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Pelosi Said The 2020 Election All Comes Down To Wisconsin

Wisconsin Violence
President Trump stunned Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in 2016 by winning Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton refused to schedule any time to campaign in Wisconsin and Trump’s narrow victory of less than 23,000 votes was assisted by Republican Governor Scott Walker, who was defeated by Far Left Democrat Tony Evers in 2018. Polls are showing another close race this year, and Democrats are pledging not to downplay the importance of Wisconsin in Biden’s efforts to defeat Trump.

“The road to the presidency runs through Wisconsin,” said Obama “wingman” and former Attorney General Eric Holder. The Wisconsin State-Journal reported that as the Democrats’ National Convention wound down, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Holder delivered a “stark reminder” to Wisconsin Democrats about the importance the battleground state plays in the presidential election then less than 11 weeks away.

“No pressure, it’s all riding on Wisconsin,” Pelosi told more than 100 Democrats during a virtual meeting tied to the final day of the Democratic National Convention. “No pressure.”

Regular readers of CHQ will recall that last week CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie and over 100 conservative leaders, activists and online influencers wrote a letter to President Trump warning him about the Democrats’ plan to use Election Day chaos and vote fraud to force him from office.

(You can still add your name to the list through this link.)

One of the key warnings to President Trump was this:

…in a completely unprecedented deviation from ballot security norms, Democrats in Wisconsin are using “volunteers” from Far Left organizations to work in the government election offices and Wisconsin Democrat election officials have accepted some $6.5 million from Far Left organizations to supplement their official budgets – yet we have heard no objection to this from the Republican Party.

The Republican establishment still seems completely unperturbed by that information, and as far as our sources can confirm, the GOP has done nothing about it even after being informed of the threat.

Now well-organized riots have taken place all across Wisconsin after Jacob Blake, who had a lengthy record and a warrant for his arrest, fought with police and was shot. Mr. Blake is expected to survive, but the riots, really more of an insurrection that included the revolutionaries setting up armed roadblocks, and even stopping a police vehicle, have added a new factor to Wisconsin’s electoral math.

According to reporting by The New York Post’s Lee Brown, Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Tony Evers on Sunday night condemned the arrest in which Blake was “shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight.”

“While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country,” he wrote.

“We stand with all those who have and continue to demand justice, equity, and accountability for Black lives in our country,” the Democrat continued.

“In the coming days, we will demand just that of elected officials in our state who have failed to recognize the racism in our state and our country for far too long.”

So, Governor Evers put the Democrats squarely on the side of the revolutionaries, who, the Chicago Tribune reported, set fire to several buildings downtown on Monday night, including a furniture store and a community corrections building. They defied an 8 p.m. curfew and clashed with officers in riot gear, including 125 members of the Wisconsin National Guard, who deployed tear gas as they guarded the courthouse. Protesters set fire to cars and dumpsters, threw bottles and shot fireworks.

According to the Chicago Tribune reports several storefronts in Kenosha were badly damaged, including a computer store whose windows were broken. It appears merchandise was removed from its shelves. Smoke filled the air and visibility was low as firefighters used water cannons on the buildings.

“Nobody deserves this,” said Pat Oertle, owner of Computer Adventure, which was vandalized. “This accomplishes nothing. ... This is not justice that they’re looking for. This is destroying things.”

In famously liberal Madison, Wisconsin, the state capital, the Chicago Tribune reported police deployed tear gas and pepper spray and windows were smashed, fires lit and some shops looted late on Monday into early Tuesday. The Wisconsin State-Journal and The Isthmus, local papers, reported damage on State Street, the city’s famed shopping and party district that runs up to the capitol building.

The destruction overnight followed “peaceful daytime protests,” according to the State-Journal. A group of about 100 split off from a larger protest of roughly 1,000 people that filled two blocks of State Street at one point, with looting beginning at about 11:30 p.m., the paper reported.

“This is a not a riot, this is a revolution,” was chanted by the larger group. “You have stolen more than we could ever loot,” was spray-painted on a downtown building.

It remains to be seen how this revolution will affect November’s election, but one thing is clear – Democrats have chosen the side of riot and revolution in Wisconsin, instead of the side of law and order.

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