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My choice to be the Republican nominee for President in 2012 is:

Ron Paul
64% (339 votes)
Newt Gingrich
13% (70 votes)
Michele Bachmann
10% (51 votes)
Herman Cain
5% (26 votes)
Rick Perry
2% (13 votes)
Gary Johnson
2% (8 votes)
Mitt Romney
2% (8 votes)
None of the Above
2% (8 votes)
Rick Santorum
1% (5 votes)
Jon Huntsman
0% (1 vote)
Total voters: 529

Michelle Bachmann

I don't know why more people are not supportive of Ms. Bachmann,  She seems the only candidate that really gets the concerns of Americans and is a constitutionalist.  Ron Paul is good, but I don't like his views about other countries having nuclear weapons as not a threat.  Gingrich is a flip flopper who seems to say what people want to hear but once in will do whatever he wants.  I also don't like his views on illegal immigrants they are sucking the life out of this country,  I would have voted for Cain on a Bachmann ticket, but unfortunately, all the bad press, true or false, has hurt him deeply.  Also, people refuse to look into his past careers and see that he was much more than a Pizza Parlour owner.  I have nothing to say about Perry.  Johnson has a great record, but the GOP will not let him get in on the debates, which is making him consider running on a third party ticket.  That would be disasterous for those of us who want to get Obama out of office, which is urgent for our country to survive. The rest I don't think have a chance in hell of being elected.  Again, I think a ticket of Bachmann/Cain is our best bet to bring this country back, reduce government, get people back to work, protect our borders and get rid of all the illegals in this country, not to mention protect us from Muslim terrorists.  Just sayin...........

I think if she had not

I think if she had not started giving unscripted interviews she would be a frontrunner. Her voting record isn't horrible but she is really ignorant of far too many important subjects.

Cain supporters may be used by the Establishment

I am highly suspicious that if Cain decides to stay in the race that he will be used as a spoiler for Paul in Iowa.    I have seen many Cain supporters who have indicated interest in Paul if Cain bows out.  Could be that Paul has enough strength there anyway but I just have that concern.

Mitt Romney

I do wish the media would give Mitt Romney a chance instead of sayng nobody wants him - doesn't have a chance.  They influence the public way too much with their negativism



Mitt Romney is the clear choice to defeat King Obama

The One of Five current Republican candidates NOT dragging a ton of baggage, WITH a clear-cut vision of his presidency, AND the skills to turn this country around economically!


Mel of Arizona

I'm voting for Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the most consistent, honest, wise and experienced GOP candidate who will actually follow through with all his commitments.  He has beaten Obama or come within a point or two in major national polls. 

The best way to get to know Paul's platform is to read his latest book: "Liberty Defined".  He covers all major important political, economic and social isues of our day.  It's a simple read and each chapter is concise. 

The big picture

I am supporting Ron Paul because recently I sat down quietly and re-evaluated my core beliefs as a conservative.  Remarkably, they are all in line with Dr. Paul's.   I am sorry to defect from the mainstream republican party, but there is clearly a right and a wrong.  The voters of our party are changing gears and instead of bending our prinicpals to fit the establishment I think it is time our party once again stands for what's right.  Consider this before you write people like me off... Romney, Newt and Obama all share the same financial supporters. Nothing will change if any of these three get elected in 2012.   I believe Ron Paul can fix the mess made over the past 15 years.

Dave you are right on

Fear not Dave ...... no one should write you off. You are precisely correct. The party had better see the light and let Ron Paul set the course and get us out of these unchartered waters. Ron Paul can and will fix the mess the nation finds itself in. In the past I did not always listen to reason,but now that I do I definately prefer Ron Paul. Stay informed my friends as the veil is lifting for the restoration of America is now at hand. Ron Paul 2012.

Ron Paul

What we are doing isn't working. All of the candidates except Paul want to put bandaids on places to try to stop the bleeding. We need a real change to bring an end to the bleeding and stop oither cuts from popping up. We need to get backto the Constitution that worked so well for us before. Ron is the only one who wants to do that and actually serve his country. The others just want a job and the power.

Ron Paul is the hope for a

Ron Paul is the hope for a new America. If he is selected by the electoral collage and acts as others have in the past I give up and I am taking my family some place safe. But from his record... there is hope.

Ron Paul 2012

If you do not want Obama vote for Ron Paul, because Paul supporters do not vote for popularity they vote for inegrity. We will all write him in! Ron Paul 2012 like it or not. 

Ron Paul's continuing string on the CHQ poll

It is so heartwarming to see the results of the CHQ poll as well as other polls regarding the strength of Dr. Ron Paul's support. I pray that they are somewhat reflective of the voter support in the country. Ron Paul is the only candidate that inspires me to think positive about the future of this nation. I totally TRUST him.  Ron Paul 2012.