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Assault on America, Day 401: Are Trump’s fans as tired of winning as Democrats are of losing?

Pence on Pelosi Pettiness
“Now, now, Chucky and Nancy. If you can’t play fair and accept when you lose, then don’t even play the game.”

Everyone receives this sage advice (or something along those lines) from their moms and dads at an early age, and the truism is equally applicable in the twilight of life when facing an impossible challenge, such as accepting how your declining influence is forcing you into an irreversible depressed state. Such is the case for most Democrats (and Mitt Romney, but why be redundant?) these days, a collection of shellshocked habitual losers suffering through the unhindered win streak of one of the most successful politicians -- and political movements -- in American history.

Magnanimous President Donald Trump delivered a State of the Union speech for the ages the other night, touching on his administration’s undeniable accomplishments, profusely thanking various Americans for their individual contributions to the nation’s greatness and generally making his political opposition feel as though their chairs were lodged in quicksand seeping into the floor.

The spectacle was entertaining, too. But would you expect anything less from a master?

Needless to say, Democrats didn’t share this observer’s impression of the evening. They took Trump to task for leading a “victory lap” before the captivated live and television viewing audiences. Susan Ferrechio reported at The Washington Examiner, “Democrats, who are eager to defeat Trump in November, had little to smile about, even in instances when Trump mentioned successes ⁠— such as wage growth, job growth, and record low unemployment for minorities ⁠— that were not partisan in nature. Republicans said Democrats are still wrapped up in impeachment, which has dominated their agenda for weeks...

“Pelosi and Trump have not spoken in months. She rarely smiled or clapped at his remarks and kept her eyes focused on the speech she eventually ripped in half.

“She shook her head when Trump said he was working with Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, on a bipartisan bill to lower prescription drug prices. The House passed its own bill, with no Republican support, in January. Democrats said after the speech that Trump ignored all the House-passed bills that he could have signed into law, including the prescription drug measure.”

Um, let’s get one thing straight. Democrats didn’t solicit input nor include any of Trump’s ideas on prescription drugs -- or anything else, for that matter -- in passing their show-vote legislation largely down partisan lines. Then they assume Trump should set aside everything he believes in, and his constitutional duties, just to wave his hand and make it all law? Barack Obama spent eight years ignoring Republican measures and Pelosi and crew didn’t object one iota back then. Did Obamacare earn a single GOP “yea” in either chamber? (Nope.) Aren’t they being a tad hypocritical here?

As would be expected, on Tuesday night Trump took credit for moving criminal justice reform and for spearheading the bipartisan approved USMCA. But what did Democrats think he would say on these topics… “But for the Democrats’ hard work and invaluable efforts, none of this would’ve been possible?” As a president, why even bother harboring political principles if you accede to your opposition’s every demand… especially when they’re devoting most of their spare moments to calling you a criminal, making false accusations about Russian involvement in your election victory and then working like dogs to get you impeached?

Boo hoo! If anything, Trump was too forgiving to his rabid critics. It could’ve been really ugly. But Trump was speaking directly to independent voters on Tuesday night. Democrats should be thankful, not angry.

Besides, Pelosi accomplished one extraordinary thing with her over-the-top speech destroying antics at the conclusion of Trump’s remarks. The Democrat party head instantly got people talking about her rather than the amazingly well conceived and delivered State of the Union address, which is no easy feat. And they say Trump is mean-spirited. Will the media double-dealers censure San Fran Nan for her grandstanding stunt?

Much has been written about Trump’s celebrity and unmatched comfort before cameras, his unrivaled manipulation of media (social and otherwise) and his seemingly innate ability to connect with audiences, both live and watching at home on the couch. But his speech to the nation the other evening was probably the best he’s ever produced in terms of its solid content, emotional punch and palpable apple-pie American optimism in the midst of difficult and trying times.

Hearing and seeing Trump on Tuesday night you’d almost forget he was still under an impeachment cloud with his chief political nemesis seated right behind him and doing her darndest to stifle every negative impulse in her being (and not doing a very good job of it) -- and there were many such urges, about an hour and a half’s worth. One should almost feel sympathy for Pelosi. We all know what it’s like to find ourselves in a movie theater and be forced to endure a distasteful film until the end because we paid good money for the “privilege.”

Or to trudge through a long and laborious meeting with a boss you can’t stand knowing there isn’t a thing in the world you can do to dampen the pain.

I commented a few times to those watching the event with me, “I’m surprised she doesn’t just get up and walk out.” A couple days later, it’s evident the Speaker preplanned her post-speech exploit and was following the text the entire time (you could see her constantly glancing downward to pinpoint where Trump was in the continuum, rather than fixate on the back of his head as her predecessors always did) to see how much more she had to tolerate until the moment arrived to snub Trump by rising up and very noticeably tearing his beautiful printed rhetorical prose to shreds. What if Paul Ryan had done the same thing to Obama’s final SOTU?

