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Nationalize the Election: Brand Democrats as “radical, dangerous, mean-spirited, and violence-prone”

Paul Revere Ride
For many years CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has been telling conservatives and the GOP establishment that Republicans never win a big election unless they nationalize the election – that means drawing a clear contrast with the Democrats and giving the voters “a tune they can whistle” on big conservative themes.

As usual establishment Republicans seem hellbent on running another content-free campaign that will guarantee they remain in the minority in the House and puts their slim majority in the Senate in jeopardy.

However, Democrats, including many of the Party’s national leaders, have handed the GOP the opportunity to nationalize the election on the mob violence, incivility, radical Leftism and downright craziness that have been on display in Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Chicago, New York and other Democrat-controlled cities., chaired by Mr. Viguerie, has been leading the way on educating conservatives on how to nationalize this election, and his “It’s the Ballgame” memo to conservative leaders (linked here) outlines how Democrats have become a radical, dangerous, mean-spirited, and violence-prone political party.

The link between the Democrat Party and the violent revolutionary riots convulsing our cities must not be the tree that fell in the forest with only conservatives understanding its importance.

Establishment Republicans seldom lead on issues, and so far, the riots do not seem to have awakened the sleeping Republicans; if we expect to win the November 3rd election, as always, the primary leadership must come from conservatives.

Perhaps President Trump summarized this message best when he said:

You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob. Democrats have become too EXTREME and TOO DANGEROUS to govern. Republicans believe in the rule of law - not the rule of the mob. VOTE REPUBLICAN!

If conservatives and Republicans shout that message from every roof top between now and Election Day they will have an historic election victory.


TO:               Key Conservatives

FROM:         Richard A. Viguerie

RE:              Reupping My “It’s the Ballgame” Memo for Conservative Leaders

DATE:          September 1, 2020

The door has been opened.  And a gift was left by the unhinged/crazy left.

They have given us a gift that must be opened and used quickly.

However, the gift does not come with batteries.

We conservatives have to provide the energy.  It’s up to us to quickly interpret and explain to the American people what they saw, heard, and read in recent weeks in the news.

And that is that Democrats have become a radical, dangerous, mean-spirited, and violence-prone political party.

Remember as I’ve said to you over and over recently…

Republicans never win elections unless they are nationalized.  Democrats say all elections are local, because they can’t run on their national issues and win, e.g., higher taxes, bigger government, more bureaucracy, open borders, legalize all illegals—giving them citizenship, welfare and voting rights, less national defense, put everyone in Medicare which will bankrupt Medicare and lead to rationing of healthcare for seniors.

It’s Paul Revere time, folks.

Don’t wait for orders from President Trump, Rush, Hannity, Levin, GOP leaders, or me.

You know what you can do, so please, please start today.  Each of us has different resources available to us.

For example, each day I send messages to about 200,000 conservatives.  And every few weeks, I write to conservative leaders, activists and donors, such as you, with advice, suggestions, and recommendations.  I also have a political action committee and a website devoted to his project –

Share my “It’s the Ballgame” memo with candidates on the November ballot.  Urge them to speak out and help to brand the Democrats as dangerous Far Left radicals.

Some of you have access to radio or TV and can reach thousands or even millions.

Others blog or have podcasts.

Many use social media, including posting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, tweeting and re-tweeting on Twitter, etc.

Some run organizations and have e-lists of members.

All of us can make copies of good articles and hand them out to our neighbors, friends, and family.

All of us can forward good articles by email to family and friends.

It’s important to remember that most Americans are not aware that in recent years the Democrat party has ceased to be the party of Truman, Kennedy, Carter, or even Bill Clinton.

It’s up to us Conservatives to make sure that when Americans go to the polls in a few months, they realize that:


Are you acting like it?

 If the Democrats win this year’s Presidential election and the Congress, they will quickly turn America into a one-party socialist dictatorship.

Republicans will never again win the Presidency or control Congress.

And by December of next year, the Supreme Court will be permanently in the control of the far Left, and the America we’ve known all our lives will be gone forever.

Liberals realize they made mistakes in the 2016 election campaign, and they are committed to changing whatever laws are necessary, so that they will never again lose control of the federal government.

The list of actions the elite, socialist dictators will take in 2021 and 2022 if they win to make sure they never lose another national election includes:


  1. Give citizenship (which includes voting rights) to 10-15 million illegals.
  2. Relax border security, then Democrats will add 1-2 million new illegals to the voting rolls each year.
  3. Increase the number of legal immigrants allowed in each year.
  4. Add 2-4 justices to the Supreme Court (they can do this with a President, Vice President, and 50 Democrat Senators).
  5. Change voting laws to allow unregistered voters to show up at the polls on election day and register and vote.
  6. Mail all residents a ballot and allow anyone to turn in anyone else’s ballot.
  7. Make election day a federal holiday.
  8. Outlaw the requirement of a photo ID in order to vote.
  9. Begin to abolish the Electoral College.
  10. Increase subsidies for illegal immigrants and reduce or abolish work requirements for welfare (in order to encourage Democrat party voting).
  11. Reduce voting age to 16 or 17 years of age.  This is already being done in some local elections, including in Maryland and California.
  12. Allow felons and prisoners to vote.

