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The Republican Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul

After years of being ignored, Ron Paul finally has the full attention of the Republican establishment. In fact, he has more than just their attention. He has them in an absolute panic.

Why? Ron Paul may very well win the Iowa caucus -- one of the most revered and respected events of presidential primaries. 

“It would make the caucuses mostly irrelevant if not entirely irrelevant,” Becky Beach, a long-time Republican activist from Iowa told POLITICO. “It would have a very damaging effect because I don’t think [Ron Paul] could be elected president and both Iowa and national Republicans wouldn’t think he represents the will of voters.”

And, the excuses are already pouring in. 

Iowa House Speaker Kraig Paulsen suggested that a Paul victory could be the result of people "perverting" the system. Tamara Scott, the Bachmann campaign’s Iowa co-chair, says Paul has “hijacked” the caucus system. Then, others, like Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, said voters would (or, more likely implied, should) simply ignore Paul, looking instead to the second and third place winners as a true barometer of the nation.

At first, Ron Paul was ignored because he didn’t have a chance in the primaries. Now, he is loathed because he does. 

But, Republicans have only themselves to blame. Just as the systematic exclusion of Gary Johnson from the 2012 primary debates pushed him to run as a Libertarian, the actions of the Republican establishment set the stage for the “Ron Paul Revolution.” Now, the full force of the Revolution is set to strike in Iowa. 

Call it a hijacking, a perversion of the process, or just a fluke, but a Paul victory in Iowa is no less legitimate than a victory by Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Michele Bachmann. The winners of primaries, just like any straw poll, are determined by the motivation of supporters to get out and vote. And, as Timothy P. Carney, The Washington Examiner's senior political columnist, wrote in a recent column: "In a crowded GOP field currently led by a collapsing Newt Gingrich and an uninspiring Mitt Romney, Paul could carry the Iowa caucuses, where supporter enthusiasm has so much value."

Is it Paul’s fault that he has set the standard for grassroots support? Is it Paul’s fault that his supporters are the most motivated and the most active because they believe in his message of limited government and fiscal discipline? And, is it Paul’s fault that after years of being snubbed by the Republican establishment, his supporters are more motivated than ever to push him to the top now that he actually has a chance?

Or, is it the fault of the Republican establishment for producing uninspiring leadership, milquetoast candidates, and a destroyed brand? 

If Republicans want to stop Ron Paul from upsetting the established order, the answer is simple: Beat Paul at his own game. Get serious about cutting spending. Put together a plan for foreign policy that doesn’t turn our troops into nation builders. Dramatically reduce the size of government by actually eliminating government agencies.

In essence, get serious about being conservative. Otherwise, Republicans are just feeding the monster, and making Paul’s (growing) support base even more motivated to get him elected. 

The reason Paul wins so many online polls is the same reason he’s poised to win in Iowa: His supporters are eager to see him at the top. Blaming Paul for winning a system based on the turnout of supporters -- by using the energy of his supporters -- is like blaming a beauty pageant winner for being too beautiful. It’s sour grapes, and nothing but an excuse for one’s own shortcomings. 

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Terrified they should be....

The establishment had better be terrified of Dr. Paul. The American electorate is fed up with the establishment's control of both parties and thus are turning to Ron Paul and his pro-liberty and freedom position. His governance will be wonderfully fresh and positive. The Republican party has a chance to reestablish itself as a people oriented party with peace and economic growth the goal. Providence has provided this nation a person to provide the political environment for this to occur ..... his name is Ron Paul. 

Be Afraid

Republicans are afraid because Ron Paul is a rteal Republican and if he is elected they will not be able top take out money and give to the rich anymore. They better be afraid because the 99% is pissed.

progressive advocates of the New World Order

The progressive advocates of the New World Order who hold both the Democratic and Republican Parties hostage, and have gained a foothold in Tea Party movement, are determined to retain control of the Republican Party. The Ron Paul movement seeks to reestablish the Party as the staunch defender of the Republic and its constitutional limits

Perry to Win in 2012!

