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Assault on America, Day 512: Identity politics is the prison Grampa Joe can’t hope to escape

Black Turnout Biden VP list
Grampa Joe Biden being held hostage by identity politics and his running mate choice

With Democrat nominee-to-be Grampa Joe Biden still holed up in his basement bunker and showing no signs he’ll end his self-imposed sequestration from public appearances (except to lay a wreath on Memorial Day), media speculation is rampant as to what the near-half century experienced septuagenarian DC swamp dweller is actually up to.

Since he’s obviously not all that busy, many reason Biden is working long hours culling his short-list of anxious would-be vice president candidates. Since Joe himself announced in March that he would choose a woman for the role, the mentally slipping pol did the media a favor by eliminating at least half (if not more) of the political possibilities in one fell swoop. With the calendar rapidly moving towards June it’s conceivable Joe could announce his selection in the next few weeks.

Who will it be? Does anyone -- other than diehard liberal anti-Trump ideological robots -- really care which woman he ends up with? Niall Stanage reported at The Hill, “Joe Biden’s search for a running mate is heating up — and so too is the pressure on the presumptive Democratic nominee from activists who want to see their ideology and identity reflected in his pick.

“Biden has committed to selecting a woman as his running mate — a promise that, if kept, will deliver only the third female vice-presidential candidate in the history of the two major parties…

“Biden, a 77-year-old white man, is firmly entrenched within the party’s center-left establishment. Some voices in the party would be quite happy to see him choose someone cut from similar cloth, such as [Senator Amy] Klobuchar. But others insist that Biden needs to bring excitement to the ticket — and that one obvious way to do so would be to choose an African American or Latina running mate.”

Excitement? Even assuming Biden’s choice would raise the pulse level of some folks, the emotion wouldn’t linger long. Stanage did his homework and listed all of the women Biden’s purportedly vetting. They are, in no particular order, Senators Amy Klobuchar (MN), Kamala Harris (CA), Elizabeth Warren (MA), Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), Representative Val Demings (FL), Governors Gretchen Whitmer (MI) and Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM), former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice and Georgia gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams, who doesn’t currently have a day job other than touting herself as an identity-politics smart choice.

To make it easier to “identify them” above, I’ve left white chicks without emphasis, black chicks in bold and Hispanic or others in italics. Helpful?

We can’t be certain this is an inclusive list since it doesn’t contain Hillary Clinton’s name, and she must be part of any conversation involving Democrat politics.

The real question is, are any of these gals “woman enough” to adequately satisfy radical fems of their bona fides? Identity politics is king (or queen?) in Democrat-land, but it’s an extremely arduous standard to meet. Human beings with male genitalia need not apply, unless there’s an avowed transgender out there somewhere who “identifies” as a woman yet had an “M” on his/her birth certificate. Who knows, maybe Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner is on the docket as well…?

It's stupid, isn’t it? To begin with, identity politics makes no sense. For the groups pushing Biden to choose an ethnic minority woman because African-American and Hispanics (respectively) need to feel relaxed with their “experience,” then logically speaking, a white working class voter in the rust belt shouldn’t have put his or her faith in Barack Obama for two terms, because the Illinois senator with Hawaiian birth most definitely was not Caucasian. It is true that Obama’s mother was white, but he never “identified” as anything other than being black.

Yet those pale pigmented life-long Democrats opted for Obama in such large numbers that states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin never hinted they’d secede from the solid blue wall as they eventually did in 2016 (when whiter than white Hillary Clinton was the bigger government party nominee). Why the hypocrisy? They’d vote for a black man but not a white woman? Or is it because of Clinton’s gender? Huh?

Yes, it is confusing, but this is attempting to explain how adding a non-white face to the ticket would help drive Democrat voter enthusiasm, unless you’re one of the millions of dopes in the world who earnestly believes that better politics comes from dwelling on surface characteristics rather than what a candidate believes in between his or her ears.

