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Will Newt’s Hamiltonian Constitutionalism Satisfy Conservatives?

Newt Gingrich met with 62 national conservative leaders on Wednesday, and as CHQ’s George Rasley reports, Newt laid out some specific ideas about how his presidency and administration would be conservative.

Some conservatives present at the forum made known their concerns about Newt’s tendencies toward big government solutions.

As reported at CHQ:

One of the earliest and toughest questions came from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who noted many of the ideas Speaker Gingrich had championed seemed like they might end-up growing government.  “How can we be sure, what’s the restraint on you that these ideas won’t end up being more big government?” asked Cuccinelli.

Speaker Gingrich replied to laughter that “there’s nothing to restrain a President from doing something dumb, but I trust the people in this room to tell me if that is the case.” But then he noted more seriously that, “I’m a Federalist.  I look to the Federalist Papers and the Constitution to guide me and restrain government.”

Newt’s response in the context of other comments he made may not have been completely comforting to his skeptics.

Newt later said that he is a Federalist more in the mold of Alexander Hamilton, and even indicated by a nod of the head that Cuccinelli and others in the room may have views more like the Anti-Federalists such as Thomas Jefferson. 

Given Speaker Gingrich’s expertise in American history, his choice of Hamilton is no mere throwaway clue to how he would govern. 

In fact, the modern day split within the Republican Party in some ways resembles the difference between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, except that America is much closer to socialism than the Federalists’ vision. The difference between big-government Republicans and small government conservatives is that big-government Republicans tolerate -- even abet -- socialism. 

Alexander Hamilton was the progenitor of crony capitalism and big banks, writes Michael Patrick Leahy, author of the soon-to-be-published book about the ideological origins of the Tea Party, Covenant of Liberty.

If Gingrich is counting on conservatives preferring a Hamiltonian Republican to Obama, then he is of course right. But that’s a vision many conservatives believe won’t be sufficient to reverse the damages of big-government policies and save America’s exceptionalism.

Newt tipped his hand another way by referring to the Constitution as a “contract.” One deficiency of that view is that people in government didn’t “sign” that contract, and too many act unimpeded by it. The better view, of course, is that the Constitution is the law that governs government.

Distrust of government is at record levels because the political establishment acts above the law as if it were not subject to the law governing government.

Thomas Jefferson writing in the Kentucky Resolutions in response to the Alien and Seditions Act said, “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

It’s almost becoming cliché to say that Newt Gingrich is a very smart man. Let’s hope he’s smart enough to get to the core of what’s hurting America the most.

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The Tie That Binds

I have to give OJUDAS credit for one thing. He got millions of Americans watching and checking on government. Having said that as I was reading about Newt and his meeting with fellow Conservatives I was ,and always am, fascinated at one of the men I admire most, Thomas Jefferson. He was truly a brilliant mind. But I'm certain that those men as smart as they were had some external help putting this country together. It's been 235 years since our founding and even though that was a long time ago the founders showed exceptional intelligence, while compared to men today and observing the mess we have made of this nation I'm beginning to wonder if we've dumbed down to what we are now. Or could it be that God Almighty directed these founders in the course of actions they took. I would tend to say yes He did. If you will check all 50 state Constitutions you will find direct references to God in every single one of them, not to mention our national Constitution. That being the case it is absolutely imperative that His guiding hand be in our present and no doubt our future no matter who gets elected, God willing it won't be OJUDAS. I believe God allowed OJUDAS to come to power to demonstrate what happens when you toss God out of our lives. I commit to this principle. I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER  PERSON RUNNING FOR OFFICE UNLESS HE OR SHE IS A PROFESSING, NOT ONLY THAT BUT A RIGHT LIVING, CHRISTIAN. I realize that I have set the benchmark rather high but when it comes to my country I will NOT diminish the importance of having right people in leadership positions. I am NOT seeking a perfect candidate as there are none perfect. But if they have repented and turned away from wrong living then if that's good enough for God, it's good enough for me ! Jehovah was present at the formation of this nation and we need Him badly right now. Otherwise we are left to mans wisdom and that as we have seen can only lead to self destruction !