Ron Paul makes valid points on domestic issues but is far too extreme on foreign policy to be good for America.  We need a candidate who will not only seek to restore the economy and protect life but who will also continue to stand by Israel and protect our national interests.  That man is Rick Perry, who as the most popularly elected governor of Texas has never yet lost an election and would be unlikely to lose against Obama, either.  Having presided over the state which created the most jobs in the nation these past few years, he has good ideas to bring to the presidency toward helping to get America working again.  I would be delighted to see the man who led the National Day of Prayer this year replace the usurper who has rejected that observance in the White House throughout the past 3 years while embracing the observance of Ramadan instead.  Perry for President in 2012!

Romney Perversion

I wonder if it would be called a perversion of the electoral process if  Romney used millions of dollars donated from the banking industry to buy a lot of ads to win in a primary?  My guess is the media and pundits would think it was just part of the normal political process.  Particularly since they make their living from advertising revenue from the same banks...

Ron Paul

But folks, Ron Paul is not going to secure the GOP nomination, not going to happen, period! If he wants to run as an Independent, then he hands the presidency to Obama. Its a lose-lose situation with Paul. Support Newt Gingrich and Obama goes down.

Anybody but Ron Paul, and it goes to Obama ...

Here's the real deal folks – The GOP cannot win without Ron Paul (RP) votes, RP support, RP activists.   And the only result RP will accept or endorse at the convention is his nomination.  Anything short of that and the movement is going third party with Gary Johnson (GJ).  RP won’t run with the third option because his Son still needs the GOP as a vehicle in the future.  GJ will most likely not win but neither will the GOP and we'll be stuck with Obama for four more years.  There is no lessor of two evils; there is only evil, period.

The opposite of what I want in a President

Newt is yesterday's bad news.Do not throw your vote away.Vote for Ron Paul.Do it for the soldiers and the children,or do it for your parents,but do it.

They said that about Barry Goldwater

They said that about Barry Goldwater: i.e. he was too "extreme" to get the nomination.

There is a big difference, though, from 1964.  If Dr. Paul gets the nomination, it is an almost certainty he will win the election unlike 1964 where Lyndon Johnson could play the sympathy card for a murdered John F. Kennedy.  Barack Obama has been a presidential train wreck.  I know life-long Democrats which whom I could not discuss politics or economics for decades who are now vociferously siding with me, libertarian-republican that I am.

Same ole excuses

I vote on principle, not teh lesser of two evils.  Having been a Republican for 36 years, I now see I have been used by a Party which is just teh otehr side of the same coin.  Both parties are globalists and both parties have dimantled the Constitution and both parties speak out of both sides of their mouths.  I have looked at every issue that Paul espouses and they are truly conservative, if you hold conservatism as holding to teh Constitution and upholding your out to preserve and protect the principles of the Bill of Rights. I would rather have 4 more years of disaster with Obama than continue this charade of a two party system that has manipulated us into a us versus them mentality.  This country has lost sight of its responsibility in the world, to be a beacon for the natural rights and a protector against governments tyranny.  Now we have one of the least free, most tyrannical governments in the world, where our tyranny extends to other countries in the name of fighting terrorism. The fact that we have not seen a large attck , a suicide bomber etc on our territory, when it would be very easy to pull off, tells me that most terrorism is state sponsored and false flag operations to scare the population for extended governmental tyranny.  We are like a lcoholic, we have to reach bottom.  Obama will get us there faster, but mark my words, the mainline republicans are doing it just as well.  Paul is teh only one that will return us to a Constitutional Republic, where states rights are not trampled and the natural rights of the individual will  be respected. The Constitution is to limit government and keep them out of our business.  Our rights do not come from government, but from God ( whoever you conceive him to be.)

Anyone who will not severely curtail the governments regulatory and economic controls will never have my support. Paul, Johnson, Ventura would have my support! WHile I like Newt, he is still big government and will not go near far enough in reducing the Feds intrusion on our freedom.

Ron Paul

We don't have to accept Newt.    Gary Johnson gives us another choice.   The GOP has been warned.

