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To Mask Or Not To Mask?

Mandatory Masks
Back in March, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in a widely seen interview told CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jonathan LaPook that there’s no reason people in the U.S. should wear a mask.

By the end of March Dr. Fauci said he was engaged in “very active discussion” with administration officials about reversing the guidance and lest you think we are picking on Dr. Fauci, Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweeted “STOP BUYING MASKS!”

But by the first week of April NPR reported Americans should wear face masks as a way to help stifle the spread of COVID-19, Fauci said, in what NPR called “a departure from previous government guidance to only wear a mask if you were caring for someone with the illness or had it yourself.”

“If everybody does that, we’re each protecting each other,” Fauci said in an interview with PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor Judy Woodruff.

In response to the change in guidance some jurisdictions, such as three Massachusetts cities began requiring people to wear face masks in public in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The cities of Cambridge and Lawrence announced that the new order requires anyone over the age of 5 to wear a clean face mask or face covering when in any indoor or outdoor space that is open to the public.

The same order applies for people in Somerville over the age of 2. Those found in violation of the order will face a $300 fine reported 7News, Boston.

L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer (not a physician, she has a PhD in “social welfare” from Brandeis University) said that every person in L.A. city and county was mandated to wear masks outdoors.

Yet, on April 23, John Solomon’s Just the News reported “Sunlight destroys COVID-19 within minutes,” and scientists’ government lab experiments show that the coronavirus does not survive long in high temperatures and high humidity, and is quickly destroyed by sunlight, making the “wear a mask outdoors” order look ridiculous and unscientific.

What’s more, Dr. Russell Blaylock, in a lengthy article for warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to the wearer. The bottom line is that if you are not sick, you should not wear a face mask.

If you are suffering from whiplash or feel like you are watching a tennis match join the club.

And if the medical and public health advice is conflicting, wearing a mask – or not – now seems to have become a political statement as well.

#Resist twitter user Kim Chernecky (@kchernecky) tweeted:

I seriously fear for humankind seeing all the idiots that don't understand social distancing or the importance of wearing masks to protect against spreading the plague.

Minnesota Democrat elected official Liz Olson (@LizOlson218) tweeted:

Watching the “open MN protest” at the Capitol: people w/o masks, passing a mic, standing close.

In contrast, I think about the correction worker, Joshua, who sleeps in an icehouse at the end of his driveway to keep his family & people at the prison safe.


Jake Sherman, the Politico Playbook writer and NBC News – MSNBC commentator (@JakeSherman) tweeted:

A group of Republican lawmakers are huddled face to face, maybe a foot or two from each other in the corner of the House chamber. Patting each other on the back. Not only not wearing masks, not social distancing. Zilch.

While National Review writer and alleged conservative David French (@DavidAFrench) lashed-out at anti-maskers in a tweet saying:

If it wasn't clear before, the defiance of masking (as a means of re-opening) from some folks on the right makes very clear now that their version of the "common good" is nothing more than making you conform to their will. Ask them to do anything for others, and that's tyranny.

However, despite the Twitter shaming, and in some cases having the police called on them for not wearing a mask, many Americans are not inclined to wear masks.

Ken (Papa) Schmidt (@Papa7326) tweeted:

I haven’t quarantined 1 single day. I don’t shake hands or hug people. Wash my hands a little more. No I’m not wearing a stupid mask. I run my business & make money. Impossible to work from home or stay home

Twitter user Matt (@Matt91403) tweeted his opposition to L.A.’s mask order, saying:

@MayorOfLA  might be the stupidest man in the country. He is certainly the worst mayor of Los Angeles. I’m not wearing a mask dude

And on the other coast, Chris Mullen (@chrisNJnow) tweeted:

You can stay inside.  I’m going to the beach and I’m not wearing a mask. Get a grip.

While Twitter user Avenge Flynn Now (@k_ovfefe2) pointed out in a May 15 tweet:

President Trump said he gave people the option to wear a mask or not when they're outside, which explains why some people are wearing them and some aren't.

