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Assault on America, Day 329: Does protesting climate change count as a Thanksgiving prayer?

Harvard Yale Protest
In today’s crazy mixed-up world, we often hear people say that nothing surprises them anymore. I would normally count myself among the skeptical “can’t shock me” crowd, but even I was taken aback by what happened at last weekend’s Harvard-Yale football game.

And it’s not like there was a standout individual performance, unusual gridiron play or history-making statistic that set this contest apart from all the others. No, the event is now etched in many folks’ collective memories because Ivy League students -- supposedly the cream of the American academic crop -- streamed out of their seats at halftime to take up residence at midfield to protest… climate change. Like intransigent seagulls skulking in a parking lot, the wimpy rabble rousers stationed themselves in the center of the stadium and wouldn’t budge no matter how much the adults on scene begged and cajoled them to do so.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Rick Moran reported at PJ Media, “The 136th edition of one of college football's oldest rivalries, the Harvard-Yale game, was disrupted by a couple of hundred students who stormed the field at halftime to protest climate change, delaying the start of the second half. The hour-long delay meant that the game, played at the Yale Bowl, finished in near darkness as the stadium has no lights installed...

“The grown-ups tried to wrangle the unruly kids and get on with the game, but this is 2019, not 1968, so no tear gas, no police truncheons -- even though some of the protesters could have used a good spanking...

“The Vietnam era has been so romanticized in popular culture that kids can't even come up with original slogans to scream at police. I get it. Maybe the kids are pining for the days when sex was guilt-free, drugs were cheap, and rock 'n roll ruled. Or maybe they've been watching History Channel documentaries about the protests of that era that make it seem fun and cool to get arrested. The fact is, these kids have been programmed to panic over climate change. They're not thinking, they're emoting. If they ever grow up, they will realize that what they are asking is impossible without destroying industrialized civilization.”

It’s almost like you can see it now. Envision the stodgy old elitist Harvard/Yale alumni in the stands returning to their seats after a halftime jaunt to the restroom and seeing current students filing onto the field to delay the game. “Hey honey, what are those youths doing out there? Didn’t we mail in our check to the university endowment? Don’t they realize that we have a soirée at the polo club this afternoon and we’ll be late if we’re unavoidably detained? What gives, Boo?”

One can only speculate who organizes (George Soros? Tom Steyer?) these incredibly stupid stunts and wonder why the authorities don’t deal with the rule-breakers (lawbreakers?) a little less gently. Maybe if the miscreants were threatened with batons and barking police dogs they would think twice before making horses rear-ends of themselves and their respective schools on national TV. I can’t say for sure but both ultra-liberal institutions’ administrators must go out of their way to ensure their pupils are well cared for and listened to on a daily basis. No doubt there’s a multitude of ways the still wet-behind-the-ears can “speak out” -- unless they’re articulating a conservative message, of course -- without disrupting official functions.

But is what the Harvard/Yale students did last Saturday any more asinine and senseless than what other climate protesters have done recently? What about the greenie weenies who chose a day a couple months back to go and sit in the middle of busy traffic-stuffed intersections in major cities so as to clog traffic? How much exhaust did the idling cars emit as motorists waited helplessly for the situations to normalize?

Similarly, what’s the quantity of carbon sent into the atmosphere when the protester lot flies from place to place to groan and gripe about the warming planet? How much environmental damage is inflicted to generate the electricity to light their classrooms and dorm rooms? Or do they all study by candle light? Did the students walk or ride bikes to the game to lodge their grievances or did they take their fossil fuel propelled cars, buses, trains, etc.? Where does hypocrisy end and real objections begin?

Moran likens this generation to 1960’s wannabes, but it appears the passive malcontents are trying to emulate the 19th century transcendentalist lot, perhaps best typified by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Those were the folks who had so much time on their hands (and no social media to utilize) that they sat around and contemplated lofty stuff, wrote it down in books and cliques of rich people thought they were cool in the day. Today’s youth ain’t all that different -- they sip culturally approved beverages and talk about how great it would be if the world were perfect -- you know, nobody buying or accumulating more than they really need and everyone desiring nothing more than peace, love and a degree from Harvard or Yale.

Legendary transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau did some of his best dreaming about a woodland utopia during his two years at Walden Pond in the mid 1840’s and his work is considered the launching pad for modern-day conservation movements (does climate change alarmism count?). But what would the tax evading Thoreau think about the spoiled and entitled ruling class elite staging sit-ins where they destroy the tranquil enjoyment of others to please themselves alone and not effectively advance some worthy “earthly” cause?