Of course, they will do much more to make sure Republicans never win the Presidency or control the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate again.  But you get the picture.

Most conservatives operate in the Republican party, which is sometimes referred to as the Stupid party.  However, the Democrat party is the Evil party.

If Democrats win this November and make most of the above 12 changes to our laws, here’s a small sample of the things they will do to change America into a socialist dictatorship by 2022:



  1. American exceptionalism will be a thing of the past.
  2. Our military will be gutted.
  3. Because New Democrats hate the military, veterans’ benefits, including healthcare, will be slashed.
  4. Because New Democrats hate the police, law enforcement budgets will be slashed and crime will explode (murder, rape, burglaries, etc.).
  5. Abortion will be as easy as having your nails done and will be paid for by your taxes.  All national Democrats are committed to repealing the Hyde Amendment and the Mexico City agreement, which prevents tax dollars being used to pay for most abortions.  So, if the Democrats win this November, through your tax dollars, you and every other American will be complicit in paying for abortion, including partial-birth abortion and infanticide, not just here but worldwide.
  6. Private ownership of guns will be prohibited.
  7. Right to work laws will be prohibited.
  8. Religious activity/liberty will be restricted to the inside of churches, synagogues, and mosques.
  9. Criticism of liberal beliefs will be called Hate Speech punishable by public shaming, loss of employment and/or your business, fines, and/or prison.
  10. America will cease to have real borders.  A welcome mat will be put out for anyone and everyone, and the new message will be “y’all come on in.”
  11. Medicare for All will soon be law, and all private health insurance programs will be outlawed, and everyone will get their healthcare through the government.  Rationing, leading to death, will be commonplace for seniors.
  12. Everyone will be guaranteed an income whether they work or refuse to work.
  13. Trillions of dollars will be given to African Americans for slavery reparations.
  14. To pay for reparations, welfare for illegals, guaranteed income for everyone, etc., your taxes will need to be increased to the rate liberals had them in the 1950s, which was 90%.
  15. New Democrats biased against Christians will make it difficult for Christians to get government jobs, especially as federal judges.
  16. Women will have to allow boys and men in their bathrooms and showers.
  17. Boys/men who identify as females will be allowed to participate in girl’s/women’s sports teams, and the males will soon dominate girl’s and women’s sports.
  18. Green energy will dominate the Democrats agenda, and they will begin to limit all production and usage of fossil fuels, and commercial air travel and personal cars will be greatly reduced.
  19. Statehood will be given to Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands to get more Democrats in Congress.
  20. Brave New World and 1984 will have arrived in America in 2021.

Are you still with me?

I hope so, because now I’m coming to the main point of my letter.

Next, I’d like for you to take a minute and re-read my list of 12 laws the Democrats will change if they win the Presidency and the Congress this November.

See anything you think they will NOT try to accomplish?

How about the second list, the one where I list how Democrats will change America?

I suspect you agree with both lists.  In fact, you can probably add items to both lists.

Now I have another question for you.


If the answer is “yes”, congratulations, you’re with about 10% of conservatives/Republicans.

Unfortunately, most conservative/Republican leaders are not acting as if America hangs in the balance based on the results of the November election.

However, there is so much energy on the Left, you can almost cut it with a knife.  Not so much on the Right.

For example:

  • *  Bernie Sanders had 2.2 million unique donors that gave 5 million donations to his recently terminated, socialist/Marxist presidential campaign.  President Trump has far fewer donors than a Democrat socialist who ran in a primary.
  • *  George Soros, the radical, Left-wing billionaire, spends billions of dollars a year financing the most radical of the liberal groups and individuals.  No conservative billionaire is doing the same.
  • *  Pete Buttigieg, former mayor of the 4th largest city in the 17th largest state, had 773,000 unique donors who sent 2,000,000 donations for a total of $99,925,342.  Only 3-4 conservative organizations had that many donors contribute that amount of money or more last year.
  • *  Act Blue has 10.5 million people who have given them their credit card information to expedite giving to liberal organizations and Democrat candidates.  In 2018, Act Blue raised $1,551,789,684 for liberal organizations and candidates.  All conservative organizations combined only raised $2 ½ billion dollars in 2019 from about 2 ½ million donors.
  • *  In 2016, Planned Parenthood had 400,000 supporters.  12 months after President Trump was elected President, they had 1,600,000 supporters—a 400% increase.  Know any conservative organizations that grew 50%, much less 400% last year?  Me neither.

Conservatives are the party of free-market, capitalist entrepreneurs.  While that’s true in the private sector, it obviously is reversed in the political arena.

