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Assault on America, Day 422: Dems’ coronavirus hype is climate change with a Chinese face

Trump on Coronavirus
With all the noise raging around the Washington political scene of late, the country really didn’t need a new fixation to hyperventilate over. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has provided the weak-minded and simply distracted with the impetus to stop talking about serious stuff – like who’s behind impeachment, President Donald Trump’s wonderful State of the Union address, the 2020 Democrat presidential race, the ongoing investigation into deep state complicity in the 2016 election, etc. – and provided fodder for thin-skinned nimrods to fan the flames of fear among the gullible and easily perturbed. In other words, Bernie Sanders’s followers…

If there’s anything that gets an entire nation/planet alarmed, it’s fright of a health epidemic at hand. Adding to the current terror campaign is the fact this mysterious virus allegedly originated in deeply secretive communist China amidst dubious circumstances, with whistleblowers (real life ones, not Eric Ciaramella) surreptitiously disappearing and the government lying about causes and effects.

One of the most interesting and credible theories is the coronavirus “escaped” from a Chinese bioweapons lab, the product of an experiment gone bad -- and now there’s a plague released upon the world because communists refuse to spill the beans on where it came from and how to beat it. This is a James Bond plot if ever there was one, isn’t it? Not only that, now there’s proof that the world’s number one ideological threat (China) is purposely developing bio-warfare methods that defy imagination.

Oddly enough, the Chinese government’s explanation for the virus takes the prize for most fascinating – and creative. “Hey, did you hear that the Chinese said the coronavirus began because people ate bats and snakes at a fish market? That’s some weird crap, man.”

If you need perspective on how short the attention spans of average Americans really are, go back a couple months and examine the news headlines to recall what people were talking about just sixty days ago. Nowhere was any mention of the coronavirus, but these days it’s all we ever hear about, so much so that disease confinement has morphed into the political topic of the hour in the daily back-and-forth between Democrats and Republicans.

As would be expected in our times when no one agrees on anything, Democrats – and some wishy-washy Republicans -- blame President Donald Trump for not “doing enough” to combat the threat. Peter Sullivan and Jessie Hellmann reported at The Hill, “Democrats were unsparing on their criticism, with Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) saying the administration was showing ‘towering and dangerous incompetence’ in its response to the virus.

“He called for at least $3.1 billion in funding and for the administration to appoint a czar to oversee the response...

“Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah), the only Republican to vote for Trump’s impeachment earlier this year, also harshly criticized the administration. ‘I’m very disappointed in the degree to which we’ve prepared for a pandemic, both in terms of protective equipment and in terms of medical devices that would help people once they are infected,’ Romney said.”

There are plenty of clues signaling a fake public health crisis here. First off, Schumer thinks everything the administration does exhibits “towering and dangerous incompetence.” If you don’t believe it, name one example of praise the senate minority leader’s given Trump on any matter that could possibly be deployed as a political battering ram. Naturally “Chucky” is using the coronavirus in this instance because it has the potential to damage Trump politically.

And with the way the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race is evolving, they’ll need a miracle to make Trump appear anything less than competent and in charge of every situation that should be handled by government.

Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if “Chucky” and Nancy Pelosi order every Democrat in their respective caucuses to wear surgical masks in public so as to inflate the already crisis-level mob mentality. For all we know, the mask-manufacturing company Democrats favor is a major party donor and will receive the largest part of Congress’s largesse if tens of millions of units are ordered to combat the notorious but largely contained coronavirus.

The collective liberal freak-out over the coronavirus (wasn’t it Ebola last time?) reminds me of their persistent doomsday forecasts regarding “climate change,” though this health threat would theoretically kill much faster than slow melting glaciers and the incremental rise of the oceans. It’s a common liberal strategy: convince everyone that life as we know it is in danger of extinction and the government MUST step-in to ensure everyone is protected from harm. Citizens aren’t capable of taking care of themselves, right?

Who knows, if the panic lasts long enough Democrats might try linking the coronavirus to gun manufacturers and argue Trump doesn’t care about saving anyone’s life. For all we know, DNC Chairman Tom Perez is negotiating with Parkland High opportunist and publicity swine David Hogg to convince the teen to leave Harvard and become the face of the party’s coronavirus shock campaign. Democrats will get everyone so worked-up that they’ll refuse to leave their homes. The economy will tank… but (liberal-owned) Amazon home-delivery will thrive!

It’s almost like liberals spread anxiety over the disease to take attention away from the roaring domestic economy and throw worry into people’s lives to take advantage of their dread. As of this week, there were only 57 confirmed cases in the United States, a whopping 40 of which originated on that Princess cruise ship infamously sequestered dockside in Japan. Now that these folks are home from their ordeal, they’re being quarantined, so there won’t be any more cases from that particular source.

