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Assault on America, Day 372: Is Biden right? Is Trump really damaging the ‘soul’ of America?

Joe for Pres
Does a country actually have a soul?

It's something most people don’t even think about. Each day Americans are greeted with news from local communities, statewide sources, national coverage and world reporting, so it would be quite the undertaking to try and delineate one epicenter of character in our lives. Yet Democrats, particularly 2020 presidential candidate and national polling frontrunner Joe Biden, are going around telling anyone who will listen that our nation’s “soul” is being assaulted by President Donald Trump and his policies.

Needless to say, the assertion could use some elaboration. Biden supplied it the other day at the USA Today, “It’s no secret just how much damage President Donald Trump has done to our communities. He has repeatedly tried to snatch away our health care — and return us to the days when you could be denied care for having a pre-existing condition. His reckless, unnecessary trade war and Big Oil ethanol waivers have decimated Iowa farmers and producers — evaporating livelihoods and exacerbating a tragic spike in farm bankruptcies. And his chief legislative victory — a tax cut that largely benefited the wealthiest Americans — was little more than a slap in the face to working people.

“But worse, somehow, than his policy failures has been the damage he’s done to the soul of our nation. He fans the flames of hate groups at home. He embraces murderous dictators abroad. He rips children from their mothers’ arms at our border. He pressures foreign nations to interfere in our elections. Every day, his endless spigot of unhinged lies, thoughtless cruelties, and petty complaints embarrasses his office and degrades our national character...

“We don’t have to give in to Donald Trump’s dark, petty, angry vision of America. We can choose to be the more perfect union we have always aspired to be. We can restore the defining American promise — that no matter where you start in life, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. And, in doing so, we can restore the soul of our nation…”

Biden concluded his passive/aggressive piece with a call to Iowans to join him in his “fight” against Trump’s evil dark side forces and threw in a plea to caucus for him on February 3. It’s no secret that demonizing a candidate’s opponents typically works wonders in political campaigns, but this Biden-inspired diatribe was a tad extreme, wasn’t it?

Grampa Joe’s renowned for his sunny good guy disposition and self-professed ability to “reach across the aisle” and work with Republicans to “get things done” -- it’s his political calling card -- but how would he possibly realize any of his boasts now that he’s turned the current president of the United States -- a man who tens of millions of Americans admire -- into a heinous cretin who, in Biden’s words, “rips children from their mothers’ arms”?

For a candidate and a party that values “diversity” the way Joe Biden and Democrats supposedly do, to argue the United States is losing its “soul” because Donald Trump is president is quite a bold statement, one that’s beyond the normal day-to-day back-and-forth of politics. For if every ethnic classification, religious group, state, school district, geographic region, sexual orientation, gender identification and age designation is truly distinct and in need of special considerations, benefits and federal protections (according to Democrats), there should be plenty of “souls” in America, shouldn’t there?

After all, liberals are the ones objecting in principle to the motto, E pluribus unum, which translated from Latin means, “Out of many, one”. (Note: Our official national motto is “In God We Trust,” which left-leaning folks don’t care much for either.) The traditional widely accepted notions of the melting pot and cultural assimilation are so yesterday to Democrat politicians, most of whom seek political chits and votes from pounding the race card and accusing Republicans of favoritism towards the pale skinned wealthy privileged lot in society. Conservatives, as now represented by Donald Trump, are oft accused of being racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes… you know, “depolorables” as cynically articulated by Hillary Clinton in September of 2016.

To have Biden suggest Trump is destroying the “soul” of the country is essentially resurrecting and repeating Clinton’s crooked belief system without using the same “deplorables” terminology. Did he really need to go there?

Trump is hardly a saint when it comes to harsh rhetoric, but he almost always refrains from direct attacks unless he’s assaulted first. A counter-puncher to the nth degree, Trump seemingly enjoys having insults and epithets hurled in his direction -- thus providing him an opening for a more pointed retort -- but even his return fire doesn’t reach the level of Biden’s here. In diving headfirst down into the rhetorical mud, Democrats are exhibiting a measure of desperation rarely encountered in today’s social media dominated world.

It could be because Biden is struggling to separate himself from the hopelessly weak Democrat field. As a “moderate” and Obama’s veep, Joe wasn’t supposed to be seriously challenged by the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg. Biden has both federal executive and legislative experience, an institutional memory stretching back to the early 70’s, has played lots of golf with the “who’s who” of Washington elites and sniffed the coiffures of every lucky female who wandered across his path.

It just shouldn’t be this hard.

