puppeteers in a marionette play. Adam Schiff will go from liberal hero to disgraced goat when Republicans mold the arguments against the Democrats’ efforts. Public opinion will move a few points in Trump’s direction, and when paired with the roaring economy, the president will coast to reelection.  

Michael Goodwin wrote at the New York Post, “While there’s some skepticism that Trump really wants to put everything on the line over allegations involving his dealings with Ukraine, I’m convinced he’s ­serious. I’m also convinced he’s crazy like a fox. Given the flimsy allegations and the unfair, one-party nature of the House process, beating impeachment in the Senate seems close to a sure thing. And doing so would dramatically boost Trump’s chances of getting four more years.

“Indeed, it’s probable that as impeachment goes, so goes the election.

“Of course, there’s no question Trump would much prefer the House not brand him with the ‘I’ word, but that’s a pipe dream. If Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff can’t muster 218 votes on a set of articles after five long days of public testimony and hyperbolic assertions that the president is an existential threat to the world, Trump will claim he’s been exonerated. Who could blame him?”

It's more than just a claim. Trump will react like a bull in a China shop when the senate wraps up its duties and life returns (somewhat) to normal. If they opt for full and formal impeachment, Democrats are basically granting Trump license for a couple months’ worth of uninhibited non-stop tweets about the weakness and unfairness of their efforts, including stinging barbs aimed at their presidential race leaders sitting in judgment.

All of the “stars” will attend. Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennett (is he still in the race?), along with Biden (or at least his name will be there in the person of son Hunter). Meanwhile, “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg will barnstorm the Hawkeye State and hopefuls such as Tom Steyer and Andrew Yang will make the most of their chance bask in the spotlight away from the Washington-based impeachment overlords.

Maybe Tulsi Gabbard will vote against impeachment in the House and can hold herself out as the sane candidate in the Democrat race. It could happen.

Trump’s campaign rallies will draw even higher ratings, dwarfing the Democrats’ pathetic debates. The country’s attention will be right where Trump wants it -- on him! No wonder he’s suggesting Pelosi won’t go through with the grand spectacle.

The Democrats’ phony impeachment pursuit goes way beyond the mere matter of castigating a president and removing him from office. The stakes are high for everyone in Democrat-land, especially Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Will she and her caucus really throw the impeachment switch? We’ll soon know the answer.

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