It’s not like the virus already spread everywhere and people are dying in the streets from the ravaging 21st century plague. There are plenty of homeless people perishing every day due to government policy neglect (in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco), but their suffering isn’t agenda-fulfilling to the liberal elites. They’d rather make hay over the coronavirus and assault Trump for not dumping enough cash on the problem.

Besides, $2.5 billion is a lot of money. It’s not clear what Democrats meant by “not doing enough”, but the math alone would refute them. For liberals who’ve long since forgotten their arithmetic lessons, two and a half billion dollars equates to twenty-five hundred million dollars, which is not exactly loose change even if it’s less than five percent of Michael Bloomberg’s net worth.

The entire CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) budget was 11.1 billion in 2018. So the Trump administration is asking Congress to pony up an additional twenty-plus percent just to fight coronavirus. Sounds like a big hunk of hardworking taxpayer dough to me. According to The Hill article cited above, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar testified that the supplemental funding would pay for masks “as well as the development of vaccines and treatments, assistance for state and local health departments and improved surveillance of the disease.”

Isn’t that enough? Again, not to make light of the coronavirus, but shouldn’t people take their own precautions against contracting any virus, which is pretty standard hand washing and using common sense to thoroughly clean surfaces and make special efforts not to hug and smooch people with high fevers and other dangerous symptoms? (I know, I’m going to get angry feedback about this comment from medical professionals, including my two daughters who work in hospitals.)

One last point -- the number of worldwide deaths attributable to the coronavirus is a little more than 8000 thus far, which is certainly not a total to dismiss outright as insignificant. But it should be noted that the total is smaller than the number of babies that die in utero every week in abortion clinics across America (not to mention what the worldwide tally must be). In 2017, 862,230 abortions were performed in the U.S., which translates to over 16,500 a week.

So why do Democrats get so honked off about something like the coronavirus? Sure, we’ll give them credit for valuing life as much as the next person but they’re not exactly consistent with it. During Tuesday night’s debate, for example, Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren tried to score points against fellow rival Michael Bloomberg by dredging up an old unsubstantiated story about how “Mini Mike” once told a pregnant employee to “kill it.”

Isn’t that what “women’s choice” is all about? If the “it” in this scenario is a baby, then doesn’t it refute everything Democrats argue about the abortion issue? Aren’t the people who suffer with the coronavirus just “its” too? Why is a person afflicted with a deadly worldly contagious disease more valuable than an unborn child?

I reserve the right to change my mind on the seriousness of the coronavirus, but until it seeps into every community and starts leveling more people than the run-of-the-mill influenza virus, I’ll remain skeptical. The Obama-era Democrat mantra was “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and it’s definitely true in this realm. Remember it the next time a news report talks about coronavirus hysteria. It’s stupid. Is there a better word for it?

Why is this happening? Maybe it’s because people are getting dumber. You heard it right. Jessica Stillman wrote at in 2018, “It probably shouldn't worry us if some pocket of the population saw a decline in IQ as things like education and diet affect IQ and these factors can vary from one group or time to another. But according to this new study it doesn't appear to be some small segment of the population whose IQ is going down. It appears to be the entire nation of Norway.

“When scientists from the Norway's Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research analyzed some 730,000 IQ tests given to Norwegian men before their compulsory military service from 1970 to 2009, they found that average IQ scores were actually sinking. And not just by some miniscule amount. Each generation of Norwegian men appear to be getting around seven IQ points dumber…

“[T]he cause of the decline remains a mystery. Whatever it turns out to be, however, we should all probably start worrying about what our sedentary, screen addicted, junk food-munching lifestyles might be doing to our brains.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Though the study in question was in Norway, the same decline is likely happening here as well – and other places around the globe. And if people are truly getting “dumber,” it makes it easier for unscrupulous politicians and parties to sell ideas like a pandemic is on our doorstep when only fifty-something people got sick with a virus in the entire country (not to mention 40 of those from one floating germ factory in Asia).

And that 2.5 billion bucks isn’t enough to demonstrate seriousness in battling the problem. What would have satisfied the Democrats, 10 billion? Why do liberals obsess over “climate change” when there isn’t a scientific consensus and still go overboard with health scares that are at best only temporary?

Some people need a reason to worry about something and that certainly appears to be the case where the coronavirus is concerned. With any number of more pervasive and lethal problems all around us, it just doesn’t make sense to scare the bejesus out of people for no legitimate reason. It’s all about politics, isn’t it?

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Remember, "pandemic" is just "panic" with a "Dem" in the center. Think about it.