Who knows, as a Democrat, Nancy probably pondered burning the pages like a Vietnam draft card, but the fire marshal would’ve doused her with chemicals and ruined her white suffragette suit if she had.

Pelosi was hardly the only rude offender among her caucus. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who once was considered a “moderate,” sported a face so dour it looked as though he was at a funeral. “Squad” members Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar (where was AOC, stumping for Bernie?) averted their eyes, whispered back and forth to each other and presumably made good use of their smartphones (to spread anti-Israel hatred?) instead of complying with the bipartisan applause lines. There were many more examples, but why pile on?

Conservatives and Republicans hardly need any additional incentive to vote in November, but the Speaker provided the Trump campaign brains with perfect fodder for many a commercial where the president can implore voters to cast Democrats completely out of power so as to preempt any more Pelosi tantrums. If you can’t stand and applaud as Trump says “the nation’s best days are yet to come,” then what kind of freak are you? An embittered politician who’s so utterly frustrated that she had to make a jackass of herself in front of the world to express her emotional displeasure?

Democrats’ frustration is reaching crisis levels, and with good reason. It’s almost cliché-ish, but Trump has won so many battles so often that we’re almost “tired” of the triumphs. Well, conservatives aren’t (tired of it), but Democrats certainly are.

The list of Trump feats and Democrat defeats is epic. First there was the 2016 election where the supposedly non-electable Trump soundly defeated the Democrats’ anointed post-Obama next-in-line Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College (which of course fostered liberal calls to abolish the Constitution’s brilliant electoral system). Then there was haplessly corrupt Jim Comey and the wretched deep state’s failed coup attempt, fueled by the sleazy and unverified Steele dossier no less.

This led to the Robert Mueller investigation which lasted well over a year and cost the taxpayers tens of millions only to find no “collusion” -- and that Trump was angry about being needlessly probed. As though a president should sit back and watch his first term be dissected and torn apart like Pelosi shredding speech pages. Predictably, Mueller found nothing (because there wasn’t anything to find). Another big Democrat loss!

Then there was impeachment, instigated by a phony Joe Biden-loving deep state “whistleblower” (Eric Ciaramella) who just happened to be best chums with a guy on pencil-neck Adam Schiff’s staff. Sensing a rat, Trump preempted much of the Democrats’ claptrap by simply releasing the transcript of his call with the Ukrainian president. Impeachment went down in flames this week. Another huge Democrat whitewash!

Then there was the pathetic Iowa caucuses non-result, which stole the thunder each party usually receives when the first official votes for president are counted. When it looked like establishment favorite Joe Biden was going down to an embarrassing, potentially campaign-killing loss in the Hawkeye State, the poohbahs decided to pull a “technical” fast one. Now it will probably never be known who actually won there… but we all know Biden lost! Another Democrat notch in the “L” column!

Add the obvious weakness and lack of depth in the Democrat presidential field to the putrid loser stew and the fact Trump has systematically dismantled everything Obama ever did… and to have Mitch “Turtle” McConnell confirming judge after judge after judge from Trump’s long list of originalist believers… Tally it up and the Democrats’ hurt is real.

It might be getting worse for Democrats, too, since Trump’s SOTU address revealed he’s only intensifying his pitch to black voters. David M. Drucker wrote at The Washington Examiner, “President Trump made an unapologetic bid to break the Democratic Party lock on the black vote with a State of the Union address that featured African Americans and highlighted administration policies geared toward the black community.

“Trump’s remarks Tuesday night came on the heels of a campaign advertisement run during the Super Bowl that spotlighted the president’s commutation of the life sentence of nonviolent drug offender Alice Johnson, a black senior. At least in part to boost support among black voters, a key Democratic constituency, as his reelection campaign accelerates, Trump, before a prime-time television audience, lauded the accomplishments of black people and proposed education reforms to improve access to quality public education for black children.”

What else can Democrats lose? As Drucker suggested, if Trump is able to make inroads into the Democrats’ stranglehold on minority voters, the entire Democrat party would implode like a sand castle without a plastic frame.

Could we be witnessing the destruction of the Democrat party? No political faction can sustain these types of losses indefinitely without being torn apart from within. We’re already seeing signs of a disintegration despite the rank-and-file’s tendency to vote in lockstep. Sooner or later -- perhaps after Bernie Sanders accepts the party presidential nomination -- we’ll perceive a semi-mass exodus of constituencies from the party.

Some insinuate it will be African-Americans who begin the transition to Trump-type Republicans. Others think it will be hard working Hispanics more interested in economic opportunity than sheltering illegal aliens. It could be anyone, really.

Even a good many Democrats would admit it’s been a rough go of it lately, with President Donald Trump not only surviving their best shots, he’s actually making inroads with voters who heretofore wouldn’t consider choosing Republicans. Which begs the question: Are Trump’s fans as tired of winning as Democrats are of losing?

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