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Assault on America, Day 602: RNC vs. DNC, Day 2: Republicans finally get message on messaging

Melania Trump
Positive signs that Republicans have gotten the message on messaging

First lady Melania Trump (presidential children Tiffany and Eric Trump spoke earlier) headlined the Republican National Convention’s day two line-up on Tuesday night and her message, along with most of the other speakers, largely furthered the GOP’s positive theme established on Monday evening. Again, the program served as a stark contrast to the world-is-collapsing four segments at the DNC’s infomercial/telethon last week.

One thing that’s been refreshing -- and a bit surprising -- through the first two days of Republican cheerleading is its decidedly optimistic tone. Whereas it’s often argued that negative ads buy you the most bang for your campaign media buck, there’s a feeling among GOPers this year that they’re tired of the glass-half-empty lecturing and secular sermonizing of the Democrats and seek to reassure voters that there’s another alternative to what’s taking place in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Chicago, New York and (name a Democrat controlled blue city here).

Ever since Barack Obama was elected in 2008, the left’s assault on Americans’ normally sunny outlook has been unceasing. Major professional sports used to offer a respite from cancel culture and the invisible shackles of cultural deterioration, but athletes, ownership and league management already appear to have surrendered to the hate-everything mob. Just the other day, for example, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he regrets not giving more credence and attention to the cop-bashing, American flag trashing Colin Kaepernick in 2016 when he instigated the downward slide. Goodell -- and Kaepernick -- should’ve spoke at the DNC.

Somehow, some way, American liberals have come to believe that doom and gloom motivates people, and that keeping a haze hovering over the country is a good thing, like citizens will be more willing to surrender their rights to the central governing authority if they’re depressed. And then in the next breath they’ll claim they’re for “unity” and “bringing people together.”

Americans don’t respond well to the all-darkness-all-the-time attitudes of so-called political leaders. A brief look back at history shows the more upbeat worldview almost always prevails in elections. It’s a bit of a contradiction, since opinion polls almost always show Americans thinking the country is on the wrong track, and at least these days, nearly all politicians’ unfavorable ratings rise above their favorables.

But that doesn’t mean people act on those negative impulses when choosing between candidates. A brighter point of view usually wins. Ronald Reagan’s pro-America campaign countered Jimmy Carter’s “Malaise” line of argument. Who wants to be told that the party’s over and everyone should just go home? Shouldn’t we look towards the future? Four years ago, Trump staked his candidacy on Make America Great Again. A lot of people had issues with his personality -- but his message resonated with millions. As the quadrennial convention goes into its third day, the effort seems to be working again.

It’s hard to sustain a lie for a long time, which is what Democrats and their media allies have attempted to do with the Trump-is-responsible-for-COVID-19 pandemic panic. Nancy Pelosi is out there trying to pin other things to Trump, calling him the “Enemy of the State.” Is this really going to draw people in?

Here’s thinking Democrats are digging their own electoral grave.

Strength of Trump family dominates on Tuesday night

As would be expected, when the First Lady speaks at the party convention, all eyes are on her. And when said lady is the beautiful Melania Trump, it’s an easy thing to watch her. As a professional model, the woman exudes elegance and poise. But it’s not just the way Melania carries herself, it’s how her sincerity shines through. She’s the anti-Michelle Obama.

Last week, Barack Obama’s wife claimed to “hate politics” but had zero problem with presenting a full-throated ultra-political appeal to displace the current president in favor of doddering Grampa Joe Biden. This week, Melania Trump spoke from the White House Rose Garden and touched on the themes of her service to the nation. There were the perfunctory appeals to reelect her husband, but this was not necessarily a campaign pitch as much as a plea to make the country better. As an immigrant, Melania appreciates America’s exceptionalism.

Melania spoke on her work with children and highlighting the dangers involved with social media. She called on the media to report fairly rather than sensationally. She also talked about what’s going on in the country today with social unrest and the nation’s seeming fixation with racism. She called for honoring our history. Because English is only one of her fluent languages -- Slovenian, English, French, Italian, and German (which if I’m not mistaken, is four more than her husband has mastered) -- her accent is rather thick at times. But her message still comes across crystal clear.

