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Assault on America, Day 379: Awful Virginia Democrat gun grab begs for a Trumpian retort

Trump rally
In today’s American political arena it isn’t often when a party receives a stellar opportunity to flip a state -- and perhaps eek out a razor-thin Electoral College margin in the next presidential election in the process -- within the blink of an eye.

Okay, maybe not quite that quick. But this once-in-a-long-while occurrence is possibly transpiring in Virginia these days, where conservatives and Constitution lovers are up in arms -- literally -- about impending changes to the Old Dominion’s gun laws. The proposed restrictions and confiscations are being weighed by the newly elected Democrat majorities in the House of Delegates and Senate (and subsequently would be signed by ultra-liberal liar Gov. Ralph “blackface” Northam).

Needless to say, gun control scaremongers are out in force whipping up fear among the legislators that if they don’t go along with the extremists’ firearms grabbing that they’ll be turned out in the next election. It’s the usual nonsensical fright hyperbole. We’re used to it. If it’s not guns it’d be amnesty for illegal aliens or beginning the fast leap towards Medicaid expansion. You know, throwing fits over practically non-existent problems like voter suppression. It’s what Democrats do best.

For those with short memories, the long trend towards turning Virginia solid blue continued last November when narrow Republican majorities in both legislative chambers flipped to Democrat advantages. Together with all statewide offices in Democrat hands -- and seven out of twelve congressional seats and both U.S. senators -- Virginia conservatives are confronting the daunting notion of liberal governance at all levels. The future doesn’t exactly look promising, either, as the commonwealth’s demographics are tilting heavily towards the D column. Northern Virginia’s DC suburbs look more like Maryland now than they do the once solid liberty-loving Old Dominion.

Unless… something happens to change the dynamic. Some speculate President Donald Trump has an excellent shot at turning things around in Virginia by using his bully pulpit to lead the motivated grassroots troops. Paul Bedard wrote at The Washington Examiner, “The exploding battle over gun control in Virginia could help President Trump return the state to the GOP in the November elections, according to a leader of the effort to swat back limits on weapons.

“’Gun owners are wide awake. Donald Trump is going to be the big beneficiary of this,’ said Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. ‘He should be tweeting more stuff on it, taking advantage of it, activating his base,’ he added.

“In reaction to plans by the state’s new Democratic legislative majority to pass sweeping gun control measures, some 100,000 gun owners and supporters have flooded into county and city meetings in the past two months to call for ‘gun sanctuaries’ to ignore any new state laws.”

That’s no joke. It’s a level of conservative activism that’s just not typical among the quiet, law abiding and normally complacent and obedient set. Distraught liberals are usually the ones taking to the streets to protest “climate change” or rollbacks on abortion access -- like backing the life of a child in the womb is a heinous, rights-transgressing thing -- leaving the limited-government favoring productive lot to do their jobs and shake their heads while viewing media footage of idiots on college campuses making fools of themselves… again.

No, this time it’s tens of thousands of individual citizens concerned about their tangible rights being assaulted by the liberal elite ruling class pretending to “do something” about a problem no one can see. Virginia has certainly endured more than its share of random-act mass shootings, but none of them were perpetrated by your average gun owner. And the crimes always seem to take place in so-called “gun free zones” where the unhinged encounter unlimited unarmed targets at the mercy of their assailant’s ability to aim well and reload as fast as he can.

Lest we forget, the infamous 2007 Virginia Tech massacre happened on campus when a lone gun-toting miscreant (Seung-Hui Cho) wiped out 32 lives and wounded 17 others within the span of a few minutes. Cho’s weapons of choice were two semi-automatic pistols he’d purchased legally (despite having been diagnosed as mentally ill), which doesn’t receive much mention these days when do-gooder “public servants” like Northam and most Democrats seek to ban “assault” rifles simply because they look scary.

It’s not all that different than labeling German Shepherd dogs as dangerous and unpredictable because they’re involved in a high percentage of dog bite incidents. Everyone familiar with dogs understands that highly intelligent canines have to be taught to attack human beings and injure them. Are guns really all that different in this realm? Do guns shoot themselves? Self-driving cars are becoming a new phenomenon… are enterprising manufacturers making guns that pull their own triggers too?

No wonder good Virginia citizens are rising up. For no fault of their own their precious God-given right to self defense is being threatened for political reasons. It’s doesn’t need restating, but Virginia was the intellectual home of American independence in the 18th century. Thomas Jefferson didn’t just conjure up all the higher concepts inscribed in the Declaration of Independence on his own one night in Philadelphia after a healthy consumption of wine and partaking in lively conversation with fellow attendees to the continental Congress. In fact, many times Jefferson indicated that everything in the Declaration were all well-known and established ideas. Nothing new to see here.

