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A Political Hit on Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon
As the Democrats were preparing to close out their convention, former Presidential Advisor (and campaigner) Steve Bannon was dramatically taken into custody by the FBI and a troubling indictment was unsealed by the Department of Justice. The narrative that followed regarding operations of “We Build the Wall” would lead objective individuals to assume that Bannon (and his partners) were guilty, and the New York prosecution (on behalf of DC) is all but over – but there are many missing facts here.

First, the timing of all this is suspicious. Bannon was taken into custody hours before Biden accepted the nomination at the Democratic convention. Perhaps those targeting Bannon were worried about the performance at the convention and were hoping to have another distracting news event at just the right time.

Prosecutors also came out swinging - a bit too dramatically. Accusations of “lying to donors”, “sham invoices and accounts”, and “no regard for the law or truth” were creatively weaved together into a single soundbite. As a federal grand jury in New York indicted Bannon, a liberal spin machine (with support of our government and many journalists) began discrediting him – and moreover, to attempt to project the reputational damage onto President Trump too. The Biden campaign jumped on the news as a deputy campaign manager called the White House, “the most corrupt administration in American history.”

Bannon’s claim of innocence, the distancing and criticism by Trump of Bannon’s endeavor, timing of these actions, and facts about operations of non-profit organizations are noticeably absent from headlines.

Of the $25 million that was raised and disclosed, the indictment points out that $1 million is called into question for how it was used. If prosecutors are going to investigate every charity with 4% overhead – they are going to be very busy. Charity Navigator says that a non-profit overhead budget should be less than 10 percent – and any organization spending less than one-third of its budget on programming is a failure but many non-profits spend much more on overhead expenses, and nobody gets prosecuted. Based on these standards, even with the $1 million that is outraging the political left, the “We Build the Wall” organization is performing effectively.  It is also easy to understand that the business overhead and cost of trips by Steve to “The Wall” are in effect raising money to build the wall.

It is likely that Bannon’s effective media and political performance is making him a target. He draws a crowd to the Court House steps.  In one of his first statements following the episode, he called the situations exactly what it is – “a political hit job”.

The misuse of our government institutions to go after political enemies is incredibly disturbing. The swamp, despite a few years of draining is still very deep. It is obvious that these actions are attempts to silence Bannon and conservatives through intimidation. Using the legal process to try and take away an opponent’s liberty and right to Free Speech is shameful.

Conservatives must fight back. How is it that those who attempted the biggest political scandal in political history are seemingly immune from justice, while those working to implement the agenda of American people are prosecuted? It is politics - unfair, and ugly – and the American people see right through it.

The leftists, anarchists, and hate America crowd can enjoy their headlines now – and try to disrupt the good work and undeniable record of accomplishments of the Trump Administration – but they will fail. Trump’s America first agenda benefits everyone – regardless of race, sexual orientation, or religion. Why then do deep state officials – current and former – continue their pursuit to destroy what is good for the people?

No one is forced to agree with Bannon, just as we are free to disagree with the President too. They fall short of seeing eye to eye on many issues themselves – but they have the right to share ideas without fear of political targeting and abuse of authority to suppress political activity.

There are too many freedom and liberty loving people in the United States who still care. We will fight for what is right, and support those being unfairly prosecuted by power abusers.

If Bannon or the others involved, misused any of the money for We Build the Wall – then they should be held to account. However, how they spend any of the money earned from managing the project is their business. Just like monies earned by the Clinton’s from the Clinton Foundation that funded everything from Hillary’s campaign to Chelsea’s wedding seem to bypass scrutiny.

We can all see clearly that Steve Bannon is a victim of the savage misuse of authority by those in our government looking to settle a political score. While real crimes of violence, looting, or forcing COVID patients into nursing homes, are being ignored. The election is coming and those in the so-called resistance have proven they cannot lead, they will not compromise and therefore must finally get out of the way.

Shaun McCutcheon, a Free Speech advocate, is an Alabama based electrical engineer and successful plaintiff in the 2014 Supreme Court case McCutcheon v. FEC

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