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Bernie Sanders Nomination: Let’s Be Careful What We Wish For

Sarah Sanders Crazy Bernie
Many conservatives have been chortling with glee at the prospect of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders running away with the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. The assumption seems to be that a Bernie nomination will make the 2020 campaign a pushover for Donald Trump’s reelection.

Our take is that in the aftermath of Bernie’s victory in the Nevada Caucuses, we conservatives should be careful what we wish for.

As CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has explained in many speeches and columns over the years, one of the most powerful political motivators in American politics – if not THE most powerful – is “Send them a message.”

And, unlike the other Democratic candidates for President, Senator Sanders is a message candidate, and he has delivered that message with great discipline and consistency over many years.

And the Bernie Sanders message is remarkably similar to the Donald Trump 2016 message: Break the establishment ruling elite’s stranglehold on America and get us out of endless wars.

The big difference is that Bernie has no intention of draining the Swamp – he wants to put the Leftwing bureaucrats who have been stymieing President Trump’s agenda in charge of everything; your healthcare, your financial life, your children’s education, the energy you use, even what you say would be controlled by some Washington bureaucrat.

When you say, “Who would buy that?” we say, just look at Virginia’s 2019 off-year election.

Leftist billionaires, including George Soros, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, spent millions of dollars to identify and turn out Left-leaning voters. The result was a wipeout of the bumbling Republican establishment running the Republican Party of Virginia’s legislative campaigns.

And while Steyer and Bloomberg are running against Bernie in the Democratic Party’s primaries, the organizations they funded are still working on Left-leaning voter ID and turnout for the 2020 election – no matter who the Democratic candidate for President is.

And Sanders has his own fundraising juggernaut. Figures for the first quarter of 2020 are not out yet, but according to POLITICO, Bernie Sanders raised more than $34.5 million in the final three months of 2019, a substantial sum that far exceeded the other Democratic presidential candidates.

The Vermont senator brought in a total of about $96 million last year from more than 5 million contributions. The campaign’s average donation was $18.

Holly Otterbein reported the Sanders campaign said it received contributions from 40,000 new donors on the last day of the year. Its best month was December, when it reaped more than $18 million from 900,000-plus contributions.

According to Ms. Otterbein’s reporting the Sanders team said “more than 99.9 percent” of its contributors have not given the maximum donation — and can therefore donate again.

Pause to reflect that Sanders’ entire 2019 haul was about the weekly burn rate of the Michael Bloomberg campaign, and Bernie is still ahead. Meaning Sanders’ authentic message of change from the Radical Left appears to be much more powerful than Bloomberg’s phony consultant created, evidence-free “I’m the guy who can beat Trump” TV campaign.

Billionaire Tom Steyer, who told his supporters that the Democratic nomination would be won or lost in Nevada -- a state where he spent $15 million on television ads, nearly eight times as much as Bernie Sanders (and far more than any other contender) came in a distant fifth behind Sanders and Biden.

And finally, Sanders, like Trump, has a largely organic grassroots army of volunteers working for him.

As our friends at the Washington Examiner noted in their analysis of the Nevada Democratic Caucuses, the Sanders team began their Nevada campaign with no illusions and operated under the expectation that organized labor would try to block him from winning, so the Sanders campaign organized what staffers claimed was "the largest field operation in the history of primaries."

“We have built a turnout machine that will propel us to victory here in Nevada,” Sanders 2020 Nevada State Director Sarah Michelsen said in an emailed statement to The Washington Examiner. “Our goal from day one has been to expand the electorate, and we are so proud to see so many first time caucus goers participate during early voting. It will take a diverse coalition of Nevadans taking part in the political process to win in Nevada and to ultimately defeat the most dangerous president in modern American history.”

The campaign had knocked on more than 500,000 doors in 17 Nevada counties, 200,000 more than its February goal. We also note that more than 70,000 early ballots were turned in, far exceeding expectations.

The Republican Party long-ago gave up on grassroots communications, writing checks doesn’t take away as much time on the tennis court as knocking on doors, so If you know of a recent Republican campaign that exceeded its grassroots communications goal, or even had one, please let us know so we can refer other candidates to it for inspiration.

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders summed-up the results from Nevada’s Democratic Caucuses this way in a tweet from her @SarahHuckabee account: Crazy socialist Bernie is on track to be the presumptive Democrat nominee. Republicans must take nothing for granted. The stakes in November could not be higher - our freedom and way of life is at stake.

Sarah’s right, and Republicans who think Bernie Sanders will be a pushover in November better be careful what they wish for.

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