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Here's How to Defuse the Debt Bomb

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

Myth 1: Trump created these deficits. Myth 2: Trump tax cuts have cost $1.2 trillion. Myth 3: Entitlements are the reason the debt is exploding. Myth 4: Taxing the rich will solve the problem. Myth 5: Democrats have a plan to bring down the deficit. Myth 6: The deficit and debt problems are hopeless. Here's how we balance the budget in two steps: First, get to 3% annual economic growth, which will mean more jobs, more taxpayers and fewer welfare payments. Second, impose an enforceable cap on overall spending at the inflation rate of 2% over 15 years. This gets us to zero deficits. Is that so hard? If there is a national will to break our addiction to deficit spending, there is a way.