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Ron Paul is Now the Conservative Anti-Romney Candidate

If hospitals and emergency rooms are facing an explosion today of heart attacks and sudden death syndrome, don’t blame cholesterol or the fast food industry.  It’s likely due to two recent news items—news certain to induce shock in War Party Republicans, which is to say, most Republicans.

First, there is the news from the CBS News Poll that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are statistically tied with President Obama in one-on-one matchups.  And only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  Obama handily beats the other Republican presidential candidates.

Romney is no surprise, of course.  Establishment liberals and establishment conservatives have lost no opportunity in recent months to assure us that the 25% candidate is the only Republican who can beat Obama.  And if it weren’t for that assumption, what would Romney’s level of support be?  5%?  Your guess is as good as mine.

But Ron Paul?  We have been told even more adamantly, and with greater certainty, that hell will freeze over before Ron Paul wins the nomination, that he has reached his ceiling in votes, that voting for him is a wasted protest vote, that his foreign policy is to the left of Obama, not to mention that he is a disgusting and crazy racist, yada, yada, yada.  And that was before they thought he was a serious threat to the established order.  

The most amusing diatribe in recent weeks was the accusation that Paul was ruining the primary and caucus process with his appeal to young people, independents, and (gasp!) Democrats.  We can’t let people like that into our country club!  But, of course, St. Ronald Reagan did exactly that to achieve overwhelming victories, and we still refer to “Reagan Democrats,” most of whom have probably not voted Democratic since Reagan converted them.  But that was then, and now is now.

This CBS News poll is not the first one to show Ron Paul tied with President Obama, or even beating him, in one-on-one matchups.  But those earlier polls came when the solution was to simply ignore Ron Paul and any positive news about him.  It’s harder to ignore Ron Paul now, though the media and the establishment Republicans are doing their best to ignore mentioning the CBS News poll.

Then There Are the Actual Votes

Polls are one thing—they can be dismissed when convenient as biased or inaccurate.  Actual vote counts are another matter.  When the votes support what the polls are saying about Ron Paul, you can expect the anti-Paul War Party Republicans to go ballistic.  And they will.

We now have the first caucus (Iowa) and the first primary (New Hampshire) behind us, and here are the vote counts for the Republican presidential contenders:

Candidate                  Iowa Vote                   New Hampshire Vote*          Total Vote

Mitt Romney                 30,015                            91,071                                121,086

Ron Paul                      26,219                            52,982                                  79,201

Rick Santorum             30,007                            21,606                                  51,603

Jon Huntsman                  745                            39,041                                  39,786

Newt Gingrich              16,251                            21,791                                  38,042

Rick Perry                    12,604                              1,619                                 14,223

Michele Bachmann       6,073                                 -----                                   6,073                       

*At Midnight pm with 92% of vote counted.

As we see, Ron Paul is the leading Republican vote-getter whose last name is not Romney, just as he and Romney are the only two candidates who are equal to President Obama in one-on-one matchups.

It is time for the anti-Romney Republicans to unite behind Ron Paul—the only candidate who can then defeat both Mitt Romney and President Obama.

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Ron Paul

Even if you disagree with the man on certain things, the issues will no longer matter if you are not FREE.


We need to be very careful in picking a candidate based on what evangelicals say.   While they may be well versed in things Christian, they are not always that smart at picking another Christian for government.   There's plenty of history to verify this.   After all, didn't a large portion of them vote for Obama?   I know that many in my church did, much to their embarrassment now.   What insures that we continue to have the freedom of our religion is not a candidates position on issues of the day.   It's the candidates position on what makes us free:   a government of Laws and not of men.   Ron Paul is the only candidate who understands this.   All the others have violated this idea by the unconstitutional laws they have supported.   May God provide the wisdom for us all to see and understand this idea.


The word of God gives us wisdom, "by thier frut you shall know them" yet very few Christians apply this widom.

I suspect they have never read it.

"The Bible and Ron Paul" for the SC Evangelical Voters

 Is. 11:6 says, "A boy shall lead them." We know that boy is Jesus, and He's trying desperately to lead our country by His Word. Coincidentally or not, a BOY has made a series of 13 videos on as many subjects which are entitled, "The Bible and Ron Paul." You will be stunned as to how closely Dr. Ron Paul stacks up with the Bible and yet never uses it as a tool to get elected. But his life surely shows it!  You'll be surprised by the lies we have been told about him. Please pass these videos far and wide:

The salt has lost its flavor. Evangelicals lost their influence


Why? As the body of Christ has been split so is their political influence.

And the attitude - country first Christ second - is wrong? 


What needs to be done to become salty again?


Watch video: A German preacher's thought on American Christians and politics