Ron Paul

Gary Johnson has given us a way to vote principles.   If Paul is cheated out of the nomination the way that Gary Johnson was prevented from participating in the process, we will go third party for Johnson.   You can blame the Establishment GOP for that as they were warned.   It seems that they will not fight for freedom in the Congress but will fight against it in the primaries.   The GOP is as much to blame for the mess we are in as the Dems.   Obama is a latecomer and has had less time to screw things up although he is doing a masterful job of it.  Your choice:   Paul or Obama

If you don't like this, too bad.   I don't like how the GOP has been allowed it's destructive behavior.   It's time they were retired.

Ron Paul

Gary Johnson has given us a way to vote principles.   If Paul is cheated out of the nomination the way that Gary Johnson was prevented from participating in the process, we will go third party for Johnson.   You can blame the Establishment GOP for that as they were warned.   It seems that they will not fight for freedom in the Congress but will fight against it in the primaries.   The GOP is as much to blame for the mess we are in as the Dems.   Obama is a latecomer and has had less time to screw things up although he is doing a masterful job of it.  Your choice:   Paul or Obama

If you don't like this, too bad.   I don't like how the GOP has been allowed it's destructive behavior.   It's time they were retired.


a snow flakes chance in h3ll will I or any Paul supporter support Newt, you can kiss that 20%+ of Republican voters gone if anyone but Paul gets the nom and count yourselves to blaim for not supporting the only real defender of the constitution.

We will keep saying it till it is over, you Rinos and Neocons have two choices and only two choices, Paul or Obama. If you do not choose Paul we promise you Obama.


I agree wholeheartedly.


I agree wholeheartedly.

The Establishment

FGox News is owned by socilist liberals for the purpose of targeting the conservative merket ansd making money for socialist bord member Murdoch, Rothschild,and the Vietrnemes communist who rewrote the Patriot Act. They are not going to support a Constitutional Conservative like Ron Pauk who could get this coluintry back on tracjk and stop the socialist take over.

I am a Veteran and 13 of my ancestors fought in the Revolution. One of us died at the Alamo. My Dad was shot down in B-253 3 times and captured twice in WWII over Borneo. He escaped both times and went back into service He earned 4 Purple Hearts and a silver star. They were giving out gold stars in battle and he got two of those. One of us died at the Alamo. I take my patriotism seriously.  I have followed you political career for years knowing that you felt it too.

What is going on here is the same as what was going on in nice, fee, parliamentary Germany after WWI. The country was devastated from the war because we had been tricked into fighting it. Then the Socialists (Nazis) took over and six million Jews and million more complained and discussed as they were led to slaughter.  England did the same thing to the Irish where i8 million were starved to death. You have finished fighting wars to help transfer our wealth to the corporations and government si that it can spread it around. Now is the time to fight for your country or we will have a disaster soon.. I'm not much any more but, I will follow.

The defense bill is just about the nail in the coffin. We need to repeal this. No one in the world had aver had the authority or power to do anything to violate the Constitution so, the bill is null and void. Please stop playing along with these socialists who are controlled by the corporations seeking our wealth and fight for your country mow.

Ron Paul

True conservatives will never support the commie and muzzie appeasing isolationist libertarian rino Ron Paul. Sure, he has a well organized band of followers, including a lot of social liberals, who consistently regurgitate all of his talking points. They make a lot of noise, but they are small in number. He may do well in Iowa, which uses the caucus method, aka shouting match. So what! When he loses, and he will lose, the GOP nomination, his sycophantic drones, who remind me of Obama's, will urge a 3rd party run. A run which he has NOT definitely ruled out yet. I think he will accomodate them, setting up the possibility of another hard left libtard victory for the office of POTUS.

Ignorance survives in the Repub Party

Calling Paul a commie.  You are an idiot.  I 'll be you have not read the Constitution and then looked at the issues that the Republican party espouses.  They are as much an enemy of individual freedom as are the Dems. Use your noodle and have a spine and you must admit Paul understands what this country was meant to be.

Ron Paul

Wjwynne Ignorant?  Yes but more than that a juvenile who pretends to be an adult with his name calling and lack of intelligent argument.   The poor child is  obviously a product of our education system and has no idea of what "true conservative" is.   He has been taught to hate Jefferson, Washington and the other founders.   Actually his juvenile eruptions help to classify him for the rest of us.

well one

thing is for certain, you are either ignorant and amazingly delusional, or just an old fashiond liar but you are without a doubt one or the other or both.

