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Assault on America, Day 593: The boring Joe & Kamala show to be four days of Trump bashing

Kamala Harris
Will the Democrat convention be the “Joe Show” or the coronation of Kamala?

Newly minted Democrat vice president candidate Kamala Harris beamed like a school girl last week when she was formally introduced to the nation as Joe Biden’s number two. Freshy redone using a talented hair stylist and generous application of makeup to appear twenty years younger, the 55-year-old Harris looked positively giddy sitting on a socially distanced chair while the nominee-to-be waxed poetically about her background, then appeared to leap forward and take command when it was her turn at the microphone.

Gone were Harris’s scowls, smirks and nasty gazes that were staples during the Democrat primary campaign a year ago, the longtime California prosecutor and eventual state Attorney General determined back then to prove she was more than tough enough to take on the seasoned rhetorical brawler President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

It’s old news by now, but Harris was viewed by many liberals as the up-and-comer of the 2020 Democrat field, the alleged female version of Barack Obama who would wow people with her good looks, sharp command of the leftist agenda and aggressive anti-conservative-anything persona who could scare the warts off a toad as long as the homely amphibian donned a Trump or GOP t-shirt. Or was a nominee to the Supreme Court (ask Brett Kavanaugh what he thinks of her media described fairness and non-partisan “moderation”). The California senator distinguished herself in late 2018 when she assumed the role of upper chamber interrogator in chief.

Oh yeah, the liberal commentators hooted over Kavanaugh’s pain. It was sick. The Golden State African-American woman was seen as a shoe-in to contend in the 2020 race because she could conceivably dominate several of the so-called ideological running lanes. She was certainly leftist/socialistic enough to potentially elbow out Bernie Sanders for the kook fringe’s favor, possessed much darker skin tone and was just as female as Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren to vie for the screeching and angry feminist slice of the pie, a multi-ethnic minority who would check all the identity-politics boxes, all the while being wholly acceptable to the party establishment whose leaders just wanted a warm body to beat Trump.

(Note: Granted the warm body part was barely satisfied by the eventual winner, Biden.)

But instead of breaking out of the pack and establishing herself as a leading contender from the outset, Harris slowly faded in the race, becoming a single-digit polling also-ran within the span of a few months. Kamala’s “That little girl was me” moment in the primary campaign’s first candidates debate rocketed her into a prominent place in pundits’ deliberations over who would prevail in the 20+ field of hopefuls.

She couldn’t stay there. By late summer/early fall it was evident there was no “there” there with realism-demanding Iowa and New Hampshire citizens. Harris was famously overheard saying, “I’m f**king moving to Iowa” in September in an attempt to both jumpstart and salvage her flailing effort, but to no avail. When coupled with a series of poor or unappealing debate performances, Harris’s mission was toast.

Of course it didn’t help that her own rotten temperament and spotty record was pecked apart by her competitors. Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the field’s other authentic woman of color and a Hindu to boot, instigated Harris’s downward spiral by simply pointing out that as Attorney General, Kamala seemed to take delight in putting undeserving people in prison and using the system for her own political gain.

While Harris was being exposed as an empty pantsuit by her own party members, Democrat primary voters seemed more enthralled with the tried and true proven socialism of Sanders, the fresh-faced boyish wholesomeness (not!) of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (who would’ve been the first openly homosexual major party presidential candidate, a huge deal to the “what you are” not “who you are” liberal constituencies), the aw-shucks Midwestern authenticity of Amy Klobuchar, the genuine and heartfelt feminist rage of Warren and eventually, after the Democrat ruling elites got involved, the establishment safety of rickety old Joe Biden.

Nothing Harris did appeared to revive the initial enthusiasm for her candidacy. In a move that surprised no one, Kamala dropped out of the race in December, two months before the first votes were to be cast in the Iowa caucuses. Some claimed it was “shocking” to see her give up so soon, but here’s thinking it was smart on her part. Rather than being further bludgeoned, bruised and humiliated as an unelectable forlorn harpy, Harris could immediately start campaigning for the VP slot (no matter who won). And it worked!

Democrat voters loved the idea of having a black woman as president, they just didn’t like Kamala Harris. It’s side-splitting laughable to see party honks and their media enablers singing her praises now, like her resurrection was the arrival of a political savior.

It's only a matter of time before the same Harris that was shunned late last year emerges on the campaign trail. When forced to do a lot of the in-person campaigning because of doddering Biden’s delicate health condition, it’ll be harder and harder for the demonstrated hag to maintain that bright grin we saw on her face last week. Despite the overt effort of the establishment media to try and fend off any serious questions regarding her personal past (being Willie Brown’s patronage enjoying mistress, etc.) and the enormous holes in her record, Kamala will face a gauntlet of opposition.

And how about the plethora of personal position departures with the nominee himself? There are more than enough confrontations between Harris and Biden (during the primary season) to fuel any number of TV and internet ads. There wasn’t much “chemistry” when it counted -- and it’s nauseating to see the way they’re feigning fondness for each other now. Seriously, is it even possible to see Kamala in a “likable” light? I’d rather hug a Saguaro cactus infected with the CCP virus than that compromised crone.

With the Democrat convention running this week, be prepared for her former rivals to gush over Kamala Harris, conveniently pushing to the side any animosity or intense criticism of the woman who very well could be president someday if liberals can somehow hide Biden’s more obvious flaws until Election Day -- and they can keep him breathing. It’s a herculean task, for sure. But perhaps even more dauting is the challenge to make Harris look friendly and personable in the public’s eyes. Smart money says it ain’t happenin’.

