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Newt Gingrich Enters the Lion's Den, Gets Sustained Standing Ovation from Conservative Leaders

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich took his battle for the Republican presidential nomination directly to 63 of the nation’s most influential conservative leaders during a two-and-a-half hour meeting of uncommitted conservatives hosted by Chairman Richard Viguerie and Diana Banister of Shirley and Banister Public Affairs. This meeting was one of the few opportunities conservative leaders will have to gather before the early primaries. Chairman Richard Viguerie introduced Speaker Gingrich with reminiscences of how, as a young backbench Congressman, Gingrich used to meet with leaders of the conservative movement to plan strategy to advance the conservative agenda in Congress and that through that long association Gingrich had many, many friends and acquaintances in the room.

Speaker Gingrich’s formal remarks began with a brief commentary on the state of the country, a reminder of how critical this election is to the future of the United States and the posterity of those in the room and to note that “if Obama is re-elected America will be a very, very different country from the one we grew-up in.”

Gingrich then went on to briefly outline his plan for winning the Republican nomination and the Presidency through a positive campaign focused on selling conservative ideas – such as radically reducing the size of the federal establishment by governing according to the precepts of the Tenth Amendment and balancing the budget and paying down the debt to encourage job creation.

The Speaker then went on to outline the four parts of his 21st Century Contract with America: A set of legislative proposals to shift America back to job creation, prosperity, freedom, and safety; A "Day One Plan" of Executive Orders to be signed on inauguration day to immediately transform the way the executive branch works; A training program for the transition teams and the appointees who will lead the shift back to Constitutional, limited government; and, a system of citizen involvement to help us sustain grassroots support for change and help implement the change through 2021.

Interrupted numerous times by applause, Gingrich concluded his remarks by asking the audience “to be with me, not merely for me – because if you are merely for me that implies you can vote and go home and expect me to fix things, but for this level of change to occur I need you working with me every step of the way to make it happen.” Chairman Richard Viguerie led the questioning by noting that “personnel are policy” and that when Ronald Reagan ran for President he never went anyplace, without being surrounded by the leaders and activists of the conservative movement – which gave conservatives confidence that when Reagan was elected conservatives would follow him into the White House and Cabinet.

Viguerie then asked Speaker Gingrich for a similar commitment, to which Gingrich replied, “Mine is going to be a conservative administration… This is very tough work that I will be asking people to undertake.  I’m only going to appoint people who are willing to come in to implement our agenda – cutting government, judicial reform – these are tough jobs that require a commitment and I’m only going to appoint people who have that commitment.”

One of the earliest and toughest questions came from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who noted many of the ideas Speaker Gingrich had championed seemed like they might end-up growing government.  “How can we be sure, what’s the restraint on you that these ideas won’t end up being more big government?” asked Cuccinelli.

Speaker Gingrich replied to laughter that “there’s nothing to restrain a President from doing something dumb, but I trust the people in this room to tell me if that is the case.” But then he noted more seriously that, “I’m a Federalist.  I look to the Federalist Papers and the Constitution to guide me and restrain government.”

The Speaker was asked several times to confirm his commitment to the right-to-life agenda, which he did by first re-stating the revolutionary idea contained in the Declaration of Independence that certain fundamental human rights, including the right to life, are gifts from God and cannot be given nor taken away by government.

Gingrich also noted for the record that he had a 98.5% pro-life record when in Congress, short of 100% only because of how the welfare reform vote was scored.  The Speaker further stated that if elected he planned to reinstitute the Mexico City policy prohibiting funding of abortion, and that he was taking a look at the Constitutional concept of personhood and how that might be used to advance the pro-life agenda.

When asked about how he intended to win the general election Gingrich said he expected Obama to have $1 billion to spend, but that he would counter that by challenging Obama to a series of seven Lincoln – Douglas-style un-moderated debates, “…and he'll say yes. There are two reasons: The first is his ego. Can you imagine him looking in the mirror? Graduate from Columbia, Harvard Law, and editor of the Law Review. How is he going to say that he's afraid to be on the same podium as a West Georgia College teacher?  Plus, if he says ‘no’ I’m going to say ‘the White House is now my scheduler’ and wherever he goes I will show-up within four hours to take apart whatever he said, that’s how Lincoln got Douglas to debate.”

Speaker Gingrich concluded his remarks to a sustained standing ovation by saying that he expected his opponents in both the primary and the general election to go negative, but that he intended to stay positive and to run a campaign of conservative ideas and that faced with the choice between food stamps and paychecks he trusted in the American people to choose ideas over slander and character assassination every time.