Progressive GOP

The reason Ron Paul is so popular, is because the GOP has become as progressive as the democratic party! No other candidate adhere's to their oath to defend the Constitution besides Ron Paul, and more people are re-introducing themselves to the Constitution now than ever before. We the people are not as ignorant of the Constitution and no longer blind to the fact that the federal government has systematically taken power away from the people and given it to themselves. A lot of people realise that if any of the other candidates win the primary, it will be business as usual. Which is, keep the power they have already stolen, continue to ignore the Constitution and steal even more power and freedoms and liberties from us. Hopefully enough people will wake up and will support Dr. Paul so we the people can retake the power and authority the constitution endowed us with and we can put the federal government back in it's place where it belongs!! Ron Paul 2012!! " Give me liberty or give me death!!"



Published December 20, 2011

Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly today declared that Republican presidential contender Congressman Ron Paul’s foreign policy regarding Iran disqualifies Dr. Paul from being president of the United States.

Bill O'Reilly Ron Paul
Bill O’Reilly / Congressman Ron Paul

Would a President Ron Paul not ask Congress for a declaration of war against Iran should Iran attack the United States?

Of course President Ron Paul would do that.

So just what is it that Bill O’Reilly wants a president of the United States to do that President Ron Paul wouldn’t do?

President Ron Paul would not preemptively deploy the military forces of the United States of America – without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by the U.S. Constitution — to prevent Iran from developing an atomic fission bomb of a power that the United States first developed in 1945.

Currently Iran does not have a single atomic bomb in its arsenal. There is debatable intelligence that Iran is working to build such a bomb. If Iran were to succeed in building an atomic bomb this would be a weapon system far less powerful than any of the thousands and thousands of thermonuclear fusion bombs that the United States has attached to intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reduce Iran to radioactive rubble in under an hour.

Bill O’Reilly wants a president of the United States to prevent Iran from building its first atomic bomb because Bill O’Reilly fears that Iran would use such a bomb against Israel, which has in its arsenal several hundred atomic bombs that could reduce Iran to radioactive rubble in under an hour.

Ron Paul has said in the Republican presidential debates that because it has many of its own atomic bombs Israel can defend itself from any Iranian threat and not only does not need the United States to attack Iran but Ron Paul also has noted that the United States does not even have a treaty with Israel that requires it to come to the defense of Israel.

So why is Bill O’Reilly so hot on a president of the United States turning the Constitution of the United States into a kind of radioactive rubble by preemptively attacking Iran to prevent it from developing an atomic bomb that either the United States and Israel could respond to with the total obliteration of Iran should it attack either country?

“I don’t think we need another Neville Chamberlain with Iran,” writes Bill O’Reilly. “So, he wants to be friends with Iran, that’s swell.”

Neville Chamberlain
Neville Chamberlain

O’Reilly refers to the history prior to World War II, when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did not declare war on Nazi Germany when Hitler used military force to annex to Germany ethnically-German territory possessed by Czechoslovakia.

According to the BBC:

Like many in Britain who had lived through World War One, Chamberlain was determined to avert another war. His policy of appeasement towards Adolf Hitler culminated in the Munich Agreement in which Britain and France accepted that the Czech region of the Sudetenland should be ceded to Germany.

Chamberlain left Munich believing that by appeasing Hitler he had assured ‘peace for our time’. However, in March 1939 Hitler annexed the rest of the Czech lands of Bohemia and Moravia, with Slovakia becoming a puppet state of Germany. Five months later in September 1939 Hitler’s forces invaded Poland. Chamberlain responded with a British declaration of war on Germany.

In fact, Neville Chamberlain’s policy for the British Empire with respect to Germany was far closer to the policy Bill O’Reilly advocates with respect to Iran than the policy advocated by Ron Paul for the United States.

