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Bob Good Wins - Conservatives Take Back Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District

Bob Good for Congress
In a stunning defeat reminiscent of conservative Dave Bratt’s defeat of incumbent House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, full spectrum conservative Bob Good defeated incumbent RINO Congressman Denver Riggleman in the Fifth District Republican Convention.

Editor’s Note: For some key votes where we disagreed with Rep. Riggleman see our article “Riggleman Betrays Virginia Workers With Immigration Stands.”

Although conventions are usually thought to favor the establishment and incumbents the margin wasn’t even close – Bob Good booked 58 percent of the vote to Riggleman’s 42 percent.

Although conservatives pulled out all the stops to help save the seat in 2018, Riggleman quickly came under fire for abandoning the conservative positions he allegedly held. He particularly incensed conservatives by walking away from the conservative positions on immigration and the border wall.

Riggleman’s sprint away from the beliefs of his Virginia constituents caused the Rappahannock County Republican Party to censure Riggleman, accusing the freshman GOP congressman of “abandoning party principles” on fiscal spending, foreign policy and immigration.

However, Riggleman, in a bizarre defense that hurt him rather than helped him, argued the censure was intended "to punish" the congressman after he officiated a same-sex wedding.

“This censure in Rappahannock is part of an ongoing effort to punish Denver Riggleman for his recent officiation of a same-sex wedding. Denver Riggleman has an excellent conservative voting record that has brought jobs back to the 5th district,” Riggleman’s government paid spokesman Joe Chelak told The Hill in a statement after the censure.

What Riggleman and other alleged Republicans like him never seem to understand is that their constituents are looking for leaders who will stand for the full spectrum of conservative policy, not treat conservative principles as a smorgasbord from which they can pick and choose at their convenience.

After hearing from Fifth District activists, here are a few takeaways from the campaign:

  • * Republican voters are not children to be led this way or that by a Pied Piper. President Trump’s full-throated endorsement of Riggleman did not matter to voters in this pro-Trump, conservative district. They were able to remain pro-Trump and anti-Riggleman at the same time. Will the president get the message? Stay out of primaries or conventions when both candidates are pro-Trump. Respect the will of the people.

  • * The primary issue in this campaign was immigration. Denver Riggleman voted over and again to import hundreds of thousands of foreign workers for the H2B and other alphabet soup visa programs. President Trump campaigned on American jobs for American workers! Will Republican members of Congress get the message? Vote for more foreign workers and you’ll be voted out of office!

  • * Denver Riggleman voted with most Democrats to censure the president when he justifiably redeployed our troops away from the Syria-Turkey border - therein protecting their lives as well as avoiding the risk of involving the USA in a wider war in Syria. As it turned out, Trump’s decision was vindicated within weeks, in which time he successfully eliminated the terror leader Al-Baghdadi.

Instead of keeping out of it, Riggleman also voted to take sides in the Saudi-Yemen war.

Denver Riggleman is a military interventionist, a leftover from the discredited Endless War faction of both political parties.

Trump campaigned on ending the endless wars. Riggleman was out of step with the new America First doctrine. The voters saw it and voted accordingly.

  • * Riggleman voted for the Orwellian named Freedom Reauthorization Act. Conservative voters in VA-5 don’t want their 4th amendment rights undermined or dismantled. Riggleman’s vote for this bill brought former congressman Tom Garrett out of his neutral position - endorsing Bob Good.

We doubt any conservative who worked in Riggleman’s hard-fought 2018 campaign expected they would have to turn around and work to defeat him in 2020 but Mr. Riggleman brought this on himself.

Lesson to Republican lawmakers - if you vote to weaken or undermine the Constitution you will be challenged and voted out of office.

Bob Good is a great candidate, a man of integrity, wisdom and grace. He worked his heart out. Outspent more than ten to one, he never wavered, never doubted that our system of self-governance can work if we the people roll up our sleeves and make it work. Most of all, he had a profound respect for and confidence in his fellow citizens.

Riggleman’s apologists in the press and on the Hill will try to explain away his defeat by blaming the voters’ reaction to his presiding over a gay marriage instead of their reaction to his votes in Congress. As if - had he only not presided over that wedding all of his votes would have been ignored, everything would have been just fine and there would never have been a challenge.

As if great issues of war and peace, of protecting American jobs and preserving the privacy and liberties enshrined in our constitution are just trivia.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to do all they can to support Bob Good in the November election. Virginia is Ground Zero for taking back America, and electing Bob Good to Congress will be key to building a limited government constitutional conservative majority in the US House of Representatives.

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