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Hillary Still Contemplating Presidential Run – Hilarity Ensues

Hillary Clinton 2020
This past weekend, Hillary Clinton told British talk show host Graham Norton she has been “deluged” with encouragement to run — but eloquently concluded with, “Right now, I’m not, at all, uh — you know, planning that.”

While Mrs. Clinton has missed the filing deadline for the February New Hampshire primary, she could still run in February’s Iowa caucus — as Iowa has no filing deadline.

If Clinton were to get into the race, chaos would quickly ensue observed the incisive David Kamioner in an article for Lifezette.

We agree with Mr. Kamioner that a last minute Hillary Clinton run would throw the Democratic Party into chaos, but it has also thrown the social media sphere into new heights of hilarity.

Left-leaning Salon tweeted:

Here's your leftover turkey: The case for Hillary Clinton 2020

What better way to honor the holiday than with a spiteful argument for yet another Clinton candidacy?

Although the article made several fairly non-insane arguments in favor of a Clinton candidacy the set-up in the tweet said it all.

@markanthony238 tweeted this ringing endorsement of a Hillary Clinton 2020 effort:

We needed a Term limit on the President !! Hillary Clinton for President 2020 who cares what she done.!! Just about every President is corrupt & Scandalous. ! Donald Trump is No Angle & perfect he just a Puppet , Politician & Televangelist Preacher .!!

Hillary's World @world_hillary tweeted this angst filled plea for justice and her own mental health:

#MyMentalHealthIn3Words: Hillary Rodham Clinton!

We must deliver justice in 2020. Justice for the Country????????, Justice for Women, Justice for Families, Justice for @HillaryClinton

#StillWithHer #HillaryClinton

Mary Longmore @MaryLongmore2 tweeted:


Stephen B Whatley @StephenBWhatley

The effervescent & ever eloquent with wisdom , Hillary Rodham Clinton wows UK talk show audiences on the BBC tonight - still keeping us guessing ether she will run in 2020.

#HillaryClinton #BBC #TV #GrahamNortonShow #GutsyWomen  #Hillary2020

And speaking of “fire in the belly” pentagon @Pentagon_2016 tweeted out this excellent trolling of Hillary Clinton accompanied by an awesome photo:

Hillary Preparing For 2020? Hillary Clinton Spotted in the Hot Sauce Aisle at Chappaqua Grocery Store

But our friend Sara Carter in her careful dissection of the Clinton interview pointed out that Clinton left open a very wide door to a 2020 run.

In an article posted on her website  Ms. Carter noted that when Norton asked, “Are you saying, ‘Forget Me’ now?”

“Not yet,” Clinton answered. “I’ve been deluged in the last few weeks with thinking about doing that.”

And, as Ms. Carter noted, this isn’t the first time in recent days Hillary Clinton has hinted at a rematch with President Trump. Back in October she dropped this hint in a PBS interview: “So maybe there does need to be a rematch. Obviously, I can beat him again.”

Check out #HillaryClinton2020 on Twitter for epic trolling by conservatives and angst filled pleas by Progressives for Mrs. Clinton to run.

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Move out the way, let her run

Let's see if they are actually serious about all of this Russia stuff for 3+ years. Let Hillary run. In fact, every Dem should drop out the moment she enters. Let her run unopposed so she can get to Trump. Why not? I think almost every Dem has agreed to some extent that the Russians helped Trump win. So Trump didn't really "win," Hillary did, and she was cheated. That's in her line: "[o]bviously, I can beat him again." That's padded cell material, but she gets away with it because many people believe it. Put it to the test. All Dems remaining in the contest drop out. Let Hillary get the rematch. It's not gonna happen because it's all a scam. I think it's better for Hillary to keep playing this game than to actually get in and be decisively defeated by Trump. The smart people know that Hillary got beat in 2016, fair and square. She got ripped for losing the election, and in turn she came up with close to a hundred reasons why she lost the election...she herself did not land on that list. But Crazy Bernie did. Obama did. Married women who "listen" to their husbands did. I think the country is fired up to send her another message. In their hearts, Dems know it, too. Anybody but Hillary, if they want a chance to win in 2020.