Conventions are what they are, but this one promises to be particularly malicious

No reasonable political observer expects Democrats and Republicans to like each other or take the proverbial highroad and refrain from over-the-top criticism during their quadrennial made-for-TV conventions. But this year it’s likely to get really unpleasant as the minority party demonizes and defiles the president of the United States who’s running for reelection.

Conservatives have become conditioned to a non-stop diet of “Orange Man Bad” whenever Democrats step forward to speak, but after four years of Trump and his combative, punch-back swamp tweaking bluntness, liberals are mighty desperate now. How much so? They’re concocting absurd conspiracy theories and planning to enlist the military to physically remove Trump regardless of the balloting outcome in two and a half months.

It's ugly. In a piece titled, “Coup porn: Resistance sees military removing Trump from office,” Byron York wrote at The Washington Examiner, “[P]erhaps the theorizing about Trump refusing to leave, which in turn would justify military action, is the final product of a deep frustration among those in the Resistance. At this point, they have thrown everything they have at him. Years of investigations. Unprecedented leaks of U.S. intelligence. Media treatment that has been negative beyond measure. And then, they tried impeachment, the constitutionally prescribed means of removing him from office during his term. That, too, failed.

“Now, in November, comes the final constitutionally prescribed means of removing the president. At the moment, the polls give Biden a substantial lead. If Biden wins (even if it comes after a vote-counting process that is long and rocky), a reasonable look at Trump's history suggests he will leave office like every other president. But for some, there could be something unsatisfying about a scenario in which a hated president simply loses and leaves. So, coup porn has appeared. Perhaps for some people, it fills a deep-seated need. But for others, it is a terrifying glimpse of the abandonment of basic constitutional principles.”

It's important to read the entirety of York’s story to grasp how crazy and anxious Democrats are today. Like little children bickering over who gets the first ice cream cone -- and if they’re the last few in line, worrying that they won’t get one -- liberals are taking irrational notions to their logical extremes. Retired military men are even publishing articles speculating on how much force will be needed to get Trump to leave office if he comes up short on Election Day.

Would rank-and-file military men and women really rally behind Joe Biden and risk their lives to install the half-century experienced corrupted swamp dweller as their commander in chief? Kurt Schlichter thinks the top bass would go along with it, but the lower ranks? I’m guessing not.

The fact they’re even contemplating a bloodbath in the streets of Washington is completely nuts (at least when Black Lives Matter and Antifa aren’t causing it). Because Republicans and conservatives tend to honor their Second Amendment rights, the crackpots reason there’s no way his supporters would accept a Biden presidency and they’ll engage in kamikaze-like suicide runs at bazooka wielding army men to defend their man. They envision the extremists barricading themselves in the White House with rifles at the ready, awaiting the paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne to drop in anytime with Grampa Joe Biden in tow.

As York suggested above, there’s absolutely nothing in Trump’s time in the presidency to indicate he’d refuse to abdicate if he is legitimately defeated. As it usually is, this is all about power. Because Trump steadfastly declines to capitulate ahead of time, the bitter and impulsive Democrats prepare to leap off a ledge. Trump similarly refused to agree to support the eventual GOP nominee (if he lost in the primary campaign) and his “wait and see” attitude towards the end of the 2016 campaign got the media squawking.

Instead, it was Hillary Clinton and her party that wouldn’t let the matter go. Sure, the Chardonnay soaked loser finally officially gave up the morning after Election Day four years ago, but her handlers were busy working behind the scenes to stoke the fires of “Russian collusion” and phony fears that Trump was Vladimir Putin’s puppet and there were ruskie agents behind a curtain somewhere poking pins into an orange haired voodoo doll in case the new president didn’t do everything the diminutive dictator ordered him to do.

Democrats will play up the angle to the nth degree this week to try and frighten Americans into overlooking the glaring deficiencies in their issue platform and the less than capable leadership qualities at the top of the ticket. The average person -- if any will even watch -- will stare incredulously ahead as party speakers dump on the president and beg uncontrollably for voters to restore them to full control of the White House and Congress.

The only thing missing will be cult zombies with eyes rolled back in their heads throwing fits and suffering through convulsions on the floor. Or maybe we’ll see some of that too, depending on whether Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the rest of “The Squad” shows up. Ilhan Omar might call for America to be dissolved right there and then. You never know. It could happen.

With little or no audience applause to interrupt, will the speeches be shorter?

I have no idea what kind of live audience the Democrat speakers can expect (all will speak remotely in their home states), but it’s certain to be a micro-fraction of the screaming throngs of partisans that usually populate a political convention. At times, speeches can drag on and on, due in part to the constant interruptions from applause but also the arrogance of speakers who just want to prolong the moment.

With few or none onlookers tonight, will the addresses be shorter? How will both parties deal with the lack of noise and “buzz” generated by thousands of juiced-up activists?

Major League Baseball has accounted for the clamor (or lack thereof) problem with cardboard cutouts and piped in crowd noise. Will the Democrats do the same? Will a smiling and waving, life-sized cutout of Barack Obama be standing in the background? Can’t wait to find out!

For those curious, here’s a lineup from CBS News. Watch if you dare!

In the age of COVID-19, this week’s Democrat convention is certain to be like no other. There are plenty of storylines -- will Joe Biden stay awake? Will Kamala Harris be able to convince people she really is a warm, likeable human being? Does anyone care? Can Democrats go two minutes without digging into Donald Trump? We’re about to find out.

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