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Democrat Platform: Make you do things you don’t want to do

AOC Green New Deal
We have been listening very attentively to what the Democrats have been saying during their debates and campaign appearances, and all their statements and speeches always seem to boil down to one thing: Make you do things you don’t want to do.

Here are just a few examples:

The Green New Deal – make you ride public transportation and take away your car.

Gun control – make you turn in your guns to the government and register the guns they don’t take (so they can take them later).

Medicare for all – make you give up your private health insurance and go to a doctor of the government’s choosing, when the government chooses to let you see a doctor.

Fighting climate change – make you retrofit your house to Democrat standards, get rid of your car, your air conditioning or even move if you live in an area vulnerable to flooding.

Abortion – As Christopher Jacobs documented in an article for The Federalist, the left wants to prohibit choice in medicine, by forcing doctors and health-care providers with religious objections to perform abortions. Multiple Democrat health-care bills would not only force taxpayers to fund abortions, they would commandeer doctors to perform abortions—not to mention other medical procedures that might violate their deeply held religious beliefs.

And these aren’t just gentle “nudge you toward behaving nicely” plans – they will break down your door and throw you in jail if you don’t comply.

What’s more – all of this coercion fits together.

If you’re a smoker you might be denied health care, if you have certain health conditions you might be denied your Second Amendment rights, so with Democrats in charge, the various coercive aspects of their policy prescriptions can all be deployed in harmony to make you do what you don’t want to do.

The Democratic Party’s platform, as articulated by its candidates, not by the marketing gurus and professional obfuscators who will write the platform before the Party’s convention, is almost the exact opposite of the constitutional liberty propounded by America’s founding generation, which in its more modern version might be what libertarians call the non-aggression principle or NAP.

The NAP says that no one, including the government, has the right to initiate aggression. In other words, you have a right to be free from coercion. If you have this right, then you are not subject to anyone’s domination.

Naturally, Democrats and others, will argue that in our complex modern society we accept all sorts of coercive rules, from speed limits to income taxes to make society work, so their new levels of coercion are merely the logical extensions of society’s current trajectory.

We disagree (vehemently) and suggest that stopping the Democrats and their rush to make American society ever more coercion-based is a fundamental political fissure that Republicans can and should exploit. President Trump and some of our conservative friends in Congress have made some tentative steps in that direction. Millions of Americans deeply resent the idea of a Democrat-run Nanny State and we suggest the GOP and Trump campaign rollout “don’t let Democrats tell you what to do and run your life” as part of their 2020 campaign – it’s a powerful message.

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