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'Do you want more influence?' Kevin Gentry’s interview of Richard Viguerie (Part 4 of 7)

Do you want more people on your Facebook page, your friends list, blog, podcast?

Do you want more retweets, more YouTube likes?

Well, it’s sort of simple – read and follow my advice that I discussed in my interviews with Kevin Gentry.

Today is the 4th of 7 interviews where I explain what conservatives need to do to be more effective in communicating with the grassroots.

Click here for 1st interview (conservative mistakes).

Click here for 2nd interview (solutions).

Click here for 3rd interview (first of Viguerie’s Four Horsemen of Marketing).

From the 1960s through most of the 1980s, conservatives dominated grassroots marketing, but today liberals are doing a far better job of activating the grassroots.

Hopefully these 7 interviews will help wake up conservatives, so we can better compete with the Left in educating and activating voters.  Kevin’s weekly Tips will help those involved with a conservative nonprofit, as well as those who want to help the cause of liberty/freedom by their regular use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, blogs, etc.  By so doing you will help re-elect President Trump, help take back the House, and help increase our numbers in the Senate.

P.S. I like to start each Saturday morning with Kevin’s fundraising Tips and a cup of coffee.  I urge you to do the same if you want to learn how to be more effective in educating and activating others to get involved in saving America—with or without the coffee.

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Are you remarkable?

Do you blend into the background?

Or stand out?

What makes you remarkable?

My friend and mentor Richard Viguerie has again just shared some of his valuable wisdom for us.

Have you ever thought about becoming a purple cow?

Here’s our continuing conversation…

Alright Richard, you’re on a roll.  Tips readers tell me you’ve really challenged their thinking.  (You can read more from previous Tips conversations with Richard Viguerie here, here and here.)

Last week, for the first of your Four Horsemen of Marketing, you explained the importance of positioning.  Next up is differentiation.

Tell us more.

As you know, I live in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains – near where you grew up.  It’s out in the country.

When I travel home, I regularly pass fields filled with black and white cows, then later another field with brown cows.  I can’t tell one from the other – they all look alike.  However, if one was a Purple Cow, it would stand out.

You know that I regularly read and study the work of the marketing guru, Seth Godin.  His famous book, Purple Cow, argues that the only way to really cut through the clutter of our over-communicated world is to innovate something truly unique and remarkable – like a purple cow.

So, to give yourself the best possible chance to achieve your dreams, vision and goals, you need to become a Purple Cow – standing out from all others.

Hmm, okay.  You’ve piqued my interest.  How does this relate to the first marketing concept, positioning?

We started with positioning first because that’s the foundation on which all else is built.  The bedrock.

You must find that hole in the marketplace that fits you.  Identify what you do that no one else does.

Remember, it’s not necessarily that you do it better than all others.  It’s something that no one else is doing.  And people believe that there’s a need for it.

You then take your position and through public activities, you differentiate it from everyone else.

Think about Rupert Murdoch and his Fox Network.  In 1996, Murdoch introduced the Fox News Channel, a 24-hour cable news network.  But CNN was already in that space, offering around-the-clock news.

However, Murdoch identified that Fox News could occupy a hole in the marketplace.  It could position itself as a conservative alternative to CNN.

That’s the position he chose.  And it has worked out very well for him.

The differentiation then came from the public activities.  Fox News differentiates itself by featuring Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends, etc., etc.

A lot of differentiation is visual.

For your organization, think about who should sign the letters for your direct mail.  Who should sign a pub note?

Who and what should you feature in photographs in your newsletters and other publications -- that will set you apart?

What might you send to your supporters?

My longtime friend Morton Blackwell sends his supporters a jar of honey at Christmastime.  And let me tell you, that honey gets your attention.  It certainly helps differentiate Morton from other organizational leaders.

Could you help us understand again why differentiation is so important for our growth and success – indeed, even for our survival?

Think about your work.  Many, many important things you believe you and your organization do.

On a really good day, you’re got just 10 seconds to convince your prospective customer.  It’s actually more like 3-4 seconds.  Maybe less.

We stand above the trash can – the circular file – as we quickly sort through the day’s mail, deciding what we don’t need to open.

We do the same with email, deleting what we don’t need to read.

We tune out radio and TV advertising.  We ignore print ads.

If what’s presented to us doesn’t immediately catch our interest, we move on.  We have to.  We’re all so busy, and each one of us has so much to do as a part of our daily lives.

I have a granddaughter who at an early age began playing the harp.  And when she applied for college, she received a scholarship that covered most of her tuition, room and board.


Because the school had no harpist.  They did have lots of piano players, singers and violinists.  Just no harpist.

Her grandparents’ music lessons paid off more than they ever imagined.

Okay Richard, thank you.  As a reminder, Richard's Four Horsemen of Marketing are:





Next week, we’ll tackle the third of the Four Horsemen:  benefit.

I’ll be back in touch with you again soon.

Remember, mastering these four indispensable marketing concepts can put the wind at your back.  And your efforts will be like running downhill.

Otherwise, it's a really steep and arduous climb.

As always, I value and appreciate your feedback.

Very best wishes,

Kevin Gentry

P.S.  Right now we find ourselves in the throes of the primaries that will determine the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.  As you watch the news coverage, you might consider how the successful candidates apply the concepts of positioning and differentiation.  And think about how the unsuccessful candidates do not.

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