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It is amazing how many of you Paulites do not even know where your hero Ron Paul is on the political spectrum. Ron Paul is absolutely positively NOT a conservative. He is rather a left-wing libertarian who does not understand the Constitution. His foreign policy is to the left of Barack Obama. He blames the U.S. for 9-11. He believes Islamists hate us only because we support Israel. He wants to legalize narcotics. He supports an isolationist foreign policy. He does not believe in American exceptionalism. He supports the occupy Wall Street Marxist morons. He does not support free trade agreements. He is not concerned about U.S. border security. He is not pro-life and does not support banning abortion. He does not think the U.S. should support Israel. He is in favor of a palestinian state. He does not think that Iran having a nuclear weapon is a problem. He does not believe that Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah or other Islamist jihadists are a threat to the U.S. None of these positions are conservative positions. Newt Gingrich views on all of these positions, on the other hand, are conservative and are the opposite of Ron Paul.

Incidentally, if you actually read the U.S. Constitution, you will see that the U.S. Constitution enacts not a small government but rather a limited government. our founding fathers were not libertarians or anarchists but rather were conservatives who believed in a limited federal government. if you read the Federalist you will see that that is the case. The powers that the people and the states granted to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution were limited but within those powers the grant was substantial. For example, the war making power granted to the federal government was not a wimpy grant of power but rather a strong grant of power. Therefore, conservatism is properly about limited government that sometimes is small and sometimes is big (World War II, for example, was big).

Your man Ron Paul would be a disaster as president. Thanks God he has no chance of being elected.



“I’m a Federalist.  I look to the Federalist Papers and the Constitution to guide me and restrain government.”

Anyone in that room who actually believed this line is a naive child and deserves to be stripped of any position of influence they might have.


Newt is a liar a fraud and poison for the constitution and this country. He avidly promoted Tofflers book as must read material for any republican as a guide to "improving" America. In Tofflers book he say bluntly that the constitution needs to die and be abadoned and government must be bigger and have vastly more power.

Newt is a lying traitor and that is the nicest thing anyone who knows his history can say about him.

Rasley's piiece is a just

Rasley's piiece is a just pro-Gingrich offensively cloying babble.

Where is it etched on steel that ONLY Gingrich can beat Obama? If my cockatiel Piccolina were a Republican, even she could beat him; the latest Rasmussen poll and other polls are showing consistently that almost any Republican can beat Obama.

Thus, if any Republican can do it, why not a Bachmann-Santorum ticket?

 Now that, finally, a vast majority of people are opening their eyes to whom Obama really is, his only fate is to be voted out of office; the forces that sent him to the White House won't be able to do it again. Look at his THREE-month average:

 Strongly Approve  

 Strongly Disapprove  

 Total Approve  

 Total Disapprove  





 ...and the trend is worse for him, that is, better for America.

 Obama's inevitable fate is an eviction notice on November 6, 2012 to vacate White House premises by noon, January 21, 2013.

 The traitorous hardcore-Left, along with the complicit RINOs and the accommodationist establishment-Republicans have made America terminally ill; America needs a first-class physician in the White House, and, it is more than evident that Gingrich is not that kind of physician, and neither are the rest, except for Bachmann-Santorum.

 Although this time CHANGE won't be swallowed by the idiotic centrists, HOPE can still be used, particularly against Gingrich, whom the DemocRats will artfully make centrists see as a reminiscence of what they will portray as an ugly past. He will be portrayed as another Dart Vader, as they did with Cheney, who, by the way, is overall dimensions superior to Gingrich.

 (NOTE: the centrists are the ones to watch, for they are "compromisers"; and not the independents, for the latter can be at any spot on the entire breadth, from right to left, of the ideological spectrum and will always vote orthodoxly for the candidate that exactly matches their ideology)

 BTW, Ann Coulter (who is not of my liking, and who is Romneyite and a Christieite) brings in to our attention some of Gingrich's anti-conservative, anti-American transgressions, as you can read at

Gingrich, Re-Establishing the Constitution ...

... by a "Day-One Plan" of EXECUTIVE ORDERS???????

Then we can protect the rule of law and enforce original intent by appointing ACTIVIST JUDGES ....

Then we can simplify the laws and the tax code by electing lawyers and  accountants to the legislature to write them ...

Gee, this is getting fun ...

Then we can get the other members of the SPP to help defend our borders !

Then we can get Larry Flynt to heads up the Safe Schools programs ... yeah ... that's the ticket !

And we can get to have Eric Holder as the Attorney General & Ben Bernanke as Head of the Fed ...I CAN HARDLY WAIT !!! ... Wait a minute ...

Get Ready for the Rick Perry Comeback

Gingrich and Romney are going to tear each other apart in public. Get ready for Pery to recover his sea legs and come back strong.

