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We need to end federal funding of National Public Radio

I've launched a “Petition of One Million American Taxpayers to End Federal Funding of National Public Radio (NPR).”

The online petition states that “with an almost uncountable number of news and public affairs programs throughout the nation, there is no justification for taxpayers money being used to fund a government radio network.”

In an e-mail message sent to conservative activists, I cited NPR’s firing of commentator Juan Williams because Williams told the Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly that persons in Muslim garb on airplanes make him nervous.

It is clear NPR has no tolerance for viewpoints outside of its liberal dogmas.  This government censorship of ideas not in conformity with the ruling class elites is deplorable.

My goal is to obtain a million names on the petition to terminate federal funding of NPR, which will be sent to members of Congress.

Conservatives have long believed that NPR has an anti-conservative bias.

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