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Conservatives Rally Behind Admiral Ronny Jackson In Texas Congressional District 13 GOP Primary Runoff

Ronny Jackson and Trump
In the wake of CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie’s endorsement of Admiral Ronny Jackson for the open seat created by the retirement of Republican Congressman Mac Thornberry the conservative movement has begun to coalesce behind Admiral Jackson’s candidacy.

The latest major conservative group to join CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie in backing Admiral Jackson is the pro-economic liberty Club for Growth PAC.

Club for Growth PAC announced the endorsement of the retired Navy admiral and former White House physician, in the Republican primary runoff for Texas’ 13th Congressional District which will be held on July 14. Patrick Svitek of The Texas Tribune published an exclusive report on the endorsement.

 “We are proud to join President Trump in endorsing Ronny Jackson, a principled, pro-growth conservative and former presidential physician who served our country in uniform as an admiral in the U.S. Navy,” said David McIntosh, President of Club for Growth PAC.

Editor’s Note: Club for Growth PACs support conservatives in key elections across the country. In 2018, Club for Growth PACs won 85% races in the election while maintaining 8.9% overhead.

President Trump endorsed Jackson in February, and in 2016 Trump defeated Hillary Clinton 80% to 17% in the district.

According to Mr. Svitek of The Texas Tribune, Admiral Jackson has picked up runoff endorsements from several statewide conservative groups like Texas Right to Life, as well as a couple of veterans groups and Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. Jackson recently rolled out the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers of Ohio, a fellow veteran who served as the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee during the 2018 election cycle.

The July 14 Texas runoff election (postponed from May 26) is fast approaching and one of the most important opportunities to elect a MAGA conservative to Congress is in the Lone Star State’s Thirteenth District, where retired Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is facing-off against lobbyist Josh Winegarner.

When President Trump tweeted his endorsement of Admiral Jackson he said:

I hope we can get Admiral @RonnyJackson4TX of Texas, who served our Country so well, into the runoff election in #TX13! Ronny is strong on Crime and Borders, GREAT for our Military and Vets, and will protect your #2A. Get out and vote for Ronny on Tuesday, March 3rd!

Jackson made the runoff on the strength of his strong stand for the MAGA agenda, particularly defending our borders, an area where the Republican establishment, represented by Mr. Winegarner, has been notoriously weak.

As a candidate for Congress, Admiral Jackson has continued to advocate MAGA policies and defend President Trump, most recently when appearing on Sean Hannity’s prime time program discussing the Chinese virus epidemic.

In a panel on President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Jackson, a doctor, praised the President’s actions and said he believes the President has made the right choice on the response to the pandemic so far.

“I’m proud that he’s acted so quickly and decisively on all of this,” Jackson said.

As David Gray observed for LubbockOnline, Ronny Jackson has a unique perspective on this pandemic worldwide. As a military doctor Jackson said there have been opportunities for other diseases to have this impact in the past, including the Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, and the Ebola virus. And, as we learned from, and overcame those diseases we will learn from and overcome COVID-19.

At a time when Congress seems to be owned by special interests, and every bill is an opportunity for pork or a bailout, the last person we need in Congress is another lobbyist. Admiral Jackson is a breath of fresh air for conservatives looking for candidates who support the MAGA agenda, and who are not beholden to any industry or lobby group.

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