When Neville Chamberlain as Great Britain’s Prime Minister declared war on Germany in 1939 it was not because Germany had attacked Great Britain or any territory claimed by the British but because Britain had a defense treaty with Poland. Furthermore, Chamberlain’s declaration of war on Germany in 1939 was made at a time that Britain was militarily unprepared for a Second World War with Germany. Had the United States not entered the war on the side of Great Britain Hitler’s Germany almost certainly would have won.

Neither did Neville Chamberlain have any reason to be able to count on the United States entering the war. American popular sentiment was overwhelmingly opposed to entering another European war and it’s only by a quirk of history that the United States did join Great Britain as an ally against Hitler.

Had Hitler in December 1941 ignored his treaty with Japan the same way he ignored his 1939 Munich treaty with Great Britain — and not declared war on the United States in response to the U.S. declaration of war on Germany’s ally Japan — the United States would have been engaged in a Pacific theater war against Japan and unable to join Britain in a war against Germany. All U.S. warships in the Atlantic would have had to be immediately redeployed to the Pacific as of the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941. Rather than insulting Chamberlain for “appeasing” Hitler by not declaring war in 1938, history would have recorded that it was Chamberlain’s rash 1939 declaration of war against Germany in defense of Poland that led to the end of an English-controlled Great Britain.

Developing its own atomic bomb is not the only way Iran might become a nuclear power. Consider this scenario: following a preemptive U.S. strike on Iran, destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities with attendant loss of life, a nuclear-armed Pakistan might well be sympathetic enough to sell Iran an atomic bomb. In another scenario, someone in the post Kim Jong Il North Korea vying to consolidate power, and needing cash to do it, might decide the cash Iran is willing to pay for an atomic bomb is well worth the risk of making the sale to Iran — and with little consequence since if that bomb were used against the United States an overextended United States expanding war in the Middle East would be unlikely to spark a second-front war against North Korea.

And then what? Would a sneak attack by the United States on Iran result in the Fox News studios in midtown Manhattan be ground zero for a nuclear explosion with millions of casualties making the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 look like a picnic by comparison? Or woufld the United States luck out by merely having tens of thousands of deaths from an atomic–bomb attack on Disneyland in Anaheim, California or Disney World in Orlando, Florida?

That’s the thing about sneak attacks, especially when they leave the country being attacked intact enough to launch a counter-attack.

The Japanese found that one out the hard way.

Ron Paul’s caution reflects the caution of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Calling Ron Paul unacceptable as a President for promising to maintain a traditional – and Constitutionally-demanded – foreign policy is un-American, dangerous, and using Bill O’Reilly’s favorite phrase, the words of a Pinhead.

Cato the Elder ended every speech, “Carthago delenda est!” — “Carthage must be destroyed!” Recently I’ve been ending everything I’ve been writing:

Alongside Night Must Be Made!


This article is Copyright © 2011 The J. Neil Schulman Living Trust. All rights reserved.




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How shallow and, might I say,

How shallow and, might I say, disingenious.We're friends with Germany, Japan, Italy now. We do not need to anihilate a country, to be 'Friends' with them. We had ample warning about possible 'Pearl Harbor', that was a mistake of logistics, not policy. We had ample warning of Germany, Neville did not make U.S. policy, Congress did, Iran is niether Japan, nor Germany, nor is Israel 'Britton'. Nor is the world tettering on mass disslocation Politicly, but they are Bank wise.The idea that any, ANY country would commit hari kari in attacking the U.S> is beyond fear mongering. We do not need to be there. If this ignorent claim that "somebody" hates America must be put onto Americans, lets leave,,, if we want to bankrupt some other country over expansionism, let that other country try Afgan dreams, Iranian pleasures.

Maybe China would like to go broke in the mideast, hmmmm?The only reason anyone in America cares about the Mideast is either they are told to(by private interests) or by private interests wanting profits oil-petrodollar status-minerals).

