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The Dumpster Fire In Vegas

Democrat Debate Bernie
We first heard that Nevada would be a hot dumpster fire from the inimitable Liz Sheld, and her must-read column on the American Greatness online magazine, but the Twitterverse seems to have channeled her as tweet after tweet described last night’s Democrat debate as a dumpster fire.

If it was a dumpster fire – and we think it was – it was a dumpster full of Michael Bloomberg’s money that was going up in flames.

@Blue2Reaganite tweeted: I can’t believe I’m watching this dumpster fire.

Matt Couch, Founder of The DC Patriot and America First Media Group, tweeted from @RealMattCouch:

This is a dumpster fire Good Lord... #DemDebate2020

PJ Media's Paula Bolyard tweeting from @pbolyard said:

NBC mods no doubt are going to put their heads together during the break to figure out how they can stop this #DemDebate dumpster fire.

Meanwhile, musician Mike Maneth tweeting via @MikeManeth summed up what millions of Americans were thinking this way:

I'm watching/listening to the Trump Rally, but reading the Twitter comments about the Dem debate. They're hilarious!

Sounds like the Dem dumpster fire is roaring!

The Spectator’s Amber Athey @amber_athey tweeted:

Bloomberg had nothing to gain by going on that stage tonight. He was surging in polls and the oppo research dump didn't seem to affect him at all. Now that these issues are being brought up on the debate stage and it's clear that Bloomberg has no answer for them, it's disastrous.

But we see this dumpster fire lasting well beyond last night’s immolation of $400 or $500 million of Michael Bloomberg’s cash and continuing straight through Saturday’s Nevada Caucuses.

Olivia Beavers, @Olivia_Beavers, Congress and NatSec reporter for The Hill reported via Twitter:

A Dem Nevada volunteer tells me they think the Nevada caucuses have potential to b a "dumpster fire."

- Says they don't have any training on the tech they are supposed to be using to count votes

- Volunteers experiencing lots of technical issues that don't seem to be resolved

Ms. Beaver’s anonymous Nevada Democrat isn’t the only one worried about how the vote counting at the Nevada Democratic Party’s presidential caucuses is going to go.

NBC News reported the new early-voting system, high turnout and questions about a never-before-used digital tool being used to process results could threaten the success of the Nevada Democratic caucuses on Saturday.

"I don't see how any technologist or any party official or any political scientist can promise that this will turn out OK," said Mark Lindeman, the director of science and technology policy for Verified Voting, a nonpartisan nonprofit group that advocates for election accuracy and transparency.

"There are too many tools and procedures that are being rolled out, some at the last minute," he continued. "And my impression is that the people on the ground who are charged with implementing these procedures and using these tools are not confident they can do it."

Lindeman added, "I hope that it goes better than Iowa, but it is definitely at risk for similar reasons."

NBC reported several factors are at play that contribute to the possibility that things will go awry, turning it into another debacle like tabulation of the Iowa caucuses.

During the early-voting window from Saturday through Tuesday (a new feature for the Nevada caucus), there was a ranked-choice system in place. Early voters had to mark their first choice and at least two additional choices, so that their votes can be realigned if their top choices don't make the cut.

"I think we have reason to be worried," said Rick Hasen, a professor of law and political science at the University of California-Irvine and the editor of Election Law Blog told NBC. "As was the case in Iowa, you have the party doing multiple new things at once. Here, one is new technology, and two is new rules, with the early voting."

"It makes me queasy," he added, calling the system "incredibly complex."

We have another angle to throw out, based on why these complex rules were put in place: to give the Democratic Party establishment a way to blunt Bernie Sanders’ momentum in the race to the nomination. Our suspicion is that had Bloomberg performed well in last night’s debate, the fix was in to, once again, stuff Bernie, but that dog ain’t going to hunt after last night’s dumpster fire debate in which Bloomberg was vaporized.

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Last Night's Debate

It looks like the term "dumpster fire" is going to be trending throughout
2020. Bloomberg said he was going to give all his money away. How nice of
him, but is this what he had in mind? I could not help but think what was
going through his mind last night as idiots all around him attacked his every
accomplishment as well as the economic system that lent him so much success.
Surely "What am I doing here?" "Who are these idiots?" as well as "Is there
no intelligence in the Democrat Party" are just a few guesses as to what he
might have been thinking about. I just got through watching the "Breaking Bad"
marathon this week. I was reminded of Walt's reaction to Jesse's threat that
he was going to set fire to Walter's barrels of cash. The only difference here is that Bloomberg did it to himself!