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Virginia GOP Shows National GOP How to Lose in 2012

National and Virginia state Republican insiders have been trumpeting the narrow victory that has brought the Virginia state Senate to a 20-20 tie as evidence that the GOP is now the ascendant party in the Old Dominion. The reality is that Tuesday’s election results are evidence of their incompetence and the failure of the content-free campaigns they always prefer to run.

This is exactly the same kind of campaign the insiders surrounding such national Republican candidates as Mitt Romney plan to run in 2012. If Republicans in other states and at the national level do not want the same abysmal results in 2012, they need to take a hard objective look at what a message-free campaign failed to accomplish in Virginia.

On issue after issue, conservative positions were polling far ahead of liberal Democratic ones and President Obama is so unpopular in Virginia that his bus tour caused Democrats in competitive races to run the other way when it came through their districts. Going into the election, there was every indication that, based on the issues, Republicans could win 23 seats -- or more -- in the Virginia senate.

But rather than take those winning issues and draw the bright lines that voters were looking for, the business-as-usual crowd in Richmond fed voters smiling pictures of Republican Governor Bob McDonnell instead of a clearly articulated conservative agenda.

The result?

In those campaigns where Republicans built strong grassroots organizations and campaigned on the issues that brought out Tea Party and conservative voters, for the most part, they won. At the same time, in those campaigns where they ran message-free, they lost the seats that could have realigned Virginia politics for generations to come.

Far from being a model for success on the national level that the consultants, Virginia State House politicians and staffers who managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory would have us believe -- the failure of Republicans to win a number of close contests (no matter how much money they spent) proves that feel good campaigns do not work. What did work in Virginia, and what is the only model for success in 2012, is campaigns focused on a clearly articulated conservative agenda that brings together the unbeatable coalition of Republican conservatives and Tea Partiers.

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Election 2012

Reading the polls it is apparant that 50% of the people believe false myths about conservatives and the state of the nation. For example, more than half the people blame Bush for the economic conditions today. They link Wall Street bailouts and politcal donations to Republicans, they believe the democrats have offered bills to balance the budget but the republicans are obstructing.The only way to win next November is for the GOP or a legal PAC to run national ads explaining the facts. i.e Ads that provide the economic numbers when Bush was in office compared to the numbers after Obama took over; Ads showing how much money Wall Street contributed to Obama and the democrats and how much govt money Obama gave them in return; Ads that explain the fact tha (as of today) the republican congress has passed 23 bills to balance the budget or deal with the deficeit, but the democrat Senate refuses to allow a vote on them. Perceptions must be corrected to align with facts, and we can't rely on the media to represnt the facts honestly.

Be happy!

Being a “glass half-full” kind of guy, I think the Virginia election results were about as good as they could have been, the main point being conservatives now control both the House of Delegates and the State Senate.  Adding that to our conservative governor, McDonnell, means all those conservative laws that can promote jobs, 2nd Amendment rights, the cleanliness of the abortion death rooms and any other basic liberties that seemed to get lost in the previous State Senate because of the likes of the old majority leader Roscoe Reynolds, I’m fairly ecstatic.  Gaining a veto proof and historic  67 member voting bloc in the House of Delegates wasn’t too shabby either.

By the way, Roscoe is gone along with the old House minority leader, Ward Armstrong.  After all of the gerrymandering that the dummocrats went through to protect those two, I’d call that a win, win regardless of the fact we secured complete control of our Virginia government!

 I do have to agree with what the author has to say about candidates having a strong conservative message along with those volunteers in the grassroots organizations, though.  Bill Stanley and Charles Poindexter had both and barely won in the two districts the dummocrats were not supposed to lose.  Not to diminish the battle to come in 2012, but a little crowing at what was accomplished last week is warranted in my humble opinion, especially when you look at the reality of the northern Virginia libetard mindset.   We will never be able to stop the Kool-Aid slurping of some of those people.

  By the way, I too think E.W. will make a great US Senator and look forward to hearing him speak next month.

I am happy!

I agree fully that there should be celebration over recent victories - including the ones you mentioned.  I worked hard, along with many others, to make sure we had victories there and enjoyed several of the celebrations that evening.

Now to another critical race - to influence Washington and make sure that our present CEO is a one-termer and that as much of the mess he delivered will be rolled back. 

I know you will enjoy EW. 

I hope that the conservatives in the Presidential race don't so split the vote that we end up with Romney.

Next Year's GOP Senate Primaries in VA

I agree.  In the next volley of GOP political action in VA, we need to put forward candidates who can clearly articulate their conservative positions... not just as political rhetoric, but from passionate conviction.  That is the type of candidate who, if heard, will win elections.  I believe E W Jackson is such a candidate.

VA 2011 GOP Victories

There is no question that the races won by the GOP in VA, especially in areas where there were gains, were won because candidates built their agenda around clearly articulated, conservative issues. 

Those who lost ran "middle of the road" campaigns that lacked clear, conservative substance.  Rather, they tried to win with a rash of negative campaign ads.

Seriously!  People generally know the positives and negatives of incumbants.  In an election, the only thing they really care about is the differences the NEW candidate will offer them.  That gives them a valid choice.