I am definitely not a

I am definitely not a Republican establishment person, and I have some Libertarian leanings, but Ron Paul has the most juvenile ideas on foreign policy of anyone that I have ever heard. The notion that we should just let our enemies have nuclear weapons and not even be concerned about it is the most idiotic thing that I think I have ever heard in my entire life. When it comes to foreign policy, he is an IDIOT! I can support the notion of getting rid of the Federal Reserve, and I also think it is a good idea to go back to the notion that banks cannot have branches across state lines. I can certainly go along with the notion that the Federal Government needs to be much smaller and that we need to get rid of many if not most of all Government agencies and departments, and that within the borders at least, the Government needs to be constrained within the Constitution. When you come to the idea that we must wait for our enemies to attack us before we start to defend ourselves however, he leaves the field of rational thinking. We got away with that up until the Second World War, but when different countries got nuclear bombs, all that changed. We can no longer wait for our enemies that have nuclear weapons to strike first. The first strike may well be the end of humanity, and these extremist muslim idiots that live for death are dumb enough to try to do something like that. Therefore, we and our allies must stay ahead of the game and have a strong presence around the world so that we can prevent something like that from happening. Ron Paul's ideas are therefore totally lacking in rational thought. I cannot and will not support such shallow thinking as his.

Juvenile is thinking that any

Juvenile is thinking that any small,unimportant country is our enemy because the media says so.Why do you not board a plane and kill your enemy?I will keep my money and my life.I hear China is a threat to our country,do you suggest we attack them before they get us?Imbecile.

Rational Thought?

Rational Thought is a good thing. And since you identified yourself as Libertarian Leaning I need to ask about your thoughts.

How do you feel about the drug war? How about the file maintained on the majority of citizens in this country that goes back an average of 5-7 years? Do you like the obviously corrupt politicians that no longer even make a pretense of being statesmen?

Do you believe in manifest destiny? How about Pax America? Are we somehow morally superior enough to justify killing people to ensure that thier government doesn't get a weapon we've had for decades?

If you answer the first set of questions "no" or in the negative and the second set "yes" or in the positive, you really are not thinking rationally.

Ron Paul

I also hope that Dr. Paul wins the Iowa caucuses, big.  If he then went on to win in New Hampshire we might begin to hear the end of the "Ron Paul isn't electable" propaganda that the MSM, both conservative and Statist have spewed for years.  I think that Herman Cain's campaign actually helped the Paul campaign because it forced people to really start thinking that there are viable solutions to political issues which involve getting this nation back on track using what many procalim to be "radical measures".  I think that a growing percentage of the American populace is coming to realize that business as usual in Washington, which is what the Republican leadership desires to continue, will no longer work.  If the economy continues to worsen, and it can hardly do anythng else, Dr. Paul's economic message, which amounts to "get Washington off of Main Street" will come to resonate more and more with people who understand that Keynesian economics does not work any more than socialism does.  I suspect, and hope, that the "pundits" will be proven wrong and that the American people will rise up to overcome the government-imposed rules and regulations which prevent them from exercising their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I Love It....

Hammer >>>> Nail on the head.

"Or, is it the fault of the Republican establishment for producing uninspiring leadership, milquetoast candidates, and a destroyed brand?"

The GOP needs to learn that "Party Loyalty" is what drove the Soviet Union.

Shut the Pundits Up!

Dr. Paul looks to the constitution first. Most Repubs and Dems only look to the constitution when it supports their positions and ignore it when it doesn't.  I don't agree with all of Dr. Pauls positions, but none of them scare me. I am sick and tired of people I otherwise like, such as Mark Levin and Hugh Hewitt, calling Dr. Paul a nut and crazy man. I take great offense because I see great sense in most of what Dr. Paul says. I can't wait to see Dr. Paul win in Iowa and humble (if that is possible) the arrogant mainstream conservative pundits!

It needed to be said

Great article - now that Dr. Paul is recognized as being in first in Iowa, all the crazy militant anti-Paul people are coming out of the woodwork.  It's great to see someone write an inbiased article!

Ron Paul

I believe Ron Paul has a serious credibility problem, apart from the isolationist views he holds. In particular, his positions regarding Iran, and the biggie for me, his 9/11 conspiracy theory is just plain,off the wall. He has a friend in Jesse Ventura, another strange cat.I say this as a staunch conservative and Vietnam Vet, with a complete understanding of the serious problems we face in reining in our government's intrusion and unconstitutional actions of the last 100-years. I am convinced that Ron Paul is not the guy to challenge Obama. However, I am not enamored with any other potential nominee, just like most people I know. Although Santorum is popping up to relevance on my radar screen.........

