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Ron Paul Sets New Record in Straw Poll, Gingrich Tops Cain

If the past five weeks have taught us anything in the CHQ Presidential Straw Poll, it's that Ron Paul is the man to beat. But, it doesn't seem like there is anyone who can. A week after Paul polled at 38 percent -- a new high -- he set a new record with 41 percent for the week of 11/14. Four out of every 10 members of CHQ who voted last week want Paul to take the GOP nomination.

However, the real news isn't with Paul. Herman Cain, who has struggled to control a flood of bad press over harrassment allegations years ago, finally dropped from second place. Newt Gingrich, who has made a name for himself in the past few weeks with his "Cool Hand Luke" demeanor in the debate, has overtaken Cain, despite his own checkered past -- politically, and personally.

Here is the full breakdown of last week's CHQ Presidential Straw Poll: Ron Paul (41 percent; up 3 percent), Newt Gingrich (25 percent; up 3 percent), Herman Cain (18 percent; down 7 percent), Michele Bachmann (6 percent; no change), Rick Perry (4 percent; down 1 percent), Mitt Romney (2 percent; no change), Gary Johnson (1 percent; no change), Rick Santorum (1 percent; no change), Other (1 percent; no change), and Jon Huntsman (0 percent; no change).

Is Newt just the next in line to rise and fall, or does his above-it-all attitude have staying power? Are Paul, Cain, and Newt the only candidates who still matter? Is Perry toast, or will he have his turn again? Only your votes will decide. Last week saw the most votes ever for our straw poll, so go vote now in's weekly GOP Presidential Straw Poll and set a new record.

Changes from the last week are marked "green" for positive changes, and "red" for negative changes.

If you have not already, please vote in this week's straw poll by clicking here. If you're not currently a registered CHQ member, and would like to vote in the poll, please register here.

Results of the CHQ Republican Presidential Straw Poll:

  Bachmann Cain Gingrich Huntsman Johnson Paul Perry Romney Santorum Other
10/17/11 6% 28% 11% 0% 1% 37% 7% 4% 5% 0%
10/24/11 7% 24% 17% 0% 1% 35% 12% 0% 2% 1%
10/31/11 6% 32% 15% 0% 0% 36% 7% 2% 1% 1%
11/7/11 6% 25% 22% 0% 1% 38% 5% 2% 1% 1%
11/14/11 6% 18% 25% 0% 1% 41% 4% 2% 1% 1%

Click here for a larger image of the graph above.

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republican party

the republican is not the one i joined 40 plus years ago. the regilious war mongering crusaders spew as much hatred toward the muslims as they say the muslims say about them and the sell outs to to many special intrest groups they have become crooks and everyone of them need to put in jail or hung. go ron paul 2012

Conservative HQ poll

Perhaps in your web world Ron Paul's the guy to beat but out in the real world he's just not electable.  Obama's sure to win if we ended up with him as the Republican candidate.

Here in the real world

Yes the web world is under Ron Paul's spell ...... but I now find his supporters... lots of them... out in the real world too!! Things are different than in the past as the 'constitution, freedom and liberty' seem to be on peoples lips continually. The electorate/politic want them back and Dr. Paul seems to be the only one they want to deliver it in the form of 'Restore America". 


And before the last Presidential election, a black man was un-electable. Don't believe everything Fox News tells you.

You illustrate

how ignorant you and many others are when they pay to much attention to spoon fed propaganda.


The reality is this mans support is far wider and deeper than those afraid of the boogy man are willing to admit.

Individual trends

I think it'd be very interesting if the individual voters were recorded, so that you can look at the directions of changed votes. Of course, don't throw all that information into the writeup. Other thing that would be interesting is to see the final tally of each poll.


That's a very interesting angle, and one that is a bit apparent from the chart. It looks like there are several candidates with their own loyal following. Those would be the candidates with numbers that haven't fluxuated all that much: Bachmann, Johnson, Romney, Santorum, and Paul. I throw Paul in with the others because, overall, his numbers have remained fairly constant -- or at least have not dropped as other candidates have risen. Between these candidates, that accounts for about 50 percent of those who respond. 

That leaves roughly 50 percent that fluxuate between Perry, Gingrich, and Cain. And, the graph shows that as one rises, the others fall. Cain started out hot the first week, but as Perry and Gingrich rose in Week 2, Cain dropped. But as Cain rose again in Week 3, Perry and Gingrich dropped. Then, both Perry and Cain dropped as Gingrich started coming back in the last few weeks. 

If you look at the graphs of Gingrich and Cain, it is almost a mirror reflection. As one rises, the other falls. 

Mr. Davis your bias is showing...

Amazing! Even the self-proclaimed 'Conservative HQ' feels compelled to downplay or insult the legitimacy of the one true Constitutional conservative in this race! After establishing that Ron Paul is the one to beat in his intro statement, Mr. Davis then attempts to undermine the significance of his own statement. What is so unfortunate about a refreshingly consitent conservative rising to the top of the GOP field? One who has proven he can withstand the crookedness of DC and who has witnessed first hand the people and movements aligned against our liberties and national sovereignty no less? Especially one who has been shown to be capable of spanking Obama in a head to head election? Isn't that what all conservative voters want? Isn't that what the talking heads keep pining for?

The real news here is that GOP voters are coming back to their ideological roots- despite media and GOP leadership bias- and that the conservative electorate has found a candidate that is capable of both destroying Obama in the 2012 election and accomplishing exactly what GOP leadership has been saying they want to do (fiscal house in order, reduce taxes, etc...) Why the reluctancy then? Which of these are they/ you against? Must not be so in favor of spending cuts after all, huh? Seen any evidence of this lately??? (debt ceiling, super committee failure, etc...)

Mr. Davis' spin is symptomatic of how the Republican party has been allowed (dare I say, encouraged) to drift far from its Constitutional moorings -not to mention our modern day culture which abandoned the concept of absolute truths some time ago- such that the very term 'conservative' is perceived by modern Republicans as relative and as tolerant of ideas and policies that were once easily identified as liberal. Conservativism seems no longer anchored to its Constitutional foundation and is a much more fluid, relative term, diluting the combined effectiveness of a truly conservative electorate. This, then, is the actual source of the much discussed 'split-vote' concern most often fearfully attributed to a Ron Paul third party candidacy. We can easily avoid a 'split vote' scenario by simply nominating Ron Paul as the GOP candidate.

What your own poll illustrates, Mr. Davis, is that regardless of the flavor of the week volitility Dr. Paul's base does not shrink, it only grows. That's why he's beginning to emerge as the front runner now. Why not be the first outlet to embrace and promote it? It may take a typical straight-party-ticket voter several exposures to his unexpectedly principled stances in stalwart defense of our individual liberties and national sovereignty before he/ she recognizes the discrepancy being foisted upon us by so-called 'conservative' Republicans and media. The figurative light bulbs are beginning to illuminate all over the country now. There's a very real reason why Ron Paul is ignored by most media outlets and either misrepresented or delegitimized as attempted here. They want to limit his exposure to voters in hopes of limiting the number of people who wake up. Once awakened, however, voters like me dig deeper and ask more questions, thereby cementing our support of Dr. Paul. The more I see this type of bias, for example, the stronger I will defend Ron Paul for President 2012.


The use of "unfortunately" was an unfortunate case of word choice. I've update the language to reflect this sentiment, and wanted to assure you that the article was meant to be objective as possible. Thanks for your comments. 

Changing lanes

Newt is that you?You still owe me 400$You did not think I forgot about that did you?I will see you at the Cap.