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Ron Paul Polls at 38% in's GOP Presidential Straw Poll

Congressman Ron Paul started last week with a commanding lead in's weekly GOP Presidential Straw Poll, taking more than 40 percent of the votes, which lasted for most of the week. However, Herman Cain, who is under attack in the press for allegations of harrassment, made a weekend push to rally back to 25 percent.

Despite the performance of Paul and Cain, the most interesting development is the rise of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who jumped 7 points from last week to 22 percent. With Cain's drop of 7 percent from last week, it looks like the bad press might be having an effect on Cain, with support shifting to Gingrich. Michele Bachmann also passed Ricky Perry for the first time since weekly polling began.

Will next week see Newt in the first or second position? Only time (and your votes) will tell. Vote now in's weekly GOP Presidential Straw Poll.

The results of last week's straw poll are as follows: Ron Paul (38 percent; up 2 percent), Herman Cain (25 percent; down 7 percent), Newt Gingrich (22 percent; up 7 percent), Michele Bachmann (6 percent; no change), Rick Perry (5 percent; down 2 percent), Mitt Romney (2 percent; no change), Gary Johnson (1 percent; up 1 percent), Rick Santorum (1 percent; no change), Other (1 percent; no change), and Jon Huntsman (0 percent; no change).

Changes from the last week are marked "green" for positive changes, and "red" for negative changes.

If you have not already, please vote in this week's straw poll by clicking here. If you're not currently a registered CHQ member, and would like to vote in the poll, please register here.

Results of the CHQ Republican Presidential Straw Poll:

  Bachmann Cain Gingrich Huntsman Johnson Paul Perry Romney Santorum Other
10/17/11 6% 28% 11% 0% 1% 37% 7% 4% 5% 0%
10/24/11 7% 24% 17% 0% 1% 35% 12% 0% 2% 1%
10/31/11 6% 32% 15% 0% 0% 36% 7% 2% 1% 1%
11/7/11 6% 25% 22% 0% 1% 38% 5% 2% 1% 1%

Click here for a larger image of the graph above.

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