Michelle Obama is often credited with “caring” about America. But it’s a phony kind of caring derived through years of working the system for her own benefit. Melania Trump is real, authentic and realistic. Well done!

Melania’s 25-minute address probably could’ve stood alone on Tuesday night, but three other Trumps (including the president himself) appeared in the lineup. Youngest daughter Tiffany presented a fairly standard convention speech that outlined her father’s accomplishments and concluded with a somber warning echoing the words of Maximo Alvarez from the night before: If America fails, there’s nowhere else to go. Eric Trump appeared in the second hour. What he said wasn’t as noteworthy as how he said it. All the Trump children are go-getters, aren’t they? One can only imagine the wrestling match for speaking time at family get-togethers. Eric is a good family man and says he misses his dad everyday when running the family businesses.

Trump -- Donald senior -- appeared early in the evening with a lengthy ceremony officially pardoning convicted bank robber-turned religious reformer Jon Ponder, an excellent example of redemption and reform. Later on, shortly before Melania spoke, the RNC ran a video of the president presiding at a naturalization ceremony for five new Americans of practically every race, religion and continent of origin. And Democrats say this man hates immigrants?

I believe one reason why the Trumps -- all of them -- play such an important role at the convention is to emphasize the success and service orientation of a wealthy but patriotic American family. But it’s also employed to set a stark contrast to the Bidens, who strode forward through naked corruption and dirty dealings. Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi spoke on how the Biden family (Hunter, et. al.) became rich through charter membership in the DC swamp, led by Grampa Joe the dealmaker. Everyone think Joe is such a great guy now?

The Bidens have so much swamp slime on them it’s a wonder they can even walk. Or slither.

There were far too many good stories of optimism and American pride on Tuesday night to mention in this space, but two stood out to this observer. Planned Parenthood administrator-turned-pro-life activist Abby Johnson spoke on her experiences with the nation’s leading abortion provider (factory?). She said abortion has its own unique “smell.” If Johnson’s story didn’t touch your heart, maybe you don’t have one.

But the strongest “performance” might’ve been Kentucky teen Nick Sandmann’s recounting of the liberal establishment media’s atrocious treatment of his attendance at the 2019 March for Life. Never before has someone been so besmirched for simply standing still with a little smile on his face. Sandmann was run through the politically correct wringer simply because he wore a “Make America Great Again” red hat (which he put on at the end of his talk, filmed at the Lincoln Memorial, site of the incident that unintentionally made him famous). If there’s a greater example of the utter depravity of the media than the way they treated this young man, I’m not aware of it.

Sandmann was terrific. Good work, kid.

Did Grampa Joe do too well in his convention speech last week?

You could almost hear it in the voices of the pundits commenting on Democrat nominee Grampa Joe Biden’s acceptance speech last week upon the conclusion of the party’s virtual convention. Commentators from both sides of the aisle credited Biden with coming through under pressure, meaning the man didn’t trip over his tongue and tumble off the stage.

“Hurrah! Hurrah! Hail to the new president! See, I told you he could make a speech!”

In these strange times when panic over COVID-19 has paralyzed vast swaths of the American population, it’s hard to remember that Biden actually completed the political primary process in order to be given the “honor” of being nominated. In the course of the year-plus long campaign, Grampa Joe had to make lots of speeches and public appearances, many of which ended up being shown on the news (mostly by conservative media outlets) for his latest gaffe-of-the-moment.

To review, in the course of campaigning, Biden called a young female New Hampshire college student a “lying dog faced pony soldier,” challenged an 83-year-old Iowa farmer to a push-up contest, called him fat and also said he was a “damn liar” for inquiring about son Hunter’s shady business deals.

The wonderful Grampa Joe also grabbed an Iowa girl by the arm who dared ask him how many genders there are and after telling her “at least three,” said “Don’t play games with me kid” when she asked him to name them. On another occasion, Biden blubbered that “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” and Democrats choose “Truth over facts.”