Much has been said and written over the years about how schools and various organizations can sanction “(Ethnic or religious minority) students” associations but if an overly ambitious pale individual proposed a “Christian student association for those with northern European ancestry”, it wouldn’t be tolerated because it reeks of racism and prejudice versus black and brown people. But say a white student attends an inner-city school where the surrounding neighborhood -- and student population -- is 80 percent black and Hispanic? Would Elon Musk (from South Africa) have been permitted to join an African-American group at the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) even though he’s sallow as a white Tesla car?

What is it these “brown people for Biden’s VP” groups are really after? Power, plain and simple. If Grampa Joe chooses Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams or Val Demings as his running mate and potential vice president, they see better future prospects for access to the Oval Office. And let’s face it, with doddering Joe seemingly much older than his 77-years, they’re licking their chops at the likelihood of another black president. Or the first Hispanic president. Or heck, they’ll dredge up an Asian woman somewhere and bill her as the best prospect for renewed relations with Communist China.

On the last note, one would think Rep. Tulsi Gabbard would be under consideration, too, because she’s an ethnic minority (Samoan-American), a non-Christian (Hindu) and viewed in some circles as a Bernie Sanders-supporting leftist who also appeals to centrists. Add the fact she’s (very) attractive, well-spoken and hasn’t completely shunned right-leaning media outlets like Fox News and you’ve got a winner. She’s young, too, meaning she’s appealing in the identity politics sense to youthful voters!

But heck no! Only rabid anti-Trump haters need apply to be Grampa Joe’s number two. Gabbard voted “present” on Nancy Pelosi’s and Adam Schiff’s articles of impeachment, more than enough justification to disqualify her! And her foreign policy views wouldn’t gel with the Democrat establishment’s -- she’s too pro military. Therefore, Tulsi’s not ethnic, nor radical fem enough.

Besides, isn’t it the most racist thing in the world to claim that a member of a certain racial group is somehow superior to the others because of genetics and national origin? Again, does it work both ways? In 2016, what if Donald Trump said he selected Mike Pence as his running mate because the GOP candidate considered a white man from the Midwest to be the prime ethnicity to attract white voters? Or if President Trump said he tabbed Ben Carson for his cabinet because a black man would stir “excitement” overseeing the Department of Housing and Urban Development?

The media affixed the race/gender motivation to Trump anyhow. Of course, to the media, a racist like Trump would never consider anyone other than a white male to run with him despite having a healthy contingent of minorities and females to select from within the Republican Party. Ted Cruz chose Carly Fiorina, remember? Why not favor Marco Rubio? Weren’t there polls back then that showed a Trump-Rubio ticket was unbeatable?

Whatever. Trump brought Pence onboard and by every objective measurement, it was the right call. And whomever Grampa Joe picks, some coalition or conglomeration will say they’ve been slighted. There’s no winning in identity politics, period. Who knows? Maybe the snubbed people will just ignore reality and claim they won anyway? There’s precedent for it.

All heck will break loose if Biden doesn’t beg at the identity politics altar

If Biden doesn’t go with Abrams or Harris or Demings, the African-American groups promoting them might still claim one of them is the actual running mate and Biden suppressed the vote in his own head to pass by them. Then, everyone will pretend that Abrams is the nominee -- like they swear she’s the real elected governor of Georgia now -- and go about the country as though they “won”. It’s the power of make-believe.

Perhaps Russian agents will recognize the discontent and foment confusion on social media by posting comments about racism and sexism. Disinformation worked in the 2016 campaign (to pit Americans against each other), why couldn’t it just as easily thrive this year? The Chinese will add their lies about American leaders creating and spreading the novel coronavirus because they despise non-white people, primarily Asians, Africans and South Americans. The Iranian mullahs will send out press releases about Americans excluding Muslims.

It also wouldn’t take a great leap of logic to anticipate a huge catfight at the Democrat virtual convention if Grampa Joe names white as snow Amy Klobuchar for the job. Two “moderate” (according to them) white people couldn’t hope to represent the party of “diversity” and proud champions of identity politics. Would Kamala Harris dredge up her “that girl was me” sad sap busing story and affix it to Biden’s and Klobuchar’s foreheads?