And Big Vern (@BigVern17854769) responded:

Isn't it amazing how Freedom and Liberty works? #NoMask

As the unconstitutional lockdowns begin to come off, even in anti-liberty strongholds like Democrat-run Los Angeles, other mandates, such as wearing a mask when outdoors, are being imposed. We are interested in what CHQ readers think about wearing a mask – please let us know in the comments below.

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Mask in some places. But stop sabotaging our economy

Masks should be voluntarily 100%

I think one definitely needs to wear a mask in high risk environments such as nursing homes, assisted living homes, etc.

Wearing a mask in a supermarket may be a good idea.

Wearing a mask in the streets is dumb.

Wearing a mask while driving a car alone or with family members - well, the guys are driving mental health of this country to the brink... lmao you have to be a super stupid to wear a mask in your car while alone or with family members

Personally, I would wear an n95 mask on an airplane.

Airplanes have always been a high risk environments.

I'm not saying, "deadly" or anything like that. That's another subject for discussion - we all wish the CDC would report:
1. number of deaths caused by covid, as certified by a lab analysis - with pre-existing medical conditions
2. number of deaths caused by covid, as certified by a lab analysis - without pre-existing medical conditions
3. number of deaths occurred from something else in persons with covid, as certified by a lab analysis - without pre-existing medical conditions
4. number of deaths occurred from something else in persons with covid, as certified by a lab analysis - with pre-existing medical conditions.

Right now all 4 cases are being reported as covid deaths.

Right now if you die from a heart attack, but you had covid, your death will be reported as a covid death.

Going back to masks... non-n95 and non-p100 masks are only marginally helpful - they reduce the exposure - they do not prevent the exposure to covid.

The fabric has microscopic holes that maybe up to 5000 micron large or larger in sheer fabric - but even most of cotton has holes up to 1000 micron, while coronaviruses range in size 80 to 180 microns... So, yeah, in a low virus titre it will reduce your exposure and may help a bit, but....

If you want to know how the deaths are being reported:



Mask of the Red Death

The demand everyone wear a facemask is not rooted in science or the public health. Rather, it is a way to virtue signal, or rather to get the public involved in the delusion. It's a sacrament, a kind of talisman designed to show that you have submitted to the will of the techno authorities and to make you feel "part of the solution". Any cult fully understands the need for such symbolic gestures.

There are gay people who are "bug chasers" - people who want to catch HIV so they are "authentically gay". In many ways this is the inverse, bug fighters. It is to show you are authentically socially minded. It serves little purpose beyond the symbolic.

COVID 19 is not the Black Death. It's not the Spanish flu. Heck; it's just about on a par with the H2N2 Pandemic once we adjust for population growth. We didn't do any of this nonsense. then.

BTW the whole idea of "social distancing" and "shelter in place" came from a 14 year old girl back in 2006.

As the great C.S. Lewis stated:

"In other words, do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation. Believe me, dear sir or madam, you and all whom you love were already sentenced to death before the atomic bomb was invented: and quite a high percentage of us were going to die in unpleasant ways. We had, indeed, one very great advantage over our ancestors – anaesthetics; but we have that still. It is perfectly ridiculous to go about whimpering and drawing long faces because the scientists have added one more chance of painful and premature death to a world which already bristled with such chances and in which death itself was not a chance at all, but a certainty.

This is the first point to be made: and the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together. If we are all going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb when it comes find us doing sensible and human things – praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts – not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies (a microbe can do that) but they need not dominate our minds."

End quote.

And indeed the hollow men of the modern era live in an age so wealthy, so ordered and prosperous that they have to seek out hardships for themselves. Baby Boomers knew they weren't the men their fathers were, so invented horrors they could suffer through (like the Vietnam War, which was hardly WWII) and the Millenials now have COVID 19. In the end this is no worse than any other pandemic but the way we are responding to it bespeaks a very different mindset, one where the populace is conflating something into an apocalyptical disaster. That way they can claim they really did suffer like those who were so unfortunate in history. But it's largely a thing of the mind; it's a fantasy of experiencing titanic world events when all you are experiencing is a rather nasty flu bug.


