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Assault on America, Day 335: Blame the Dem House for Congress’s do-nothing inertia

Pelosi McConnell graveyard
“Don't try to surf, don't do it. The less you do, the more you do.”

Fans of twenty-first century movie lore may recognize the famous “Kunu” quote from the 2008 movie classic, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The scene in question depicts the film’s main character (Peter Bretter) receiving a surfing lesson from his unusually laidback but friendly and happy surfing instructor -- Kunu -- with the expert unsuccessfully trying to relay his philosophy on the mindset one must acquire to ride giant waves (and hence, the comic effect) to his befuddled pupil.

Kunu’s “the less you do, the more you do” mantra seems to have taken hold in the United States Congress these days, with both political parties blaming the other for the decided lack of accomplishments and action in the past x number of years. If there ever was such a thing as political gridlock, it’s been realized in the national capital’s upper chamber, a place where good ideas -- and bad ones -- go to die a slow and painful death, suffocated by process, institutional overkill and a lack of comity between the two ruling factions.

As would be expected from a collection of mostly wealthy petulant attention-seeking spoiled politician brats, both Republicans and Democrats point to the others’ leader as the driving force behind the malaise. But as Abraham Lincoln lectured during his Second Inaugural Address (in 1865), truth isn’t a shared quantity on both sides of a dispute. The same goes for the squabblers in Washington, 2019.

Mike Lillis reported at The Hill, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats have passed hundreds of bills through the House, including major legislation that would establish new voting rights protections, campaign finance reforms, pay equality for women and checks on gun purchases.

“A vast majority of those proposals have been ignored in the GOP-controlled Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has embraced a ‘Grim Reaper’ persona intent on blocking Pelosi's agenda while focusing largely on appointing conservative federal judges to the bench.

“And Democrats are wasting no chance to accuse the Kentucky Republican of neglecting good governance at the expense of middle-class families — a message they think will resound with voters on the campaign trail next year.”

Rewind the tape and the same could just as easily have been said two, four, six, eight, ten (you get the picture)… years ago regarding the political nature of choosing not to act on the other party’s agenda while holding power in the senate. Naturally, Speaker Pelosi foretold of doom for the GOP’s chances in the next election if they continue refusing to pass Democrat House measures purported to “help” the middle-class, but in reality the lower chamber’s bills are little more than trial balloons launched up high to send signals to key Democrat base constituencies that their bidding’s being done -- and to keep the ignorantly disgruntled perpetually agitated and active.

Lillis listed a number of bills House Democrats have passed this Congress, most if not all along strict party line votes or with the okay of a token handful of Republican defectors. They are, in numerical order, H.R. 1: The For the People Act, H.R. 5: The Equality Act, H.R. 6: The American Dream and Promise Act, H.R. 7: The Paycheck Fairness Act , H.R. 8: The Bipartisan Background Checks Act, H.R. 9: The Climate Action Now Act, H.R. 397: The Rehabilitation for Multi-employer Pensions Act, H.R. 582: The Raise the Wage Act, H.R. 1585: The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, and, H.R. 1644: The Save the Internet Act.

None of the bills have received consideration in the senate, but what do Democrats expect? If Republicans were to let the House’s legislation through as written you might as well just forget having a party platform, principles or beliefs. And the likelihood of these things ever earning Trump’s signature is next to nil. A presidential veto would send the paper back to the Hill where the bill would then need an override in both chambers to become law. Not happening. Talk about a fruitless exercise and waste of time.

Democrats have additionally demonstrated an uncanny knack for devoting House business to warrantless investigations, ceaseless grandstanding and mean-spirited witch hunts. All because they couldn’t/wouldn’t accept the results of the 2016 election. So, if they choose to expend a little extra energy to pass bills they know won’t receive a warm welcome in the upper chamber, that’s their prerogative. It’s a privilege that comes with having a party majority.

For his part, McConnell’s actually done the nation a favor by concentrating on moving judicial nominations instead of working diligently on Pelosi’s wish-list. It was recently reported that one quarter of the nation’s appellate judges were now appointed by the current president and a bunch more will be confirmed by the end of next year. A few circuits have flipped and Constitution-revering originalist jurists will soon dominate the courtrooms (if they don’t already) from sea to shining sea. The result? Congress and state legislatures will need to pass the laws, not have the left’s agenda force-fed to Americans through federal judicial edict. Perish the thought!

Besides, if Democrats really wanted action on additional subjects they could ease up on their overzealous employment of the filibuster. Democrats have used the procedural roadblock to thwart GOP efforts to receive up or down votes on just about everything the senate majority asked for, ranging from immigration to healthcare reform to budgetary appropriations items. And if Democrats ever get the power to do away with it, bye, bye filibuster.

