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Assault on America, Day 418: Budding Democrat civil war will end in mass casualties, no survivors

Bernie wins Nevada
Results are in from the Nevada caucuses and they’re shocking
… to the Democrat ruling class. At press time the Vermont socialist was the projected winner with nearly half the Silver State vote. Joe Biden was second with around 20 percent, Pete Buttigieg third, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren fourth and Minnesota darling Amy Klobuchar fifth with a tad less than five percent. So much for a big breakout from the New Hampshire third-place finisher. Not happening.

Granted only half the ballots were tabulated by Sunday morning, but the fallout was crystal clear. It wasn’t a repeat of the Iowa counting disaster but still… can’t Democrats get it right?

If it wasn’t evident from the first three voting states (Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada) – not to mention the fight-marred two-hour Democrat family squabble masquerading as a “debate” last week – the liberal party’s nomination race has devolved into a prolonged shouting match between Bernie Sanders and his army of socialist big government-loving “bros” (some would call them goons) and a Democrat establishment which couldn’t care less about what their people require from a candidate… they just crave to beat President Donald Trump in November, and don’t give a hoot how it gets done.

Therefore, the ruling elites back Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and even “Pocahontas” Warren -- anyone but Sanders in their estimation.

Even with Sanders’ resounding victory in Nevada, neither side has gained a clear advantage in the tug-of-war, though with another convincing Sanders performance, the Green Mountain State Senator’s cause is looking very encouraging to his followers. Regardless of who ends up accepting the nomination at the Democrat convention in Wisconsin this summer, Republican candidates at all levels plan to plaster Sanders’ name all over their Democrat opponents this fall. Is it a fair and effective strategy? Time will tell.

David M. Drucker reported at The Washington Examiner, “Despite the roaring economy and low jobless rate, Republicans are concerned that the 2020 campaign could become a referendum on Trump’s sometimes provocative behavior and occasionally controversial tweets. Under that scenario, Republicans worry the party would continue to lose ground in the suburbs and hemorrhage support among independents, costing them the White House, Senate seats, and a chance to improve their position in the House.

“Republicans would rather have the debate be over ideology, satisfied that enough voters in key states would choose Trump and the rest of the GOP ticket. Emerging swing states, such as Arizona and Georgia, and purple states such as North Carolina, meanwhile, would be safe, Republicans insist. That’s why they are doing everything they can to make the election about Sanders and his agenda, even if he is not the Democratic nominee.

“’Democrats have embraced the same policy positions as Bernie, so he will be on the ballot in all these places whether he’s the nominee or not,’ said Kevin McLaughlin, the top in-house strategist at the National Republican Senatorial Committee.”

Yes indeed. The main difference between Sanders and the other Democrat presidential wannabes is “The Bern” is up front about his ideological underpinnings – and they cloak theirs behind political expedience. The also-rans claim to be “moderate” and open to “bipartisanship,” but where’s the proof? What’s the practical difference between Sanders’ “Medicare for All”, for example, and the rest of the Democrat candidates’ positions that advocate for a “public option”? It’s all part of a grand single payer scheme, one just might take a little longer than the other to implement.

No Democrat is outwardly championing a traditional capitalist model either, one where government plays as minimal a role as practicable and the free market is left virtually unhindered to set prices and guide consumer interest. Instead, Sanders and the rest of them promise intervention to “help” people make decisions and fantastically claim it will save everyone money in the long run… well, except for “the rich” that is. They’ll be taxed into oblivion.

None of this is new. Democrats assume no one will survive without the benevolent hand of government to push/control them. Where there isn’t a crisis Democrats will create one. It’s almost like they need to feel needed. History isn’t on their side either.

Whatever happened to all the Obama-era blather about a dire urgency to extend unemployment compensation? How long did Republicans and Democrats battle over extending benefits to 99 weeks for the chronically unemployed, purportedly to rescue the unfortunate schleps that would otherwise starve if they didn’t receive additional months on the federal dole to enable them to look for work to support themselves? Further, the media droned on about middle managers losing their jobs due to the changing digital economy and how they couldn’t find new ones that paid anything worthwhile, as though a temporary personal setback was permanent and the jobless were eternally relegated to being administered to by Uncle Sam. It was pathetic. And sad. And, as Trump eventually proved, not true!

The “BWM” became legendary (no, it’s not BMW). Newsweek famously ran a headline in April 2011, that read, “Can Manhood Survive the Recession?”, featuring a beleaguered-looking middle-aged white man in a suit holding a briefcase with a black X running through his body. The story explained, “The same guys who once drove BMWs, in other words, have now been downsized to BWMs: Beached White Males.” These men were supposedly so distraught over their reduced usefulness in the marketplace that they became less interested in sex and their marriages suffered along with their egos. No joke.

Some of them took part-time positions to make ends meet or did odd jobs in addition to receiving career counseling and working on new skill sets, all occurring relatively late in their lives (which should’ve been the best and most productive years for them). If the media’s depiction of the mood of the country was to be believed back then, the the bursting of the housing bubble and the collapse of the service economy snuffed out existences and fortunes. Like the Great Depression all over again!

