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Mitt Romney Needs Rand Paul on His Ticket

The CHQ Poll suggests that is the only way he can win over supporters of Ron Paul if he gets the GOP nomination.  And Ron Paul is the second-biggest vote-getter in the GOP race.

We asked you:  “Yesterday we asked if you would want Ron Paul to run for president as an independent, knowing that would throw the race to President Obama.  How would you vote, however, if Mitt Romney was the nominee and he picked Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul, as his vice presidential running mate?  Assuming that Ron Paul would not run against his son, how would you vote?”

Here is how you responded:

45%  I would vote for Romney-Paul.

30%  I would vote for some third-party candidate, or write in someone’s name.

16%  I am undecided.

8%  I would not vote.

1%  I would vote for Obama-Biden (or Clinton).

Given that previously 59% of our poll respondents said they would vote for Ron Paul as an independent candidate, this is an improvement for a Mitt Romney candidacy.  But he still would have a lot of convincing to do to win over the remainder of Ron Paul’s supporters.

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Making up stories for the fun of it

People that support Ron and Rand Paul have a much higher political IQ level than most americans. We know that the VP has no real power except to break ties in the senate and act as president in case the current president is incapable. So if a Romney-Paul ticket ever existed (which it wouldnt) the only people that would legitimize it would be the Romney supporters. This is just a story in a vacuum not taking into account reality. These polls on here are bogus anyway. I dont trust any poll that only have 500 people in the results even if they always favor Ron Paul. It is far too closed off and narrow minded. Who cares what 500 people think. I care what all of America thinks and what the US Constitution says, period. Ron Paul will run 3rd party and win the Presidency.

Why is everyone

Ignoring the fact this statement brings to the surface.

He needs Rand on his ticket to beat Obama then he is un-electable. Paul is already firmly in second place and his support continues to grow. This points out that Romney and anyone for that matter besides Paul is Un-electable because Paul supporters will not compromise. 

So if Paul supporters will not compromise and no candidate can win without their support as has been admited even by the press and is well known even by the pundits, then you have to be a fool to support anyone else but Paul if you want Obama out of office.

That is simple math people, 1+1=2

It is Paul or Obama, no one can win without Pauls supporters and they will support no one but Paul.

Paul and Mitt??

Some people just refuse to get it.  Ron Paul has principles.  How could anyone believe that he would accept a veep position under the Big GOVERNMENT guy.   This is not a game!   What you are suggesting is a repeat of 2008 when we had a useless RINO as lead and what was, supposed to be at least, a true conservative as his vice president.   Are we supposed to be that stupid to accept that again, even if Paul would?  (He won't)


Yeh, just like Bush II and Cheney. Paul will be close to 90 after four years and in his 90s after 8 years so again the Democraps can push through a Marxist like Obumbo...what the heck are you thinking?