Why is that?  Last year, a national conservative leader said to me, “…lack of experimentation and risk-taking is maddening. Have our folks lost the will to win?!”

Unfortunately, with few exceptions, conservative/Republican leaders have failed us, including elected politicians and most of those running nonprofits.  Sometimes it feels like the only thing standing between a free America and a socialist/Marxist dictatorship is Donald J. Trump.

However, there is good news.  In fact, it’s very good news.  Working with my independent expenditure political action committee, FedUp PAC, I’ve developed a plan that I believe will play an important role in helping re-elect President Trump, as well as help Republicans to re-take the House and increase the number of Republican Senators.

One of the reasons that we don’t win more elections is the bias of the mainstream media.  Most Americans seldom or never hear the truth about government, public policy issues, and politics.

Rush Limbaugh refers to these people as low information voters.  It’s not that they are dumb or stupid, but they have low information and one of the reasons is that the biased media is engaged in fake news.  Also, the leadership of all major institutions in America is against our views and values [Hollywood, big media, big business, big government, unions, education (higher and lower), high tech, legal community, the nonprofit community, and organized religion].

And by the way, my plan involves you.  Since the 1960s, people have asked me how they can help in a political campaign or help with this or that conservative cause.  Well, not only is there a way for you to be involved in this year’s election, it’s vitally important, (in fact I say it’s necessary) for you to be involved if America is to be saved.

I urge you to help educate your family, friends, neighbors, and others by sharing this memo with them, as well as other material, videos, booklets, and pamphlets that you’ll find at

About now you’re probably thinking this is where I’m going to ask you for a donation.  Well that is important, but that’s not the purpose of this memo.

I want you to volunteer to be a member of the Conservative Paul Revere Riders—there’s no cost.  Here in relatively few words, is my plan:

Build a Paul Revere-type army of 1,000,000 conservative volunteers to use print and electronic material produced and supplied by FedUp PAC to bypass the biased mainstream media and educate family, friends, neighbors, and others that New Democrats are anti-God, open-borders, mean, evil, violent, elite, socialist dictators.

Obviously, we can’t depend on the mainstream media to get the truth to the voters about Joe Biden and the New Democrats.  The media is supposed to be a referee, but they have left the sidelines of the game and joined the Democrat team.

Also, we can’t depend on establishment Republican politicians.  They use content-free campaigning, avoiding issues, and they don’t use hard-hitting, effective campaign tactics.  They don’t have the “fire in the belly” to BRAND Democrats as the mean, evil, dangerous, violent, open-borders, anti-God, radical, elite, socialist dictators they have become. 

The silence of most Republican politicians in the wake of outrageous attacks, policies, and programs of the New Democrats is maddening.  Who besides President Trump is attacking Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, and Elizabeth Warren, Black Lives Matter, the Green New Deal, those tearing down our history (even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson)?  Establishment Republicans are weak and ineffective campaigners.

National and state conservative leaders have their principles and heart in the right place.  However, most have low energy.  They failed to act and lead the opposition to the Democrats in recent years, and most conservative leaders are not acting like the America we know and love will disappear forever if the Democrats win this November’s election. 

Most conservative organizations are 10-20% the size of their liberal counterparts, and for every conservative organization, the Left has 20-30-40 or more.

So, who does this leave who can save America?  And the answer is you, me, and grassroots conservatives. 

If you agree with this memo, please pass it on to others.  You can go to our website,, and forward copies to family, friends, neighbors, and others, and from our website you can print copies and give them to those who need to understand that America’s future hangs in the balance in this November 3rd election.

I and my team at FedUp PAC will produce the material (videos, books, booklets, pamphlets, emails, postal letters, digital ads, websites, etc., etc.), and then you and the other members of the Conservative Paul Revere Riders can distribute the material.

By doing this, I’m convinced we can increase President Trump’s vote by 4-6% over his 2016 vote, which will lead to an Electoral victory and Republicans retaking the House and increasing their number of Senators.

At we have a sign-up page to be a Conservative Paul Revere Rider (it’s free).  When you sign up, you’ll see a list of material we’ve prepared to help educate family, friends, neighbors, and others.  We’ll be adding new items regularly, so return often.

Also, those who sign up will receive a list of specially prepared reports available only to Conservative Paul Revere Riders.  There’s never a cost.

Conservatives, we are in a battle for the survival of a free America established and created under God’s laws.  None should stay on the sidelines in this election.  Working together we can save America for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

Thank you for reading—I pray you will take action to help educate others.

God bless you, your family, and America.

Richard A. Viguerie


P.S.        Remember the mainstream media has openly joined the radical New Democrats and most Republican politicians are silent and AWOL in the fight to save America from the mean, evil, violent, Marxist Democrat dictators.

That means if America is to be saved, you and others who love America need to fill the leadership vacuum, bypassing the biased media and sign up to be a Conservative Paul Revere Rider helping to inform and educate family, friends, neighbors, and others.

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