In other words, take his teleprompter crutch away from Joe for any length of time and his vaunted speechmaking ability vanishes. More recently he told an African-American media host that “you ain’t black” if you’re dark skinned and considering voting for Donald Trump. And the basement-contained (imprisoned?) Democrat nominee thought it was cool to grant a pander-fest interview to sleazebag rapper Cardi B., the “singer” who’s become famous for her #1 song, W.A.P. (which roughly translated stands for doused/gluteus maximus/female part).

But now that Biden’s (somewhat) silenced critics who argued that he’s so decrepit and out-of-it that he couldn’t string coherent sentences together, it’s removed many of the myriad of excuses the Democrat nominee’s employed to stay hidden away in his basement bunker. Biden’s “great” performance means he’s got to hit the road and campaign now! What to do, Joe?

Michael Goodwin observed at The New York Post, “[T]here is no excuse for [Joe] to hide any longer in his basement. Hidin’ Biden must be a thing of history. He must come out into the sunshine and, while protecting himself from COVID, get on the campaign trail and take his claim to the presidency to the people of America.

“If he can’t or won’t, how can he possibly be president? Would he isolate himself in the Oval Office?

“The enormous promises he made about defeating the killer virus, creating jobs, combating climate change, ‘removing the stain of racism’ and uniting the nation will mean nothing if he continues to shrink from public view. So, too, his accusation that President Trump’s performance on COVID has been ‘unforgivable’ and that giving the incumbent four more years would let him continue to ‘fan the flames of hate and division.’”

It’s true. For Biden, it’s put up or shut up time. No more citing the health pandemic as the basis for why he can’t go out among the people and make his pitch using methods more personal than his home’s high-speed internet connection. Grampa Joe could afford to cower away while the Democrat primaries were still ongoing -- the campaign was effectively over by mid-March due to his building an insurmountable delegate lead and every single one of his adversaries having “suspended” their campaigns -- but now his opponent isn’t likely to let him graciously shrink from the hard work part of politics.

Trump has been traveling the country lately (last week to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania) speaking at airport hangars which allow for decent sized crowds to maintain social-distance and still cheer on their candidate. The incumbent president has used the opportunity to not only point to Biden’s obvious personal flaws but also to emphasize a second term policy agenda that offers real fixins’ in addition to copious amounts of political red meat.

Biden and all the Democrats hooted and hollered last week over Trump supposedly only speaking to his base, but reality shows the Republicans representing something much more tangible and promising. And optimistic. Instead of hiding in his basement and trusting surrogates to speak for him, Trump is taking the lead in promoting his party’s platform. And just because he’s not bowing to the fascist “stay inside” demands of the hate-America crowd doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the people out there who’re the victims of street violence and politicians who value appearances rather than practical common sense.

Trump is demonstrating that just because there’s a worldwide health scare doesn’t mean life has to completely cease. His campaign heads have devised a way for him to enjoy the best of both worlds -- showing careful restraint in safeguarding against the spread of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and fulfilling his obligation to conservatives and Republicans who want to see a vigorous campaign to battle the negativity that surrounds Biden and the Democrats.

Biden’s campaign handlers would love to conduct the fall canvassing via electronic means because it removes one of Trump’s strong points -- stump speaking. The president may not have the eloquent fluidity and heart-fluttering gift of rhetorical imagery of Ronald Reagan, but there’s something to be said for a little blunt honesty in today’s contentious political environment. The Gipper faced his own set of political foes but the ferocity difference between now and back then is recognizable.

Biden himself got the ball rolling during his campaign launch last year by insisting Trump protects racists and projects hate. It was a throw-down echoed by nearly all the Democrat presidential candidates, including VP nominee Kamala Harris. Assuming Democrats continue making these types of inflammatory claims, they’d better be willing and able to look people in the eye and repeat them.

No more excuses, Joe. If you can deliver a prefabricated, written-by-someone-else brief speech at the DNC, you can emerge from your seclusion and campaign. Americans deserve to see it.

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