Gingrich throws the switch

The Speaker has quite a history of big government.  He would also fit right into the military industrial complex war machine and the growing federal police state.  Rather than lead a change, my view on Gingrich is that he would put the afterburners on and increase our spend and deficit rather sharply.  But the longstanding objection that I think is telling of Gingrich's approach is exemplified by his 1996 bill to raise the drug war to a capital crime.  I don't see bringing the death penalty to someone wtih a half carton of canabis cigarettes as a balanced view on the proper use of power.  And his recent proposal on invading Iran in a way that is "totally deniable" bodes well for a world that is teetering on collapse from 60 years of US based foreign intervension.  It just doesn't sound like he is connected with a reality that will put us on the right track.  But for those who think bomb and rebuild is good policy he may be the most likely to restart the Cold war and turn up the heat.

The opposite of what I want in a President

I don't mind that someone is a draft dodger,but one who wants to send other people's kids to war?Not to mention that he has a terrible voting record!A vote for Newt is a vote for Obama.Don't throw your vote away.

Way to go Newt!

I see the Ron Paul bunch are out and about. I don't agree with some things he says but I agree with most things he says. He is one that was not afraid to go to Trump's debate. He is not afraid to challenge Romney in a Lincoln/Douglas debate. He is not afraid of the left wing media. Leadership comes in many forms. We have many in this country who believe in so many things. I believe he will turn this country around. Even my liberal brother feels that way. Obama needs to go!

Some at Meeting Oppose Big-Government Newt

Apparently not all of the conservatives leaders present at this meeting saw it the way it was presented in the ConservativeHQ article.  Many see Newt for what he is - a big-government Washington insider!

You are right on Angela

Newt Gingrich is absolutely the last person I would trust to lead this government. He is not a conservative and I do not think he all that smart regardless of the talk of his brilliance. LOL He is devious and seems so arrogant. If the GOP goes for him they are laughable and rediculous! Ron Paul or none at all!!  

Newt is not the answer.

Ron Paul wins every poll I see CHQ run yet they invite someone who has relentlessly proven he is troublingly out of touch. 

Integrity, a rare commodity.

Gingrich is about a conservative as Bill Clinton

Gingrich voted to establish Jimmy Carter's Dept. of Education, which has lead to our

know nothing socialist system . He pushed for NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO, which

has destroyed our industrial superioty, moved to China and 3rd world, and led to billons

in trade deficits. He was an avid supporter of New Age totalitarian, Alvin Toefler's book

The Third Wave, which calls for the destruction of the Constitution. He voted for the Brady/

Lautenberg anti 2nd amendment, and supported digital thumbprinting for all gun owners. He

desired to give life sentences, if not the death penalty for marijuana smuggling of 2oz.

He believes torture is exeptable if it directed by the President ie Dictator. Most everything

he has done, and much of what he says, is against the Constitution, but you people think

he's a 'conservative'??? Are you sure you are a 'conservative' or a CFR/NWO cheerleader

like Newt Clinton, I mean Gingrich???

@chevy4express, Cheerleader


Cheerleader no.  Minion and puppet for NWO most assuredly.  It pains me to see all of the so-called conservatives who have no idea about the truth in America and the world.  Thanks for you ACCURATE comment!

Newt is a Big-Government Republican

Newt has an extensive record which clearly shows that he is an advocate for bigger government.  He believes that government is the solution, rather than the problem.  The fact that some conservative "leaders" are now cheering for him makes me sick.  But, they say, Newt has admitted his "mistakes."  If we believe him, then he's stating that he has made countless "mistakes" on very serious issues over the course of many years.  So then shouldn't we question his JUDGMENT?  


How can this many "conservatives" suddenly fall for a chronic opportunist like Newt Gingrich, who said to Sean Hannity in the summer of 2008 that we need to "re-define" conservatism and then intimated we need to become more moderate.

Look at his past. He fought against the original E-Verify bill and added an amendment to make it purely voluntary when its passage looked inevitable. Now he has resurrected the twice defeated amnesty of Bush, McCain and Obama. He is advocating the same surrender/legalize raise the limit immigration policies of the open borders zealots before him. Any politician who keeps repeating the false option that we must legalize 20 million lawbreakers because we can't deport them all is intentionally ignoring the third option of attrition by enforcement. It reveals their corruption. I'm sick of purposeful suppression of American self determination by the cheap labor crowd. Conservatives wake up! Newt is Trojan Horse globalist posing as a conservative.

Conservative "Leaders"?

How can these "Leaders" be conservative when supporting a globalist like Gingrich?   Last Presidential election you could hardly find any conservative "leaders" and now they are all over the place.   They are cashing in on the populist ideas and are not true conservatives.   That word has been so corrupted and I prefer Libertarian to be completely clear about how I stand on the Constitution.   Don't trust anyone who claims to be conservative without the record to support it.  And regarding the Newt, himself:  We already have a narcissist in charge and don't need another one.   And a liar also.