A couple of Thoreau’s famous quotes should illustrate, “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Heavy stuff. There’s more: “I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”

Perhaps Thoreau just didn’t appreciate hanging out with the cool “woke” hipsters of his time. He wouldn’t fit in with the “Look at me, look at me!” followers of Greta Thunberg now, would he?

Needless to say, Thoreau was no brainless glory-seeker like today’s anti-football groupies. Contemporary environmentalists seek only to “raise awareness” and sacrifice for coverage on the evening news. Instead of finding satisfaction from within like the transcendentalists, however, they demand “action” from university faculties and administrators.

Just what did the Harvard/Yale students expect the powers-that-be to do about global climate on a cool November day anyway? What if they’d remained at the fifty yard-line long enough to force a cancellation of the game (due to darkness)? Would it then make people care more or less about “climate change” or just get ticked off because they’d spent good money to see a rivalry game ruined because of a couple hundred idiots in search of recognition?

At least sixties-era hippies had the Vietnam War to demonstrate against. And Thoreau himself was perhaps the world’s first enlightened anti-war protester. Thoreau refused to pay taxes because he felt the representative government would use the money to wage the U.S.-Mexican War, which would prolong and spread the barbaric institution of slavery. If there was a “cause” worthy of taking a stance, it’s arguable abolishing slavery was the best example. Contrast Thoreau’s perspective to a bunch of kids without jobs deciding to go all-in on the say-so of scientists who claim their research indicates the earth has warmed some fraction of a degree and catastrophe is around the corner!  

Whatever happened to the concept of gratitude? As we’ve reached the Thanksgiving holiday, shouldn’t we “give thanks” to God for all our blessings instead of obsessing on negative theories? Would the Pilgrims and Native Americans in the early 17th century relate to the too-cool-by-half rantings of adolescent academics who swear (literally) they know more about “truth” than anyone else?

What if the liberty-minded Tea Partiers had staged a sit-in of government buildings until Congress did something about the federal budget deficit? Would the media grant sympathetic coverage to regular citizens exercising their constitutional rights of assembly and speech to highlight leadership irresponsibility? Or is liberty and freedom too boring and obscure to etch onto a Starbucks coffee cup?

One can’t help but think many of these sensitive “climate change” waifs make a hobby out of “protest,” getting arrested and attending events just to be viewed as higher-minded. They’re not exactly like Thoreau sitting on the shore of a secluded pond writing about the nature of man and how humanity relates to the beauty of the natural surroundings. There’s no cerebral quality to what the Ivy League students are doing. Video of the Harvard/Yale grandstanding farce showed policemen calmly talking with the kids trying to get them to remove themselves so the teams could resume a game. What a waste of time and God’s good gifts.

Speaking of football, unworthy causes and idiots seeking the media spotlight for personal gain, Colin Kaepernick’s not getting anything out of his latest publicity exploit. Michael Van der Galien wrote at PJ Media, “Although experts and coaches gave Colin Kaepernick positive feedback about his physical condition and throwing ability after the workout he held in front of several NFL teams one week ago, none of it has resulted in any actual offers...

“A lot of teams are struggling because of a tornado of injuries. However, despite those issues, not one single team thinks that Kaepernick adds enough to justify all the media buzz and the ‘political distractions.’

“Although Kaepernick will undoubtedly present himself as a victim -- boy, do those NFL teams hate African American men or what?! -- he has only himself to thank for this. What's more, I'm not sure he's truly bothered by it -- although he will undoubtedly pretend to be.”

Just like the poor pampered brats at the Harvard/Yale football game probably couldn’t care less about the real issues of today -- including the climate -- Kaepernick is a fame obsessed jerk with a bad rendition of a 60’s Jimi Hendrix afro who’s solely bent on promoting his celebrity in leftist cultural tear-it-all-down circles. Knowledgeable sports experts saw Kaepernick as acting unserious about an actual return to playing -- he just wanted to perpetuate the myth that he’s being blackballed by white NFL owners and league management.

Poor Colin. He only made tens of millions during his longer-than-average playing career and he needs to keep the endorsement dollars flowing by presenting the appearance of desperately wanting to make a comeback. He’d ride the bench even if he did make a team. What good would it do him to be good at his craft?

It’s a product of our strange and upside-down world that disgruntled Ivy League students and dolts like Colin Kaepernick draw media coverage just by nature of their own special brand of deviancy. These fools pretend to “care” about others and the causes they champion when it’s really all about selfish desires and dearth of character. Sad.

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