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Republican Cardinals Betray Conservatives Again

Leading Republican members of the House Appropriations Committee are angry because 101 House Republicans voted against the recent “minibus” spending bill they put together to keep the government running. The bill passed only because 165 Democrats voted for it.

According to a report from The Hill newspaper, the Republican Appropriations Subcommittee chairmen, known as “cardinals,” met the day after the minibus vote to make sure committee Chairman Hal Rogers expresses their feelings to Boehner in no uncertain terms.

And their feelings were, of course, that conservatives should throw aside their principles and join them in continuing the Washington spending binge.

In the words of an anonymous Republican appropriator, “Nobody gives their votes away here for free around here. It just strengthens the Democrats in every negotiation going forward… we’ve got some people who need to learn Politics 101. It either hasn’t been explained to them or they haven’t felt the need to play team ball. We don’t discipline much around here anymore.”

Little wonder that this establishment Republican demanded anonymity to vent his frustration against conservatives who actually stand by their principles.

But the real problem is the arrogance of an establishment Republican who thinks that spending more is Politics 101.  This is the brilliant thinking that led to the spending excesses and corruption of the Hastert Congress and the loss of the Republican majority in 2006.

Here is Politics 101 in the new political environment created by the rise of the Tea Party: to keep the majority, Republicans need to make real cuts in spending, not just slow the growth of spending.  This means that, rather than give in to Democrats on spending, the Republican leadership should have crafted a bill that cut spending and attracted or held the 101 conservatives who bolted and voted NO.

It would be great if a few hundred -- or thousand -- phone calls or emails could explain the Tea Party version of Politics 101 to business-as-usual Republicans, but it seems that the only message they get is the one Tea Partiers and grassroots conservatives deliver at the ballot box when they mount a primary campaign against establishment Republicans.   For those Tea Partiers and grassroots conservatives looking for a list of establishment Republicans who need the lesson in Politics 101 that only a primary election challenge can teach, here is the roll call of those who voted with the Democrats and establishment Republican leadership: .

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Cozy Cretins

The "establishment" political elites of both parties are totally clueless about how to properly administer and govern the USA.  Both parties are essentially FLEECERS ... leeches ... corrupt to the bone.   I can live with Ron Paul or Gary Johnson ... the rest are "out of touch" with me.