Bad Santa

Yeah,he pops up like a whack-a-mole.No thanks prank caller.I am voting with the majority of the veterans and enlisted soldiers.Ron Paul 2012.

Credibility problem?

You say you are for reigning in the government and ceasing the unconstitutional wars; and your choice is Santorum? He's one of the biggest warmongers among the group and would surely expand the already bloated government.. foolish choice! btw/ Ron Paul is a noninterventionist not an isolationist! Get out your dictionary because you obviously do not know the difference between the two. You should also be aware that Ron Paul supporters will NOT vote for anyone other than Ron Paul in the general election.....doesn't matter if he doesn't get the nomination....they WILL still vote for him...result: Obama wins! So keep that in mind when you vote in your's real simple; Paul or Obama! Join the revolution and help Restore America! Vote for RON PAUL

Ron Paul and ONLY Ron Paul

That's right, I will write his name in if it's not on the ballot rather than vote for any of the other candidates, along with all the other millions of Ron Paul supporters, because we believe there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.  So republicans can either get on board or get used to the idea of Obama for 4 more years. 

C.I.A. Agents Agree with Paul


Do you want to know the truth about America's responsibility for the turmoil in the Middle East? Begin educating yourself by Youtubing these:



Experts detail the danger of Israeli lobby in US politics




Iran Before 1979



Former CIA Michael Scheuer on FOX: Israel & Saudi Arabia Behind Iranian Terror Plot



Here's some more information:




Your 9/11 conspiracy accusation is FALSE! Listen to him in his own words:

Ron Paul

Geez -- how often does this have to be said: Ron Paul is not an isolationist. Rather he advocates rigorous interaction with foreign countries in the areas of diplomacy, trade, investment and travel. Military adventures should be strictly based on response to direct threats or attacks, and constitutionaly authorized. For example, he voted for the military response against Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks.

Ron Paul Is The Only Candidate That Can Beat Obama

If, Ron Paul gets the GOP nomination: Ron Paul gets the following voters:

(A) 2008 Obama voters who thought they were going to get 'Change'
(B) 2008 Obama voters who voted to end the wars.
(C) The VAST majority of the Independent vote,
(D) The entire GOP voting block who dislikes Obama enough to vote for Ron Paul instead.
(E) Ron Paul supporters coming out to vote in DROVES.
(F) Same-sex couples who want to be set free.
(G) Democratic, disillusioned Anti-Drug war voters.
(H) Libertarians.

 Ron Paul Wins and no other candidate can claim the votes of all those above.  And, they will never get Ron Paul diehard voters!

It's either Ron Paul or Obama.  When you go to the polls, remember, a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.


Ron Paul- a critical choice for him to make.

I'm beginning to understand why he has such loyal followers. I am becoming one myself. I also believe he has  one choice to make that could determine his success in the elections: his running mate.I'm also sure it wouldn't be any of the other candidates because they are all so generic business as usual types. This would be a most critical choice. the one thing  that works against him is his age and all that implies so his running mate needs to be young, rock solid conservative with no skeletons in his closet. find the right person and he can beat Obama and get this country back where it belongs...There is going to be so much heat from both parties, it will take guts, determination and a teflon back to withstand the heat but having a good running mate can make a big differance. wouldn't surprise me if he hasn't already been thinking about this...

Spot On

You have said it like it is!!

ron paul

That's just about as big a load of BS as I ever heard coming out of a democrats mouth, and that is astonishing.

Negative ghost rider

You are incorrect. There is nothing isolationist about wanting to trade and try to be friends with all nations and AVOID ENTANGLING ALLIANCES. These are the words and writings of their forefathers. It is what they intended for our great republic. It is the only recipe for long-term sustainability, especially in today's world. If we do not adhere to this foreign policy now, we will not have a country in another 5 years.

And don't start with Israel. Google Benjamin Netsnyahu's recent speech to the house where he said "we don't need nations building. We don't need defense, WE CAN DEFEND OURSELVES". He was very forceful. They don't want use there my friend. You've got to stop believing the main stream lies and propaganda.

