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Assault on America, Day 342: Pelosi and Biden rage bares Democrat fright over Trump economy

Biden Meltdown
It didn’t receive much mention on the evening news last week (at least not that I saw), but Democrats are getting awfully testy lately. First there was Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s astonishingly angry outburst at a reporter who simply asked her if she “hates” President Donald Trump, and then there was 2020 Democrat presidential race national polling frontrunner Joe Biden taking queries from regular run-of-the-mill voters in Iowa, one of which prompted him to retort “You’re a damn liar, man” when the octogenarian questioner dared pose the topic of Grampa Joe’s apparent complicity in the Ukraine mess.

Perhaps the party’s general foul mood is attributable to its inane impeachment pursuit not going so well, or maybe it’s that Biden just can’t control his senile defense reflexes whenever his son Hunter is mentioned. Or it might be because Trump has such a rousing good time at his campaign rallies -- and so do his attendees and admirers -- that Democrats feel a need to exhibit extra emotions of the dark and ominous kind in hopes of filling empty heads with more irritation and betrayal.

Or it could be that the American economy is humming along so swimmingly (260,000 jobs added in November!) that Democrats feel added pressure to put on a show to coax busy people to pay attention to them. After all, folks are consumed with their daily routines of rising in the morning, going to work, working some more, shopping with all the extra money they’re earning, then going home and heading straight to bed exhausted -- but with smiles on their faces from all the satisfying exertion. And it repeats the next day!

The Trump economy is indeed exhilarating, but let’s face it, work is taking up a lot of time the Democrats could otherwise use to talk about themselves, their legislative wish lists and how awful Trump is -- and that the president must be removed from office less than a year before an election. But nobody’s listening. It’s probably because they’re punching an extra notch or two into their time cards.

At any rate, impeachment seems inevitable whether anyone wants it -- or cares about it -- or not, prompting senators from both parties to just wish it’d be over with quickly. Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill, “Senators in both parties say there is incentive across the political spectrum to keep President Trump’s expected impeachment trial as short as possible, especially since his acquittal appears to be a foregone conclusion.

“GOP senators say they want to give Trump ample time to present his defense and call witnesses, if necessary, but they would prefer to avoid burning up too much floor time and risking the awkward possibility of an impeachment trial overlapping with next year’s State of the Union address.

“Some Senate Democrats worry about voters suffering from impeachment fatigue and the trial butting up against the Iowa caucuses. Senators are expected to attend the trial, and that would keep the chamber’s presidential candidates off the campaign trail.”

All of this was imminently foreseeable months ago yet the senators are worrying about it taking too long now? Democrats could’ve tamped down the impeachment fury early on by offering an honest assessment of the evidence and concluding that the crazies’ Trump witch hunt was the byproduct of his bitter political enemies acting on a grudge. Instead, they indulged ideologically animated House colleagues in their fantastical tales of corruption, bribery and treason. If there was lukewarm Democrat support for the idea in the upper chamber, then maybe Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t have been so emboldened to make a donkey of herself.

Calling her a donkey is too kind. She’s more like an ass (not the bad word kind).

Senate Republicans aren’t entirely blameless either. They could’ve been much more aggressive in their defenses of Trump over time, especially the handful of wishy-washy semi-NeverTrump “moderates” (Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and the late John McCain come to mind) who delight in delivering wavering quotes to hungry establishment media reporters whenever the talkers need a reaffirming comment. The party base has always been staunchly behind Trump, so there never was any smidgen of possibility that his own people would turn on him.

Mitch McConnell possesses wide authority on conducting an impeachment “trial”. He could’ve said any House articles would be greeted with an immediate motion to dismiss or simply ignored, all within his power (like with the rest of the House Democrats’ agenda). But the ever-cautious Mitch was non-committal. Now look where we’ve traveled.

It's all so stupid, the selfish need for certain Republicans to look impartial and unbiased when the evidence -- or lack thereof -- was right in front of their faces. The directionless Mueller investigation wasted two years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to find what? That there never was anything sordid there to begin with? Democrats made hay over supposed “obstruction of justice” and the president’s threats to end the snooping early -- which was within his power -- but he never completed the task. Mueller finished up, wrote a longwinded report full of gossip and hearsay… and the country yawned.

