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Rick Perry “Pokes” Obama on Birth Certificate

In the old South -- and rural Texas is definitely part of the old South -- poke can be found in salad (as in poke weed), or it can be a bag or sack (as in “buying a pig in a poke”), or it can be a teasing comment intended to get a rise out of the “pokee.”

Those born and raised outside the old South may not understand the concept of a humorous “poke” at a rival or friend, and the importance of a “poke” in political discourse.

Recently, Texas Governor Rick Perry has been poking President Obama and his establishment media supporters about Obama’s birth certificate. Perry noted that Donald Trump doesn’t think Obama’s birth certificate is real, and has said he didn't know what Obama's publicly released birth certificate says, but he is willing to release his own birth certificate.

Perry also said that, while the birth certificate issue is a distraction, it is fun "to poke" the president on the birthplace issue.

In politics, a poke is intended to separate the blue-nosed gentry (who take the poke seriously or are too dignified to poke back) from the good ol' boys who pride themselves on returning the poke. Voters assess the candidates on the basis of how quickly and humorously the poke is returned, and vote accordingly.

Perry’s poke on Obama’s birth certificate has had the desired effect. Obama has ignored it and the blue-nosed gentry of the Republican establishment, such as Jeb Bush and Karl Rove, have all risen like cussed-out Sunday school teachers to chastise Perry. In the mean time, conservative voters in the upcoming primaries have been reminded that there’s only one good ol' boy running who gets the joke, and that’s Rick Perry.

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Dear Sirs: It is far past time when someone (someone that can push to have something done) call everyone attention to Omaba's false birth certificate. As far as the law of the land says--far you all that don't know what that is--The Constitution) says that the person that wants to run for President HAS to be BORN in The United States. Our Senators and Representatives are made up mostly of Lawyers and they might not understand that meaning. Omaba IS NOT eligible to run for President in 2012 since he was NOT BORN in The United States. All the other candidates can show their Birth Certificates stating where they were born, Omaba CAN NOT. The commitee that approves the candidates eligiblty for President, is NOT doing their job just like most that fills those seats in Congress. Every candidate should PROTEST, and stick together, Omaba being able to run on any ticket. STAND UP, STAND UP for AMERICA-This is a call for our CANDIDATES to speak up. Respectfully, John T. Sewell

Now Poke Romney

Exactly. Now let's see a few Romney pokes. Here's a list.

1. He's been running for prez full time for 5 years. Of course he's better prepared for the debates. He's unemployed.

2. When Romney says people and corporations are the same thing what he really means is don't make fun of my millions because I put my pants on just like you.

3. When Romney says I have a 59 point economic plan what he really means is I can count higher than 9-9-9.

4. When Romney says he comes from the private sector what he means is a gated community with armed guards at the front gate to keep out the disgruntled customer service calls from his past businesses.

5. When Romney says he never hired illegal immigrants it means he's too busy hiring Indians and Chinese on H1-B visas to worry about Mexicans.

Rick Perry poke on birth certificate

I think the "poke" was great. It gets the libs off balance and exposes the real "Establishment" blue-nosed Republicans. These blue-nosed ones are the people that would rather elect Obummer than not get an establishment RINO in office but will criticize the real conservatives for feeling the same about electing a real conservative. Romney is not and never has been a conservative. It is absurd to think he will stop Obamacare.

So-Called New World Order

Obama is just the chosen token puppet for the New World Order and McCain was chosen and funded by the New World Order to be the token opponent if he promised not to try to win, which he did.    Both parties have players in the game.    To be successful you have to destroy the Constitution, destroy Christianity, take away guns and make everyone dependent on the government for survival.   End of story, Game over!!!!!!!!!


Hmmm. Guess then, even a former Al Gore campaign manager can be a "good ol' boy". I think I'll pass.

This northern boy from Western PA......

This northern boy from Western PA doesn't understand what's so funny about having a non-Natural Born Citizen occupying the White House!

Just more proof that:   "Government is the oldest, largest and most pervasive lawbreaker in America."

What might be a joke or a poke to all of these politicians is a serious Constitutional issue for some of us who want to be faithful to the Constitution.

Don't think that "pokes" don't also have a legitimate meaning

As a Southern boy, born and bred, I can also tell you that many times (if not MOST times) "pokes" are also intended to express a point in a humorous manner, so don't think for a minute that just because a Southerner "pokes fun" at you doesn't mean that the meaning behind the "poke" isn't legitimate.


Unfortunately, most people will not comment on it and the main street media has made it banned subject!  I truely believe that all the presidential candidates should make it part of their platform and requirements that anyone running for the Presidential office needs to prove they are a natural citizen.  This is still a serious Constitutional issue and cannot be ignored.  We are a republic and the Constitution is still the law of the land.