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House Conservatives Demand All Documents on FBI Operation Against Flynn

Christopher Wray
Representative Jim Jordan, Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee. and Rep. Mike Johnson (LA-4), Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee, on Monday sent a letter to FBI Director Wray demanding all documents on the FBI’s operation against General Mike Flynn.

The letter from the two leading House conservatives said in part:

Since President Donald Trump launched his campaign for the White House, several investigations have exposed political bias and serious misconduct in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The Obama-Biden-era FBI used Democrat-funded opposition research and Russian disinformation—as well as doctored evidence—as a basis to illegally spy on a Trump campaign associate. Former FBI Director James Comey caused sensitive information about his interactions with President Trump to leak to the media. Senior FBI employees discussed an “insurance policy” against President Trump. Now, new revelations about the FBI’s interactions with former National Security Advisor LTG Michael T. Flynn, make it clear that the FBI’s wrongdoing is worse than previously known. These revelations suggest a pattern of misconduct and politicization at the highest levels of the Obama-Biden-era FBI.

Representatives Jordan and Johnson further pointed out that:

On January 24, 2017, despite having the transcript of LTG Flynn’s December 2016 conversation with Kislyak, two FBI agents—Strzok and Joe Pientka— interviewed LTG Flynn at the White House about the conversation. In a 2018 public appearance, former Director Comey bragged about how he directed Strzok and Pientka to interview LTG Flynn outside of standard protocols; Comey later admitted to Congress that he circumvented the proper process for interviewing a White House employee. Likewise, then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe explained that he personally dissuaded LTG Flynn from involving any lawyers in the interview. Handwritten notes show that the FBI sought to confront LTG Flynn about potentially violating the Logan Act—a criminal law under which federal prosecutors have brought charges just once in the past two centuries and for which no one has even been convicted. According to handwritten notes, the FBI’s goal was either getting LTG Flynn to admit to violating the Logan Act or to lie about the conversation so that he could be prosecuted or fired.

The conservative lawmakers also demanded interviews with FBI special agent Joe Pientka and former assistant director of the FBI counterintelligence division Bill Priestap – two key figures in the operation against Flynn whose knowledge of who ordered whom to do what in the operation against Gen. Flynn has yet to be plumbed publicly.

Jordan and Johnson also homed-in on Wray’s involvement in the now obvious cover-up of the entire sordid operation against Gen. Flynn and the Donald Trump team, writing: “Produce all documents and communications between or among the FBI and other executive branch agencies, including but not limited to the Executive Office of the President, for the period December 1, 2016 to January 20, 2017, referring or relating to LTG Michael Flynn’s December 30, 2016, conversation with Sergey Kislyak,” and “Explain when you personally first learned of the FBI’s misconduct with respect to LTG Flynn.”

Civil libertarians, friends of General Mike Flynn and conservative swamp-drainers never believed that Christopher Wray was the right person to clean house at the FBI, and the latest revelations and documents Gen. Flynn’s fighting attorney Sidney Powell dragged out of the Department of Justice and the FBI confirm our long-held skepticism of Wray’s abilities.

We never wanted Christopher Wray appointed to head the FBI in the first place, and we think that the only thing that could save him from a well-deserved firing would be to immediately comply with the demands Representatives Jordan and Johnson set forth in their letter. Absent prompt compliance with those demands President Trump should fire Christopher Wray and bring in someone who will drain the FBI swamp, not jump in and wallow in it as Wray has done.

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... Demand All Documents on FBI Operation Against Flynn

Wray is a joke and deep state safe card.

They do NOT want to release them and it does NOT take a rocket science degree to know why.

I hope they get it, but if Wraw follows Deep State Red Tape .... it won't happen in 2020.