Get Off the Cool Aid

I have noticed that a majority of the people on this site must be libertarian, since all of your recent votes on this site for President have consistently given Ron Paul the majority.  It mystifies me, since I perceived Mr. Viguerie as a Conservative, not a libertarian.  And it is absolutely clear to anyone paying attention that Ron Paul is the leading Libertian in the country right now.

Libertarians are idealistic conservatives, which, unfortunately, also makes them unrealistic in the imperfect world and how it operates.   This imperfect world takes advantage of, and out maneuvers, these idealists to everyone's detriment, should they hold high enough office.

Oh, yeah

Gingrich "looks to the Federalist Papers and the U.S. Constitution" alright. He's a HUGE supporter of the UnPatriot Act and would like to see it strenghened. And wars? Oh, boy, he just can't get enough of them lovely wars. This crooked bastard was the first congressman ever found guilty of ethics violations and fined $300,000! And now they think he's worthy of being their candidate? What a PATHETIC bunch of LOSERS!!

Sustained Standing Ovation from Conservative Leaders

I almost threw up in my mouth when reading this...  If you support Newt, you are NOT our leaders... You are out of touch with the majority of conservative republicans and deserve to lose the election again! 

True republican conservatives will write Ron Paul in before we vote for Newt, Romney or Obama!

I'm Getting a Migraine Again

Mr. Viguerie -

Do NOT sell us out. If we go down, let us go down together fighting the good fight.

Get off the Gingrich drug. And don't push it on us, even if you want to get your own high.

All of these people tell us what they think we want to hear (it's called "marketing"), but when they get the job, they are responsible to the folks who pay them. Think Larry McDonald. His voice still lives...and his message was ON TARGET. I tremble each time I think about what has really been planned for ALL of us.

Let us make certain our FIRST political allegiance is to our CONSTITUTION, to rule of law, not men. Otherwise, you may wake up one day and sadly realize you have helped elect a modern day Caligula to replace our current Nero.

Wake up. For God's sake, wake up.

I would like to believe it

I would like to believe it but still don't.  Gingrich is part of why are in the mess we are in.  Read

Why Are So Many Conservatives Liberal?  at  for some help in this matter.

If you keep the same people you get the same result

What I do not understand is:

You have Gingrich - he is still part of the government insider group. that caused a previous problem.

You have Bachmann - part of the government insider group, that has caused the problem we wish to cure. she has had no effect on the running the government being part of it what would make you think her being president would give her a magic wand to fix it as president.

You have Paul - part of the government insider group, that has caused the problem we wish to cure. he has had no effect on the running the government being part of it what would make you think him being president would give him a magic wand to fix it as president.

You have Mit - who has been chasing the presidency for 8 years without success. and is a Obama look alike from where I stand, He put hands in the Health Care and made it worse, He made it next to impossible to exercise your second ammendment right, he created a semi-socialist government in Mass. what makes you think that will change when he gets more power as the president of the US.

You have Rick Santorum - another government insider

Now if you think by making any of these president is going to make our country better because they will then be president, I think you are badly mistaken.

If you do the same thing over and over you wind up with the same result over and over.

The Rest can't seam to find the right words to give us any idea what they would do other than be called president, Perry is another democrat in Republican clothes / name.

None of these people are Conservatives, they are all self serving politicians in my book.

Your right on all but Paul

You obviously do not know Paul, that you could even compare him to those he is doing the exact opposite of is beyond absurd.

He has done everything a congressman can to on his own to fix what all the other are doing there best to break.

If you think you or anyone can build a sand castle faster than 400 others can kick it down around you then your living in a fantasy world. As president Paul could stomp our nation from going over the cliff in just 5 words or less. Yes I mean that literally "BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW" Those 5 words which he would have full power to say as president without any say from congress or anyone else could give our economy the time it needs to recover. Then his spending cuts as well and we could turn this nation around. Without those massive holes filled in this sinking ship we are done period and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

Newt and the GOP nomination

Not only would that be a "win" for the welfare/warfare/police state, I'm afraid to say it would also be a win for Obama. 

I agree

Newt is just more of the same of what is broken in DC......all the arrogant and cutesy rhetoric he uses DOES NOT change his past record and there is NO reason to TRUST HIM.....He is a tainted man with MUCH baggage and the Democrats will have a hay day with him if he is NOMINATE.....WAKE UP AMERICA......Ron Paul is the ONLY ONE who can and will beat BO.....if Dr. Paul doesn't get the nomination then it will be 4 more years of BO....millions of us REFUSE to vote for the lesser of 2 evils again and NEWT IS BY FAR AN EVIL MAN!  Anybody can say anything and it looks like NEWTER will say anything to get elected.....NOT!!!!  Don't buy it folks!

Newt and the GOP Nomination

How so, lungshot... please enlighten us.