When the moment arrives, Democrats and their media allies will claim Biden made the perfect decision to appeal to groups X, Y and Z and it’ll be peace and love for a day or two until the identity politics people get ahold of the narrative and start fomenting dissatisfaction at being excluded. The Democrat fortress is built on a foundation of sand. Watch and smile as it erodes away.

Is the Biden campaign hiding Obama or holding him in reserve for the final push?

For those paying attention you’ve noticed Barack Obama’s name and mug showing up a lot more frequently lately. Grampa Joe’s former boss and bosom chum waited a long time to endorse the certain party nominee, but now there’s talk of the big “O” hitting the campaign road for Joe and reminding people of how great the Obama years were under the two of them. Or something like that. Emily Larsen reported at The Washington Examiner, “Former President Barack Obama's efforts to elect Joe Biden president so far have been limited to a mid-April livestream endorsement. The restraint is likely deliberate.

“’You can't overuse him,’ said Democratic strategist Moe Vela, who worked as a senior adviser for Biden when he was vice president under Obama. ‘It has to be done methodically and strategically and wisely.’

“While Obama had a rocky downturn in public opinion polls in his second term, he is now viewed favorably by a majority of voters and a beloved figure in the Democratic Party, to the point that insiders fantasize about his wife Michelle Obama becoming Biden’s running mate despite knowing she has no interest in the job.”

Yes, Michelle Obama’s name should’ve appeared on the list above as a potential Biden cohort, though there hasn’t been much buzz about it lately. Barack’s recent public appearances were strategically timed to make it appear as though the party is united and all behind the grand effort to oust President Trump from the Oval Office and install Grampa Joe in his place.

Personally, the more Obama is part of the equation the greater the likelihood Trump wins another term. Not only is the former president still a controversy-stirring hypocrite, when stationed besides Grampa Joe he makes the latter seem even more ancient and less capable. Barack was as crooked as they come but at least he’s articulate and presents a workable public facade.

The liberal establishment media would ignore the growing scandal surrounding Obama and his top people (including Grampa Joe), but they won’t be able to talk around grand jury deliberations and hopefully, indictments.

The average Democrat voter doesn’t care about such things but it will serve as a distraction. The Obama years weren’t exactly known for calm serenity. Think Americans want to go through it all again?

Democrats believe identity politics is the key to selecting the perfect running mate for Grampa Joe Biden, but it’s really a fortified jail cell without possibility of escape. There isn’t a woman on earth that will satisfy every Democrat interest group, so instead of making everyone happy, Biden’s choice will tick people off.

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Little Excitement

I doubt that Biden will generate much excitement with his VP pick. Especially since he has already committed to picking a female. The problem for Joe is that, if the voters (especially Dem voters) wanted a female in the White House, they had 6 female candidates running: Warren, Klobuchar, Gabbard, Gillibrand, Harris, Marianne Williamson. None of them came close to winning. Warren chalked up her failure to sexism in the Democrat Party. So how do they turn around and now assume a female VP is the way to go? Isn't it a downgrade from where they were in 2016, a female leading the ticket? How about for excitement, he picks Bernie? That would get the Bernie Bros back in the game. That would be wiser than picking someone like Stacy Abrams, whose claim to fame (or infamy) is losing the Governor's election in Georgia. Has she ever conceded in that race, by the way? She made a big fuss about the election being stolen or whatever. She has said the current governor is not legitimate. Why someone with this character is being considered is beyond me. If Trump lost the election and acted the way she has (which they predicted, by the way), you can imagine all the flak he would catch, from fellow Republicans among others. There was a story long ago about Obama's plan to deal with Trump not accepting his loss, had it happened. It involved getting Republicans like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Colin Powell, and Condi Rice to tell Trump he lost and it's over. Abrams has been the sore loser in her race and yet, Abrams is eligible for a promotion in Democrat land, having never been called out for her lack of respect for our elections. I think Biden is doomed no matter what, so feel free to do whatever. I think it's gonna be Kamala Harris. This would be quite the reversal, as she zinged Biden when he announced, saying he would be a good VP pick. The thing is, if Harris had any juice, it would have been demonstrated in the primaries. She's not giving him anything besides checking the boxes (black, female). The same boxes voters didn't care about months ago.