Many of the notions were previously passed into law as part of the commonwealth’s Declaration of Rights, largely authored by George Mason. Mason himself would be appalled by his modern political descendants going around rescinding individual freedoms in the name of “safety” and “protecting the innocent.” In addition, the right to bear arms was purposely placed immediately behind the First Amendment’s five freedoms in the Constitution for a reason. In fact, it’s a little appreciated truth that able-bodied Virginia men (not slaves, of course, but that’s a discussion for another time) were required to possess arms to assure readiness against Indian attacks. And they had to serve in the militia as well.

Imagine all men and boys (and now, women too) being ordered to march in the national guard.

Colonial Virginians took self-preservation seriously, and it didn’t matter a lick that they were only able to purchase and store single shot muskets at the time. Guns are guns… and homicide wasn’t nearly the problem back then, was it?

There are a lot of things present-day Democrats believe in and advocate for that would upset the Founding Fathers. The great men saw government as the biggest threat to liberties; it was true in the time of King George III and it’s just as relevant now. If decision-making is placed -- or voted into -- the wrong hands, just about everything we hold dear is at peril.

How does Virginia’s gun situation relate to Trump in 2020? It rouses new interest in voting and the consequences everyday folks experience when they elect people who don’t give a hoot about their concerns. Ralph Northam didn’t just show up one day, file papers to run for office and then be elected governor. Virginia’s creep towards big nanny government started years ago, to a large extent because citizens didn’t recognize how their freedoms were in grave danger.

After last November’s Virginia elections, for example, WMAL radio’s Larry O’Connor pointed out that Trump received 1,769,443 votes (44.41% of the statewide total; Hillary Clinton got 1,981,473 votes, 49.73%) in 2016. In contrast, Republican candidates in 2019 earned 860,993 votes to the Democrats’ 823,694. This means there were 908,450 Trump voters who didn’t come out to support GOP candidates when it counted last year. What if they would’ve all bothered to show up at the polls?

Answer: “Blackface” Northam and the rest of the Democrats wouldn’t be laughing at gun rights advocates working overtime to stave off confiscation of firearms. There’d be an entirely different set of conversations and liberals would lament how backwards Virginians are (well, they do this anyway).

If Trump does his part, he can not only get more people to vote this year -- for him and Virginia’s Republican congressional candidates -- he can also lead the effort to sign up more Republicans in the commonwealth. You can’t help but feel there are untold thousands of non-registered Virginians out there who might listen to Trump but not care what anyone else says. Will it be enough to turn the state red in November?

It's not so far-fetched to think so. But it’s not going to get done by doing nothing. Trump’s fondness for Twitter and “raising awareness” of his agenda is legendary. If he pounded the Virginia pro-gun angle, it’d be a winner everywhere. And it might just get him thirteen extra Electoral Votes, too.

Trump would also do well to nationalize the election using certain Democrats as shining examples of what happens when liberals and socialists defeat Republicans due to low turnout. How about emphasizing Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez? Dominic Mastrangelo reported at The Washington Examiner, “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Sunday that a Wall Street where profits increase, but everyday wages do not is a perfect example of an unfair economic system she often speaks against.

“’The Dow soars, wages don’t,’ the New York Democrat tweeted. ‘Inequality in a nutshell.’ The freshman lawmaker was reacting to news that the Dow had soared past 29,000 for the first time.

“AOC describes herself as a Democratic socialist and spends much of her time online railing against big investment banks and the highest-earning Americans.”

There’ve been enough jabs at AOC’s intelligence (or lack thereof) and inability to comprehend what generates wealth and how economies function, so there’s no need to call her names here. But how could any elected politician be upset that the stock market average is doing well? Do only rich people own stocks? What about the millions upon millions who contribute to market-dependent 401K plans to save for retirement? Where does that money, go, AOC?

Besides, wages are going up across all income levels, particularly those at the bottom. The Trump economy has benefitted everyone… and this isn’t even mentioning the record low unemployment figures. Working people earn more… and they get raises if they demonstrate their value. Ask a rich person if he or she got there without a lot of hard-working people contributing their talents to his or her success.

But Democrats like AOC would rather spread falsehoods about income inequality and systematic discrimination instead. Or, as in Virginia’s case, they want to take your guns away because they’ve convinced certain gullible voters that it will help save lives… it won’t.

The presidential election is still months away and there’s much that can and will happen between now and then to influence it, but President Trump can help his cause today by highlighting the awful Democrat-led gun grab in Virginia. By doing so, the commonwealth might just go back to being a red state, too.

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