We were told that the good ‘ol days of American prosperity were over and that all we could expect forever was stagnant economic growth, static wages and openings only at the bottom of the earnings spectrum, namely flipping burgers, swabbing floors or collecting trash. They said the rich would continue to get richer but everyone else was doomed to suffer a horrible and soul-sapping change in life’s expectations.

Was it real? I lived in the Washington DC area during this timeframe and didn’t note any tremendous desperation among the vicinity’s population. If there’s one place in the country that’s completely immune to economic downturns, it’s the national capital region with its ginormous federal workforce. Do government workers ever get fired or laid off?

Many of these same fearmongering politicians are running for president this year on the Democrat ticket, and they’ve spent uncountable hours on TV (for debates and commercials) and on the stump blubbering about how awful the economy really is and that Trump and Republicans are laughing behind everyone’s backs about how tax cuts inflate their wealthy pals’ portfolios while the poor rummage for crumbs.

The question is, does anyone really believe this? There are so many examples from our own lives that contradict the popular liberal notion that the government MUST step-in or else people disintegrate. My brother did what he was supposed to do, earning a college degree and then attended business school and got his MBA after laboring a few years for a large accounting firm. He subsequently worked for a medium-sized publishing company and was laid off when the business tanked in that sector. Things looked bleak for my “BWM” brother until he started his own financial consulting business and not only made his way, but thrived while toiling for himself. His is just one of many, many success stories of individuals finding a way.

They didn’t give up, they got going.

Trump didn’t run in 2016 and isn’t running now to guarantee triumph to everyone. He’s not promising to pay for everyone’s healthcare, every child’s pre-K care and education, every young adult’s college education and to assure equality for all -- except under the law. What he’s done and continues to promise to do is work like crazy to make sure American businesses are afforded the leeway to expand if they so choose and to open up new areas for success, like energy exploration and production.

In Trump’s world, wealth creation is a good thing. Michael Bloomberg even backed up the concept during last Wednesday’s debate. Too bad it didn’t register with his Democrat colleagues.

The president’s also consistently emphasized cracking down on the job and wage-sucking vacuum that is illegal immigration, an unwanted force that’s depressed earnings power (for the people who actually do the work, not the Chamber of Commerce cheap labor lobby) and barred many from a path to bettering themselves. Unscrupulous employers who bring in a labor force that’ll work for five bucks an hour aren’t about to take a chance on a young American kid who needs experience and time to mature.

Needless to say, it’s not good for the “undocumented” immigrants either, many of whom suffer exploitation and abuse from smugglers, drug cartels and the elements in order to get here. If Trump is successful in completing the border wall and pushing through internal reforms – such as E-verify – then the incentive to try and break through will be dampened considerably.

None of this is Bernie Sanders’ thing, but the other Democrats aren’t any different. The former party of the working class is now the home of the ruling elites. If you don’t believe it, listen to Elizabeth Warren speak for a few minutes. There’s absolutely zero connection to reality.

Because the Democrat grassroots apparently settled on Sanders as the frontrunner – and the establishment hates it -- chances for a brokered convention increase by the moment. Emily Larsen reported at The Washington Examiner, “A candidate needs a majority of pledged delegates, at least 1,991 of the 3,979 available, allocated based on results in state primaries and conventions, in order to win the presidential nomination on the first ballot at the July convention.

“If no candidate wins a majority, around 770 automatic ‘superdelegates’ made up of party leaders, such as DNC members and Democratic members of Congress, are permitted to vote for whomever they wish on the second ballot, creating the possibility that a candidate who did not win the most pledged delegates wins the nomination.

“In previous years, superdelegates voted on the first ballot. But the rule was changed in an attempt to make a fairer process after complaints from far-left Sanders supporters in the fallout from the 2016 primary cycle.”

The possibility of a convention fight to determine the eventual Democrat nominee promises to keep multiple candidates in the race for a long period of time. With the Democrats’ proportional delegate allotment system, we could very well see four or five pretenders head into the summer with a substantial total but not nearly enough to take the prize outright.

Prepare for a ton of schmoozing of the Democrat “superdelegate” elders in the coming months, especially if Sanders isn’t able to emerge as the clear leader. Joe Biden alone will probably offer to wash cars, paint porches and watch the kids if a party member (with a vote) needs something in a pinch – or maybe he’ll just farm out the task to son Hunter. The loser’s not working, right?

The convention will definitely be worth watching, if for nothing else it will be fun witnessing Democrats tear their party apart over the meaning of socialism and who’s a true believer and who’s not. Maybe Obama will swoop in to save them… or Hillary Clinton. That’s just what’s going inside the arena… outside it’ll be absolute bedlam. Feel pity for the police!

The beneficiary of the Democrats’ nomination struggle is President Trump himself. It doesn’t take a genius to see Trump is drawing strength from the Democrats’ unfortunate situation and the coming months should be truly entertaining – and revealing. Pass the popcorn and soda; this is better than a matinee at the movie house.

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