Saw on a box of new masks that stated: These masks will not stop you from getting the Covid19 Virus.
Law suite warning?
Or, confirmation it does not work as such.
I only wear a special mask for painting a car.
Otherwise, I made a driving trip from Calif to Florida in late April, no mask ever. My immune system is still functioning as God designed it.

No Mask

Where is the data to support wearing a mask to prevent any coronavirus? I tend to accept what Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Delores J. Cahill, and the late D.A. Henderson stated in support of the uselessness of wearing a cloth mask. Sorry, no can do when it comes to wearing a silly cloth mask.


Even before the 2019 Wuhan virus, there’s been controversy about face masks. I think the many governors and bureaucrats that have ordered wearing face masks in public makes this issue much simpler. No more religious or security controversy over face covering in airports, banks, or convenience stores; even on Halloween. There’s also the added advantages of showing civic mindedness; though some may prefer to describe mask wearing as obedient compliance.
Emergency face mask wearing orders should be obeyed indefinitely without the need for legislative oversight. After all, emergencies allow us to go beyond mere virtue signaling. But if someday some government agency gives us papers that allow us to not wear a face mask because we’ve received the latest mandatory vaccination, I think we should wear a face mask anyway as a way to thank those bureaucrats for their service.
Of course, many citizens might tire of wearing face masks while waiting for a corona virus cure. Today’s penalties are proving inadequate. To be effective, face mask enforcement should require immediate arrest and thirty days in jail. I know some may be concerned that there is not enough jail space. While we are expanding jail facilities we can release those who are imprisoned for lesser offenses than failure to wear a face mask. Maybe we could start by releasing those first who wore a face mask during their last crime.
We can figure this out together. After all, the United States leads the world with 655 per 100,000 imprisoned.
Anonymous Mask ;-)

I am not sick, since wearing

I am not sick, since wearing a mask is supposed to protect others from my having the virus why should I have to wear one. When the swine flu was killing more, people didn't stay home, unless sick and business did not all close.
If I remember right schools had as much as 30% of students staying home because of the flu. Didn't all close.
I'm not wearing a mask, if a private business requires one I will spend my money elsewhere.

Wearing Masks

Having spent 20 years nursing in operating rooms, wearing masks full-time I am aware of what they do and when they are needed. As studies found it takes 30 minutes of close contact in a closed environment to have significant risk of viral exposure, I DO NOT wear a mask outdoors. Unless required by store owner, I do not wear a mask in any building I do not intend to be inside for at least 30 minutes. Grocery store- no, hair salon where I spend over an hour- yes.
The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is: When you are out in public NEVER touch your face, and remember to wash your hands frequently. I do not like this mask obsession because I believe wearing them actually causes inexperienced people to touch their faces MORE than they would without them. People get a false sense of security when wearing masks or gloves, and end up contaminating themselves MORE with these protective items than if they didn't use them at all.

Reminds me of Jaws the movie

Wear them or not - this reminds me of the movie Jaws and whether or not to open up the beaches.

On the wearing of masks

In order to comply with the rules of a private business or church, and in order to show love and concern for a neighbor, I will wear a mask indoors upon request.

That said, I oppose the public wearing of masks as a matter of principle, and certainly do not feel that government has the right to make me do so.

The fascinating article linked below persuaded me that God intends human beings to enjoy the blessing of face-to-face relationship and communication.

Just as we would never wear a mask at home with our spouse, so too we should never be required to wear one in any setting where real communication is essential. This would injure the shalom, or community well-being, that God designs for his kids.

We are in trouble today because we listened to the contradictory views of governmental "experts", instead of Scripture, common sense, and basic constitutional principles.

While there may rare occasions when a mask is required, the basic principles of our life together militate against wearing a mask in public, or being required to do so by the powers that be.

As a free-born American, I have a right to look you in the face and enjoy your smile!