Trump’s critics continued assailing his public persona and fondness for responding via tweet. They called him unpresidential as though the charge hadn’t been litigated in public for years already. They chastised him for labeling the fake news media the “enemy of the people,” yet refrained from addressing the veracity of his claims. It was all a grand scheme to distract and detract from the multitude of good things going on in the country, especially in the employment and economic realm. If the Democrats had worked with Trump on certain subjects, many positive achievements would’ve been passed that both parties could take credit for.

“Compromise” would reenter the lexicon (though conservatives often deservedly complain we get the short end of the bargain). No matter -- none of it happened. Impeachment talk has stifled every possibility Democrats had from day one. They were never serious about keeping campaign promises to work on drug prices or infrastructure. They reacted to isolated news incidents and fell in behind the likes of Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler. The blind and corrupted lead the blind and corrupted.

As it is, the USMCA still awaits Democrat attention in the House. Will it ever see the light of day now that Pelosi’s real “feelings” about Trump were revealed in her sniveling, snarling tirade last week? Madame Speaker claims to have only “love” in her heart (not hate), but where’s her compassion for Americans who depend on Congress to do its job rather than chase false accusations down a bottomless rabbit hole?

Likewise, “mean” Grampa Joe thinks he’ll gain respect and additional support through insulting people and calling them “man” and “Jack” when attempting to sound tough and virile and mentally with-it. In the scene referenced above (watch the whole snippet if you can), the Obama veep’s speaking to a relatively small collection of skeptical Iowans who don’t appear to have many questions for him. Or perhaps they’re just frightened to try and ask him something for fear of being called a “damn liar.” If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black! Takes one to know one… definitely where Biden is involved.

Joe even challenged the 83-year-old man to a push-up contest. Pathetic. Maybe Trump could suggest he take on Biden in a golf match. Would it prove anything?

In the big picture, it isn’t hard to see why Democrats are so bothered and upset. Trump’s policies succeed. The president worked with congressional Republicans to cut taxes and reform the code (two years ago, can you believe it?). Particularly effective was the corporate rate cut -- and the results have been predictable. When the corporate tax rate was sliced to 21 percent it instantly freed up money for companies to become more competitive overseas, sell more stuff here, too, and hire more people to expand their operations.

This isn’t rocket science. Together with a Trumpian belief in slashing regulations and unleashing capital to flow to productive enterprises instead of the IRS, the economy has taken off. With an unemployment rate at a historically low 3.5 percent, the question for many businesses is where to find enough qualified talent to fuel their red-hot burners. Wages are way up too. Democrats claim the benefits are only being felt by the wealthy. Not true at all. They’d much rather focus on abortion, transgender “rights” and “climate change.” And gun confiscation.

To his credit, Trump hasn’t allowed the limitless investigations, relentless negativity and lukewarm support from his own party’s leaders stop him. And he’s having a great time being president.

Who knows? Perhaps impeachment will even open up some possibilities to get at the real truth. Eddie Scarry wrote at The Washington Examiner, “The House speaker announced Thursday morning that Democrats were moving forward with the impeachment effort by drafting up formal charges against the president. In other words, we’re now getting to the part where we can actually find out why Trump did what he did in that midsummer phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“It's taken for granted that Senate Republicans simply won't convict Trump out of party loyalty. But they can make their decision about so much more than that...

“Now that impeachment is about to move to the Senate, Republicans and the White House have the perfect chance to lay it all out for everyone to see for themselves what the media have been refusing to show them.”

Yes, it’s true. Everyone’s been talking about how impeachment will be a net-negative for the president and the GOP, but it needn’t stay that way. There aren’t a heck of a lot of persuadable people left in the U.S., but those few who are can be influenced by the utter lack of decorum and deference given to Trump in this whole debacle.

The recent Democrat flashes of rage are likely just a prelude to a more intense show of angst to be unleashed later on in 2020. The impeachment “trial” will turn on Democrats in ways they never anticipated and could very well influence who they nominate. With doddering Joe making an idiot of himself everywhere he stops -- and “Pocahontas” Warren plummeting in the polls like a rocket returning to earth -- who does it leave? Bernie? “Mayor Pete?” Andrew Yang? Tom Steyer?

It's a rare occasion when a political party paints itself in a corner the way Democrats have now. The dye is cast and it’s not looking pretty for the pissed-off party.

Whatever the reason, it’s surprising and sad that Democrats appear to be coming unglued at this critical time in our nation’s history. Impeachment was never meant to be taken casually, but Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and most other party members have passed the point of no return. What will set them off next?

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