As would be expected, Biden and the rest of the Democrats can’t show how President Trump’s healthcare policies have resulted in a morass of uninsured people teetering on the edge of death because they can’t get a doctor to treat them. Though the Republican-controlled Congress (in Trump’s first two years) didn’t fully repeal Obamacare when they had the chance, Trump’s regulatory pen has all-but gutted the law to the point where its most damaging provisions no longer burden Americans.

Through executive action, some legislative fixes and judicial trimming, Obamacare’s individual mandate was repealed, its “death panels” were eliminated and states maintained the ability to opt out of the law’s disastrous Medicaid expansion provisions.

The issue needs further work but Biden’s (and the rest of the Democrats’) proposal for some form of public option -- translation: free healthcare! -- would only worsen the accessibility problem, make health insurance even less affordable for normal people and put unnecessary strain on the best healthcare system in the world. The same goes for international trade -- which contrary to Biden’s claim above, is not throwing people out of work due to Trump’s policies. It goes without saying that Trump’s negotiated a number of beneficial new treaties, the most notable being the USMCA accord with Canada and Mexico.

Unlike his predecessors, Trump’s finally doing something about illegal immigration, too. Far from “ripping children out of their mothers’ arms,” the president is going forward with plans to construct a border wall (which will deter migrants from trying the dangerous journey) in addition to providing border patrol agents with the resources they need to stem the flow across the line and enforce the law. Congress has stonewalled Trump at every intersection, yet things are still moving in the right direction.

And is Trump really damaging the nation’s invisible “soul” by “fanning the flames of hate groups”? If so, how? Time after time Trump touts the good things occurring within minority communities. He appears particularly proud of rising incomes and falling unemployment rates among African-Americans and Hispanics. His campaign continues to reach out to these groups to encourage them to join him in making the country great again -- and keeping it great.

There’s also never been a better friend to Israel in the White House. For decades, presidents from both parties promised to move the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump went ahead and did it. And he’s constantly spoken out against hateful attacks against Jews or any other racially or ethnically motivated crimes. What’s better, giving lip service to an issue, or actually doing something about it?

Where’s the lack of “soul” here, Joe? No one thinks Biden, or any of his Democrat competitors, should be dispensing credit to Trump for any of the president’s accomplishments, but suggesting Trump is the embodiment of political evil just ain’t backed up by the facts. And if Joe should somehow be elected president, don’t expect the “deplorables” to welcome him with open arms. If anyone’s harming the “soul” of America, it’s people like Biden.

But hard as it is to believe, Joe isn’t the only liberal saying stupid things and (mostly) getting away with it. Eddie Scarry reported at The Washington Examiner, “Back during the 2016 campaign, I wondered what liberals would do when President Trump started making meaningful gestures toward minority voters. Of course, I should have known that they’d call him racist for it. What I didn’t anticipate was liberals effectively calling the minority voters who support the president a bunch of Uncle Toms.

“That’s what liberal Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart did in a column on Monday, warning Democrats that Trump ‘is making a serious play for African American and Latino votes.’

“Capehart wrote that ‘white supremacy’ remains ‘potent’ because whites in power are at times willing to bestow ‘whiteness upon those once excluded in order to maintain majority numbers.’ He then faulted the ‘willingness of the once-excluded to accept the invitation to join the fold.’ To add intellectual heft to that stunning statement, Capehart quoted George Mason University Professor Justin Gest, who said that ‘In exchange for their marginal promotion’ in society, Latinos may ‘defer to the constructed racial hierarchy that once subordinated them.’”

The balance of Scarry’s post is definitely worth reading if you have time. In essence, Capehart insinuates Trump and all Republicans shouldn’t be asking minorities for their votes because these people are intrinsically Democrats and must not be messed with in order to maintain their own unique identities.

Sounds like a lot of “soul”, doesn’t it?

Democrats are obviously terrified about the increasingly visible cracks in their wall around black and Hispanic voters, which if polls are to be believed, approve of President Trump in fairly significant numbers these days. Trump’s emphasis on creating a healthy economy to provide jobs and opportunities instead of the typical big government condescension and handouts is a huge threat to liberal contentions that non-white people are systematically discriminated against and need special treatment (or they can’t compete against the white racists) and safeguards.

Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations. It’s pathetic.

As long as President Trump succeeds in making inroads for the GOP with Democrat base constituencies, candidates like Joe Biden will continue accusing him of robbing the “soul” of the country. Politics is a dirty business -- and Trump has an extremely thick skin -- but Democrats should mind the tone of their charges.

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