You've never heard Ron Paul spew any conspiracies about 9/11 because he never has. He has declared many times that he does not believe the 9/11 conspiracies and has asked his supporters to abandon such ideas because they only hurt his campaign. Again, you're believing lies and main stream media spin.

And a "credibility issue"?!?! PLEASE!! He's the ONLY congressman with ANY credibility! He's been saying the same thing for 30 years and his voting record backs it up!!

You have to do some reading friend. You are flat out wrong and I really wish people like you would educate yourselves before you comment and spread outright LIES.

I too am a veteran. And Santorum!? Please!! He's the worst of them all if we did what he recommends, we will see WWIII within his first year.

reply to negative gr

And he's been wrong for 30 years.

The Primaries

I would like to take the parts that make me like the candidates and build the candidate I like, unfortunately this cannot be done to suit my conservative ideals, so I will just wait this out to see what I do get with a R behind the name. The MSM and the left are going to go into hysterics and all most of us want is a person who will call out the Mysery Man and whup his halfcaste butt on the dias in public.

thank you

Thank you for printing what I have believed for some time now, but no one has the  ++**+ to put it out there in PLAIN PRINT! Congrads, for being a truthful bearer of news!

Robert Seddon

Mineral, Va.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the ONLY presidential candidate that is NOT a flip flopping P O S that has repeatedly lied to America. The Republicans got the government, and what did they do? They got RICH spending money that we did NOT have .. any candidate OTHER THAN RON PAUL will simply lead us down the rose garden path like what happened with Mr Bush.... HIS underpinnings led to the beginniong of what we face now. Getting back to CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT is the ONLY path we have that will lead to a strong America, not into more and more debt.

RON PAUL for President!

Prayer for Ron Paul

One of my daily prayers is that all destructive thoughts, feelings, words, actions, energies directed against Ron Paul will be driven back into the brains and bodies of the sinister force (secret servants of Satan), constantly compelling them to annihilate themselves.   I pray that all obstructions, blocks and interference to Ron Paul's presidency will annihilated and prevented.  I pray that God's friends will be put into all positions of power, authority, leadership, ownership and every governmental position, at every level, throughout America and all the nations of the world.

T-shirt Ron Paul

I have a white x-large t-shirt that says on the front:
        America is
         being stolen!

        "Federal"    IRS
        Reserve              (These 2 are each  
                                    circled and
                                slashed across in red)     
   CRIMINAL organizations

The back says:

    grand theft,
deceit & treachery,
funding of terrorism


Federal    IRS
Reserve               (These 2 are each circled
                              and slashed across in red)
                             ( green letters above are                               
                              outlined in black to   
                              fraudulent reserve notes)

On each sleeve is:
Ron Paul   vote!  vote! vote!  free America!

The shirt is extra large men's so that I can wear it over my winter coat as I take walks outside.  When I get to the library or to the store, I take off my coat and put the t-shirt on over my top.  I used permanent markers to print the message.  On one shirt the colors ran when washed so I think hand washing in COLD water might be the best.
      Please pray that Almighty God will reveal the Truth regarding the fraudulent so-called Ron Paul newsletter.  I have a feeling that it is a recent production.  The global organized crime syndicate (Kingdom of Satan, international bankster-gangsters, secret servants of Satan) have access to all the technology and printing presses on the planet and since they have no morals whatsoever, forgery and fakery is not a problem for them.

Prayer for Ron Paul

Several times a day, I pray that all destructive thoughts, feelings, spoken words, actions and energies directed against Ron Paul will be driven back into the brains and bodies of the sinister force (the secret servants of Satan, the international bankster-gangsters, the Kingdom of Satan) constantly compelling them to annihilate themselves.

I pray that all obstructions, blocks and interference to Ron Paul's presidency of the USA will be annihilated and prevented.

I pray that God's friends will be put into ALL positions of power, authority, leadership, ownership and all governmental positions, at every level, throughout America and all the nations of the world.

Energized voters

I guess the RNC cannot handle the truth.  They don't realize how angry the average voter is. They recognize an honest man who doesn't flip flop, and when compared to the other candidates he is like a breath of fresh air..