Most of the Democrats’ topics have received more than their share of commentary in the fake news media, but looking through the above list, H.R. 1 would essentially federalize all elections, with states needing to conform to “woke” federal rules to conduct their own balloting. If something like this ever came to fruition, we might as well just trash the concept of federalism and turn all power over to the bureaucracy in Washington to impose a one-size-fits-all awful system. It goes without saying the impetus for change stems from unfounded Democrat claims that there’s too much foreign influence (a.k.a. the Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!) and overt voter suppression in American elections -- and benevolent Uncle Sam is therefore needed to swoop in and protect the unenlightened and unempowered.

Similarly, the badly mislabeled “Equality Act” would extend existing federal protections based on race, gender and religion to cover sexual orientation, and, you guessed it, gender identity. Like there’s such widespread discrimination against the LGBTQ “community” that the feds must jump right in and combat it! Heck, if they can’t force religious institutions to hire cross-dressing confused gender-benders, what has the world come to?

The pleasant-sounding “American Dream and Promise Act” has nothing to do with lowering taxes, cutting restrictions or paving the way for entrepreneurs to work their economic magic. No, Democrats want to codify amnesty for so-called “DREAMERS” while omitting badly needed necessities like the border wall, expanding preferential selection of legal immigrants (to skilled applicants who could actually contribute to economic growth), reducing chain migration and ending the disastrous visa lottery system which has led to a number of terror attacks.

It goes without saying the Democrats’ gun background check bill would only make purchasing firearms (a sacred Constitutional right) more arduous for law-abiding citizens while accomplishing nothing, zero, nada, to keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill or otherwise motivated attackers. The media omits the undisputed fact that there are tons of laws on the books regulating gun sales already. How about enforcing the ones we have before formulating others?

Likewise, issues like “Paycheck fairness” and raising the minimum wage are standard Democrat stump items with no chance of passage (because they’re dumb, redundant and harmful to those they portend to benefit). Ditto for “climate change.” As though the domestic economy needs any more federal interference to put the brakes on the free market and individual innovation.

In other words, there are sound reasons why McConnell’s stalled the House Democrats’ rush to socialism. If Democrats want to change things, let them do so through the ballot box and elect more liberals to ramp up the big government dictates and decree that everyone march to their foul tunes. Democrats’ Kunu-like “the less you do the more you do” strategy isn’t working in a practical sense. There’s no one to blame but themselves.

Plus, they don’t practice what they preach. New Democrat 2020 flavor of the moment Pete Buttigieg is a prime example. Matt Margolis wrote at PJ Media, “Pete Buttigieg isn't exactly crushing it with minority voters, and a newly resurfaced clip from his 2011 mayoral campaign isn't going to be very helpful in improving his support from this key demographic.

“’Kids need to see evidence that education is going to work for them,’ Pete said. ‘You're motivated because you believe that at the end of your education process there's a reward, there's a stable life, there's a job. There are a lot of kids, especially the lower-income, minority neighborhoods, who literally just haven't seen it work. There isn't somebody they know personally who testifies to the value of education.’ ...

“Mayor Pete may be a privileged hypocrite, but then again, who isn't in the Democratic Party?”

Exactly. Buttigieg’s worldview finds its fellow in most Democrats on Capitol Hill, a decidedly condescending impression of humanity that groups people into classes and demographic clumps and judges them by stereotypes and prejudices instead of experience. This non-reality-based thinking guides Democrats’ every move.  

To Democrats, it seems all minority kids in economically challenged neighborhoods are either gang members or ignorant opportunity-less losers who can’t possibly crawl their way out of the ghetto (wouldn’t Ben Carson’s inspiring life story contradict what “Mayor Pete” said?) without placing a federal straightjacket on everyone around them. Similarly, they think all women are oppressed by men, all homosexuals are preyed upon by the intolerant “deplorable” heterosexual majority and transgenders need special bathroom privileges because they’ll get beat up by insensitive non-woke bigots if they don’t.

The Democrat bills listed above are not meant to help the middle class. No, they’re designed to boost micro-fractions of the population who moan and cry about “rights” and existential problems where none really exist. It’s all for show. But as Margolis pointed out, appearances are all Democrats care about.

So yes, there is a school of thought suggesting doing less equates to doing more, but it’s not true where the do-nothing U.S. Congress is concerned. The House Democrat majority has had many opportunities to work and pass bills that would eventually become laws, but they weren’t interested in compromise. What’s the result? Gridlock.

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